Saturday, May 7, 2011

Member Spotlight - Annette Pennington

Hey all,

Thought it might be time to showcase some of our members work.  We have so much talent in this group, so who to start with?   The choice seemed obvious after Annette's wonderful presentation at our last meeting.

Annette is a retired hairdresser/business owner and she brings the creativity and organizational skills that career demands to her quilting.

Annette hosted our Christmas Party last December and showed a number of beautiful quilts in a bed turning.

Annette shows her creativity in a number of ways.  Here are some other examples of her wonderful work.
Here she is with her award winning block from last years challenge.

Her string quilt made from sister's fabric.
Here is a quilt she made from some curtain fabric.
Working with string fabric.

Annette printed her fabric she used to create this purse. 

Saturday Annette gave a good program on applique, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get photos of that.  Here is a video of her fabric bowl presentation.  Notice the beautiful daffodil quilt in the background.  Annette's mom made that.

 Thanks, Annette for your dedication and hard work!!