Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Minutes

January 19, 2013

President Terry called our meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

We had 21 members and two guests.  Our guests were Sue Smith and Rebecca Jones.  It is always a pleasure to have new faces to join in with us.

Treasurer, Tonya, gave the Treasurer's report which was approved as read.
Club dues of  $15.00 are due now for 2013. Checks can be made out to "Possum Town Quilters", or cash will be excepted.
All prospective members can visit 3 times before joining.

Old Business:

In February, we will meet on Saturday, Feb 16 at 9:30. We will no longer be meeting on the first Saturday for our workshop, due to RAC having a function.  At our Feb meeting we will take a vote to see if enough are interested in meeting on the 4th Saturday for our workshop. New schedule will start in March for 2nd Saturday as meeting and 4th Saturday for workshop, both at 9:30 am.

Mary Ann checked and tried out the new Brother sewing machine that was for sale for $50.00 that could be used for the guild. The guild voted to purchase this machine to be used on workshop days, etc.

The Habitat for Humanity home has been delayed and they will let us know when they will be doing it. The quilt to be given away is ready to be presented from our guild.

Ultimate Quilt Guild Challenge Reminder -
These quilts are due March 23, 2013. The theme is Tennessee Williams. The quilt measurement when complete is 32" X 52" - landscape. The Guild will print the label. Quilts will be displayed and judged at the 2013 Pilgrimage. The Top 8 (per the Pilgrimage judges) will be submitted for the 2013 AQS Grand Rapids Show.

Meridian MQA Gathering- Friday, Feb 8 with registration starting at 3:30 pm & Saturday, Feb 9 for meeting. MQA newsletters are published in January, May, and September. Go out and support our very own, Judy S., for her last gathering. Thanks, Judy, for a job well done!!

Happy Birthdays went out at our January workshop for Marjorie and Jo Anne, who share the same date, Jan 1.  Before our next meeting in February, we will have 3 birthdays with Sue L on the 2nd, Diane on the 4th and Patti on the 11th. Happy Birthday, ladies!

New Business:

President Terry passed out a sign up sheet for new committees for this year. A new committee, Inventory Control, has been added so that our supplies, quilts, scraps, etc. will be known to the guild. Cabinets will be labeled for all to be aware of what we have to work with. This will enable us all to be more organized. Sign up sheets were turned in and our new committees will begin work soon.
Committees with volunteers are:

Charity/Project - Watana, Lawana, Carol J.
Challenge Block Committee - Lauren, C.C., Watana
Historical - Judy Stokes
Publicity Committee - Bobbi, Sue, Diane
Internet Committee - Terrry
Inventory Committee - Donna, Linda B., Shirley G.
Opportunity Committee - Rita, Eba
Pilgrimage - Judy, Barbara W.

Vice President, Patti, explained a new program we are going to do this year called "UFO (Unfinished Objects) club". A form was given out with your name, date (starting this in Feb), total of projects with only 12 projects listed and a date completed line is on it. We hope this will help us to finish all our UFOs this year. There is no size restrictions to your projects. It will cost $5.00 to join the club. Each project you complete has to be brought in to show, checked off your list, your name will be put in a pot for the "cash" drawing at the end of the year. We will have 2 pots, one for most projects completed and one for next most completed. So remember in February to bring your list (keep you a copy) and your $5.00 to join the club.  If questions, contact Patti.

The Freedom from Cancer quilt that will be given for the 2013 Relay for Life is ready to be presented. The quilt label done by Watana is ready, except for Diane to do some calligraphy on it.

Show and Tell - see pictures.

Today's lunch was provided by Patti and Linda B.

February 16th  meal will be prepared by Rita, Wantana and Tonya.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Show and Tell January meeting

Hey all,

I messed up the setting of my camera on the first few, so they are yellowish, but you can get an idea of what they are looking like, just imagine less yellow.  I did not include the pictures of Tonya and Patti as if it was good of one, not so of the other...they are no longer allowed to be in the same shot!!  Still go to the and Amy Gibson's site to see the blocks they were working on.  At Amy's site, go to the link for sugar block club.

Without further ado...the rest of the show and tell.

Carol  with a Klaudeen Hanson patten quilt that she made.

Carol's Klauden Hansen quilt from our workshop.

Lawana made hers into a table runner.

Judy and CC with their Pigeon Forge entries.  Judy's binding continued the border...amazing.

CC's was an original design too.

CC did this hunter star quilt

Rita with some blocks she did red work and paper piecing on.

CC with her stars on navy background.  Pretty!!

Linda B with a Charlie Brown Christmas at the top and one ornament.

Log cabin quilt that the Wanna Bees are working on.

Blocks for a young man who is an Alabama fan and sick.

Tonya's croqueted ballerina ponies.  It doesn't show well, but they are wearing tutus. 

Stained glass quilt that Watana made to hang in the governors mansion during Christmas.
 Since the colors of the Relay for Life quilt were so ugly in the photo, yellow ruins a red, white and blue quilt, and I had it at home, I took it outside to photograph it.  My flag was casting a shadow on the quilt, so I took it down and took these photos.

 The two blocks that we did.

 Watana's quilted pattern.  Perfect choice for this quilt.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pictures Work day and Margorie's 90th party

January 5 Workshop

Terry called meeting to order to discuss urgent matter with calender since 23 members were present.

Due to Arts Council scheduling we are having to make changes to our regular and workshop schedules. A motion was made for us to start in March 2013 with meeting the 2nd Saturday (9 March) for our regular meeting and 4th Saturday (23 March) for our workshop. Donna seconded the motion. Membership vote was unanimous to except this new schedule.

At February regular meeting (Feb 16), we will vote if we will have a workshop in February. We cannot have it on our 1st Saturday.

Our Possumtown Quilter brochures will be corrected and redistributed.

Discussion was made to replace the double wedding ring quilt with a quilt we have in our inventory for this year's opportunity quilt.   We will continue to work on the double wedding ring quilt until it is complete. It will be our next opportunity quilt.

Reminder - our $15.00 dues will be due at our next meeting (Jan 19).  Please bring correct money or a check payable to Possumtown Quilters. has started a new blog for "block of the month" if you would like to get started. Visit their link and sign up for their new course.