Saturday, November 14, 2015

Susan Cleveland Workshop

Recently our Possum Town Quilters had a workshop with Susan Cleveland. She shared her Bodacious Big Thread Applique & More class with us.

I really like her dresden fan quilt.

The variety in placement and color make this quilt appealing to me.

And then these small quilts are her samples that she brought for our class.

She showed us many other quilts and explained different techiniques with us.

Here are some of our Possum Town Quilter's getting started on their own projects.

And this is my version of her three daisies.

Seven of us completed our quilts in time for our Christmas party.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 8 Meeting Minutes

President Carol called our meeting to order.  There were 21 Members present.

Many Members attended the MQA Pat Sloan Class and enjoyed it.

Congratulations to Tonya who completed her "Row by Row" and was the Winner at Figgs Fabrics for presenting the first completed Quilt using the Figgs Row.

RAC Basement Update
  • Unknown when the basement will be repaired and available for use.
  • Julia offered her home for the August 22 Sit & Sew (updated after meeting).  We will begin at 9am.  Julia will provide Pizza.  We ask that each attendee bring a salad or dessert and your own drink.  Car Pool will leave Lowe's promptly at 8:30am.
  • Should the basement not be available for the November 14 Susan Cleveland Class, class will be held at Rita's church (updated after meeting).
  • A lengthy discussion was held regarding options for a long-term solution, including where we can permanently store our quilts, fabrics, and accessories.  If you know of a viable option, please contact any officer.
What about the items downstairs?  Rita offered storage at her church.  We do need to remove quilts and fabrics as soon as possible to minimize any damage.  We will go downstairs after the meeting and retrieve items.  After the meeting, quilts and fabrics were taken from the cabinet in the entry room.  Most just need an airing.  We were not able to enter the room where our fabric cabinet is stored.  Carol will contact the RAC and arrange a time to empty that cabinet.

Terry T has added tabs to the blog for viewing of older photos.  Please let Judy know if you would like to be "tagged" for your blocks.

The Susan Cleveland Class is full.  If you signed up, please pay your $40 to Judy.

Barb has the Challenge Block Packets.

At the next meeting, Lauren will have a PTQ notebook for each member.  An e-mail copy may be sent prior.  The notebook will contain our by-laws, member information, and a picture directory.

The Treasurer's Report was read and approved.

Pilgrimage 2016 Idea - a Small Quilt Silent Auction.  Separate auction each day.  We would need 10 days of Quilts, at approximately 5 Quilts / Day.  Maximum Size would be 28" on any side.  More discussion on details in the future.

September 11 - 13 is the Jackson Quilt Show.

Brenda E has a friend who is selling her Baby Lock Machine and a Queen Size Quilting Frame for $2400.  Please contact Brenda for more information.

MQA Gathering is October 9 - 10 in Picayune.

Julia is our MQA President Elect.
  • Her slogan will be Celebrate, Integrate, and Create (CIC).
  • We will Celebrate 25 Years of MQA during her reign.
  • She will propose to the Board a display of 25" x 25" Quilts at the 2016 Gatherings.  Quilt Theme is "Celebrate".
  • 2016 Gatherings will be held in Oxford, Jackson, and Columbus.

After the meeting, Applique Demos were presented by Naomi, Judy, Brenda C, and Carol.  If you would like assistance on applique, please bring your project to the August 22 Sit & Sew.

Show & Tell:

Gwen, Julia, & CC: Challenge House Blocks

Linda B:  Christmas Sampler, with applique and buttons.

Linda B: Claudeen Hanson Class "Batik Scrappy Stars"

Sherry, Judy, Carol, & Linda B: Pat Sloan Class Backgrounds

Annette:  String Quilt Top

Annette: Shawl

Judy: University of Southern Alabama (USA) Quilt for her Granddaughter.
Colors are Red, White, and Blue. Ready for sandwiching and assembly.
Her Granddaughter moves in next weekend.

Judy: USA Quilt Back

Karen: Doll Bed Quilt from Fabric Samples

Karen:  "Birds" for a Gallery in Kansas

Karen: Charity Sew Together of Leftover Fabrics

Karen: Orphan Block Quilt Top. Orphans Blocks are from an Orphan Block Raffle held at a Retreat 15 years ago.
There are enough Blocks remaining for 3 More Quilts! And Karen thought
she was getting rid of her Orphan Blocks.

