Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 2011 Meeting Minutes

March 2011 Meeting Minutes

Lori Honnell joined.  Victoria Meehan visited.

Show and Tell

Judy and Brenda  showed a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts.  Called Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.   They started in November and are done.   
Judy Stokes Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

RSVP Quilt – Lawana made the blocks and Judy assembled.  They used baby clothes that had been cut up.
Brenda showed a small item that she made to hang over the arm of her chair.
Judy showed four blocks that she made at a Bonnie Hunter workshop at Pigeon Forge.  It combines two blocks, Jacobs Ladder and a star block
Judy also showed some hand pieced Apple Core pieces. Cindy Blackburg makes the stamps for the  pattern.

Ebba showed what she learned from a class called rediscovered log cabin. 
She also showed her results from a tube quilt class.  Also 9 patch shuffle.  It was really pretty. 

Linda showed Marty Michelle Jamestown Sampler.

Terry showed her twisted Barjello quilt and her shoefly quilt tops. Watana will be quilting them.
Julia showed a number of items from her family quilting retreat.
Block of the month quilt!
Quilt fest entry
Square in a Square Quilt
Split Rail Quilt

Cool way to use scraps!
Watana showed a Texico quilt she made for her grandson has been after her.  

Watana  showed the Ten Minute Block
Using 10 inch blocks, 4 darks and one light.  Fold light in half, wrong sides together. 


Treasurey report .  Two deposits dues and cash on hand.  $300.00 from Exchange club and another $4020.32 and $1800 in the education fund.
Minutes were read and amended.

Ballots were then passed out for the various Karen Combs workshops.  Discussion on various workshops. Overwhelming majority for Combing through your scraps.

Charity quilts, if you are on the committee maybe you could spear head a quilt so it would be ready to go when we get to that part of the meeting.

Discussion on reconsidering whether to get Bonnie Hunter.  We voted to reconsider and possibly get someone else.  The committee will research and bring a recommendation.
The relay for life quilt can no longer be hung in the store.  Tickets only from associates.  Next year Watana suggest we produce a relay for life quilt for Lowndes County or Columbus. 
Raffle quilt will be worked on this afternoon.
Pilgrimage Lauren brought brochures.  Brenda Is donating a top. 

  It will go to the next Habitat home.  See Judy about quilting during the pilgrimage or artisan Saturday. 
Historical – If you have pictures or articles get them to Linda Dawkins
Challenge committee – need binding on two blocks for next week. 

There will be viewers choice next year with a monetary reward.  First, Second, and Third will be awarded by secret ballot vote by members.  Cost is $6, to cover the costs of batting and backing.  Viewers choice is $40, First is $40, Second is $30, Third is $20.  Discussion on comments.  The theme is birds at home.  Deadline is July 16.  If you are late you are not eligible to win the prize money.  You may add as many colors as you would like.  Prewashed 100% cotton fabric.  15 inch unfinished.  We are going to use 14 inch finished so be sure your design fits in that space. 
Delta mystery next update will be done.  Request was made that speedy folks avoid posting pictures or showing their tops till the final month to avoid spoiling the mystery for those who are not able to work ahead.

Internet – no news
Proposal that May workshop be held April 30.  Passed.  No workshop first week of May due to Market Street Festival.

Chef on a Shoestring

For 4/16 Meeting = Linda – Dessert,  Sandi – Main, Terry - drinks.
Thanks for a great lunch today ladies.


4/26       Jeannette Roach

Important Dates

4/2 Workshop (Bag Lunch)
4/16 Monthly Meeting
4/30 Workshop
10/15 Karen Combs Workshop – Combing through your scraps.