Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 2011 Workshop day

Hey all,

Possum town quilters had a workshop day and I thought I would give a short report.  I could not stay as I had help for moving a table...and you know how that goes, you have to take that help when it is available.

unorganized fabric
One of our projects is to organize the fabric donated to our group.  It had been stored in bags in a storage room, and some in the bottom of another cabinet.   Our group purchased one of those portable storage closets for our fabric and first we just got it in there...and it looked like this.
So using a folding technique that one of our members knew...
our cabinet started to look like this...

We added painters tape with notes on how many yards for the larger pieces.  Painters tape does not leave residue behind.

Other members worked on the quilt for the Exchange club and the one for Wal-Mart to raffle for the Relay for Life fund drive.  Some Basket of Flower blocks that we decided would be better for wall hanging were worked on too.  I missed the end so I did not see the results of the days work.
Ebba pressing parts of the Relay for Life Quilt

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