Tonya: Son's Art Pack for School

Tonya: Daughter's Art Pack for School

Tonya: Niece and Nephew Art Packs for School

Tonya:  Blocks of the Month

Tonya:  Test for Naomi's College Quilt Design.  Will be a Christmas Gift.

Tonya: The Winning "Row By Row".  

Titled "Journey of Family and 
Friends", as her family and friends helped to obtain the patterns.
From Top to Bottom, the Rows are from:
Fabric Dock - Wiggins. MS
Sewing Center - Sevierville, TN
Quilt Sampler Creative Sewing Center - Tulsa, OK
Figgs Fabric & Studio - Columbus, MS
Ellen Medlock Studio - Tulsa, OK
Pacific Fabrics - Seattle, WA                          
Quintessential Quilts - Madison, WI
Quilting by the Bay - Panama, FL

Brenda E: Moda Moxi Courtyard Design Quilt Top and Pillowcases.
Back made with help from a friend.

Julia: National Quilt Association "Quilting Quarterly Magazine" Cover of her Award Winning Cat Tails Quilt.  Quilt achieved an Honorable Mention.
Julia: Holloway's Contest "A Glimpse Through the Lattice - Roses". Holloway Customers and Staff vote for the winner.

Gwen: Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments (no picture)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May PTQ Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2015

President Carol called the meeting to order.   She thanked Keri for allowing PTQ to hold their meeting at her home and all who brought food for the potluck following the meeting.  Carol also welcomed 2 new members, Sara and Eva.

Treasurer's Report
     Judy gave the treasurer's report.  There was no discussion on the Treasurer's Report and Keri moved to 
     accept the minutes as written and Patti seconded the motion and it was carried.

Old Business
     Susan Cleveland Class (Nov 14, 2015)--There are still 10 slots available, be sure to sign up if you want to take the class.  If no one from the guild signs up, we may open it up to others to attend.
     Friendship blocks from Linda were passed out to all who participated in the Friendship Block exchange.

     The Artisan's Day Viewer's Choice for the Magnolia Ultimate Guild Challenge was Julia.  Congratulations Julia!   

     The question was asked about how much money was raised by the Relay for Life Charity quilt.  Tabled until Carla attends meeting.
New Business
     Luwana had information about a quilt store owner selling all of her stock May 15-16.  The store's location is northwest of Tupelo and several members expressed interest in carpooling up.
     Judy briefed members on the new "Row by Row Experience" for summer and the theme is water this year.  It will happen from June 21 through September 8, 2015.  Quilt shops all over the country design their own "row" and have the patterns available for customers.  Customers then will make the rows and put at least 8 rows together to make a quilt.  Our local shop is participating and there was discussion on planning a road trip to visit several participating shops.  For more information, visit    

     Someone is looking to purchase a quilt.  If you are interested, please bring your quilt to Sit and Sew.  She is planning on attending to decide.

     We will flip our next meeting and the Sit and Sew date to accomodate all those wishing to attend the June MQA Gathering in Jackson.

Our next meeting will be June 27, 2015 at 9:30.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2015

President Carol called the meeting to order.   She thanked Julia for hosting Flavin Glover while she was here teaching Possum Town Quilters the Patchwork Houses class and all the ladies that pitched in and did clean-up when the class was finished.

Treasurer's Report
     Judy gave the treasurer's report.  There was no discussion on the Treasurer's Report and it was approved as presented.

Old Business
     Susan Cleveland Class (Nov 14, 2015)--There are still 10 slots available, be sure to sign up if you want to
     take the class.  If no one from the guild signs up, we may open it up to others to attend.

     Linda D. asked about the Possum Town Guild Directory.  Carol and Lauren are working on it now.

New Business
    The RAC needs our area of the facility on May 9th ( our usual meeting time) so we will need to decide when/where to hold our meeting.  There was some discussion and Keri offered to host it on May 9th.  A vote was taken and all but one agreed to hold the meeting at Keri's.  It will be a pot luck with salads and desserts and all members are encouraged to bring a dish to share. 

Judy brought up an opportunity for guild members to enter quilts into the Greater Jackson, MS Quilt Celebration, Sept 11-13.  Entries are being taken now and the first 150 to sign up will have their quilts exhibited.  Entry fee is $10 and Judy has entry forms if you are interested.  Quilts entered must have been completed after Jan 1, 2012.

Julia reported our Raffle Quilt raised $1100 and the RAC management said it was a very beautiful quilt!  Thanks to all who worked on the quilt to make it such a success.

Carla updated us on our Charity Quilts.  The Relay for Life quilt ticket sales have started and Mott will update us on how much is raised from the raffle.  Carla will contact Mott for info on how to purchase tickets.  It was decided to take a few of our charity quilts to Artisan's Day to help raise funds.  Please think of possible recipients of our charity quilts.

Carla asked if it might be possible for the guild to make a quilt for a local organization's fund raising auction?  There was some discussion and Carla said she would follow up with the organization for more details.  

Show and Tell 

Julia's Family Circle-Farmer's Delight quilt was chosen for the cover the Klaudeen Hansen Quilt Art 2016 calendar.  Judy's My Orca Bay quilt was chosen for the first week of May in the calendar too.  Two quilts from one guild in the same calendar!  We have some very talented ladies here in Columbus, MS.  If you are going to Paducah, there will be a calendar signing on Wednesday in Paducah, hope to see you there!

CC--On Point class taught by Donna Lynn Thomas
Luwana's Red and Black String Quilt

Linda D's Alabama Quilt for her son

Naomi's MSU Quilt and her brother's Broncos Wedding Quilt

Meeting Adjourned.  

Next Meeting May 9th, 0930 at Keri's.  For directions, please see Carol, Judy, or Terri.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Meeting Minutes

March 14 2015

President Carol called the meeting to order and she welcomed our visitors, Eva and Sarah.  Sarah introduced herself as the owner of Figgs Fabrics here in Columbus and highlighted a few of her upcoming events at her shop.

Treasurer's Report
     Judy gave the treasurer's report.  Kerry moved to accept the report and Patti seconded with the
     motion being carried to accept the report as presented.

Old Business
     UFO Sheets--Just a quick reminder to turn those in as soon as possible.

     Flavin Glover Class--The class is full and please remember to wear your name tags for the class.  
     Please see Diane if you need one made.

     Susan Cleveland Class (Nov)--There are still 10 slots available, be sure to sign up if you want to
     take the class.

     Please sign the thank you card for the Columbus Dispatch for the wonderful article they wrote on
     the Possum Town Quilters and the Civil War Raffle Quilt donated to the Arts Center.

New Business
     Hosting an MQA Gathering--As MQA President-Elect 2016, Julia's guild would like to host
     a gathering here in the local area.  There was discussion on which gathering to host and
     Judy made a motion to host the Fall Gathering 2016, Kerry seconded and the motion was carried
     by all members.  A committee will be solicited to spearhead this event.

     Ultimate Guild Challenge Results
            1st Place--Mary Ann
Mary Ann receiving her First Place Ribbon form Lauren

            2nd Place--Brenda
Brenda receiving her 2nd Place Ribbon from Lauren

            3rd Place CC
CC receiving her 3rd Place Ribbon from Lauren

The Ladies with their winning Magnolia Quilts!
Just Beautiful!

SAGA Trunk Show
     As the Southeast district representative for SAGA, Julia introduced a truck show representing
     small art quilts from around the world.  Each of us took two quilts to study and then were asked to
     introduce the quilt to the guild and then speak about what we found interesting about the quilts.  It
     was enlightening to see what others saw in those small quilts!

Show and Tell
Diane with her Sugar Almond Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Luwana with her Medallion Quilt

Annette with her Free Motion Feathers

Annette with her Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Quilt all finished!

The back of Annette's Quilt

Julia with her "Thru the Lattice-Cattails Quilt

Linda B with her Marti Michelle BOM "Return to Romance Quilt

Sarah with her Table Runner

Sarah with her "Willy Way" Modern Quilt

The back of Sarah's Willy Way Quilt

Tonya made a cute Crayon Holder for traveling!

Carol's Nancy Mahoney Table Runner

Linda's Medallion Quilt

The back of Linda's Medallion Quilt

DeWhyte's Hand-Work Piece--Beautiful! 

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 11th at 9:00 am.  Hope to see you there!