Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy Hot June!

I am so sorry that I ran late today. I am not used to keeping a toddler! (Whew, am I tired). Naomi called the meeting to order. A special welcome to Sue Seymer, a previous charter member! I had the pleasure of meeting her at the June Gathering and was delighted to know we had some connections.

The minutes were approved as posted to the blog. The treasurer's report was read and approved.

Naomi briefly explained about our goals list. (I have got my room ready!!!!!). We had no new participants to join.

This weeks lunch was sandwiches, with lunch meats provided by the guild. Thanks to Wantana, Pat, Carla, Judy and Kim for volunteering to bring the extras. It was all delicious and enjoyed by all. Next months menu consists of Taco Salad as the main course. Michelle will provided the hamburger meat, Sue S.  - corn chips, Julia - cheese, Ina - tomatoes, shredded lettuce and onions, and Michelle - salsa and sour cream. Make sure you stay and eat with us, this is a great time to fellowship and let us get to know you. The cost is only $3.00. This pays for our main course.

The Fat Quarter swap colors for June were black and white. For the month of July, I bet you can guess, Patriotic, red, white and blue..........

There were no challenge quilt blocks available for purchase today. Hopefully, next month there will be some more for you to purchase.

Terri presented the slate of officers for next year, they are: Karen C. for treasurer, Kim C. for secretary, Terri will serve as vice-president and Barb will serve as President. Thanks to the nominating committee for working on this. It's very hard to get people to volunteer for these positions but in order to keep our guild strong, we need you! Please consider becoming an officer at some point.

Karen took our charity quilts to the hospital. She had a total of 36 caps, 20 memory blankets, 4 self-binding quilts and 1 pieced blanket. The nurses were very proud to get these blankets for their precious babies. Thanks to you all! If you would like to help deliver, I'm sure you can check with Karen and she will be happy for you to go with her.

Clara Whitley came in and brought a huge bag of quilting material to donate to the guild. Many thanks to her.

Julia asked about a charity quilt donation for a family from West Point that had lost their home in a fire. The motion was made and approved, so we will be donating a quilt to that family.

It was also mentioned that the housing authority had a fire and many elderly residents lost their possessions. We will work on a quilt for that at a later date.

Here is the link for the Magic 8 blocks we are doing:

We were invited to participate in the Mountain Quiltfest Guild Challenge. You must have a minimum of five entries. You must pick a holiday (we chose Christmas), and everyone that wishes may contribute a quilt. Here are some guidelines to remember when working on your quilt, no larger perimeter that 160 inches, that is a 40 X 40 maximum. There is no minimum size. It must have a four inch sleeve. You must fill out a quilt entry form and the quilts must be delivered by a certain date. Judy S. has all the information about that if you missed the meeting today. If we win, the guild will receive a prize of $100.00.  And our guild's name will be put on a plaque.

A thank you note will be sent to Bostick Construction for hanging our Barn Quilt. And we will send a thank you note to Clara for donating the bag of fabric. 

The Bicentennial Quilt was displayed and looks wonderful!

Wantana did a demo on One Seam Blocks. See the pictures below for her demo.

Wantana - example of a quilt using a "One Seam Block"
This concluded the demo. Thanks for sharing this with us, Wantana!


Wantana - International Miniature Quilt Exchange - this piece is from India and was made with silks. It was also hand-quilted. 
Wantana - Baby Quilt

Wanabe's of Vernon - Member did the blocks and it was for the American Diabetes Association. Quilted by Wantana. 

Our Barn Quilt was featured the Commercial Dispatch! 

This is one of the classes that we took at the June Gathering, Winston Ways. 
Ebba, Judy, Kim, and Cheri. This class was taught by Bonnie Hunter and she was fabulous! Great fun!!!!!!!!

CC and her Chunky Churn Dash Quilt (another Bonnie Hunter class) - wow she out did us all!

CC's Wintson Ways block

Chunky Churn Dash with Bonnie Hunter, Michelle, Judy and Ina

Judy S.  - English Paper Piecing (Bowtie) a National Quilt Museum BOM

Judy S. Dying fabric and Improvisational Quilting (WOW) cream color is her dyed fabric, it was originally chocolate (I think)

Judy S. leaders and enders - last years Bonnie Hunter;s patter
"Checker Board Rails"

Back of quilt, nothing wasted with Bonnie Hunter 
Judy S. 

Ebba - "Circles"

Cheri and Kim - another class at June Gathering - Dresden Plate taught by Marily Rose - easy to do

Annette - Bonnie Hunter - "Smith Mountain Morning"

Annette quilted this a section at a time

Brenda E. kit from Craftsy

Brenda E. kit from Craftsy - strip quilt with flange in binding

Brenda E. "Milky Way" kit from Craftsy

Glenna - quilt for grandbaby - "Sunny Day"

Glenna - working on triangles

Karen C. - pieced by 9 year old grandaughter
quilted by Karen

Baby Quilts by Brenda C.

Another baby quilt by Brenda C.

Baby Quilt by Brenda C. 

Baby Quit by Brenda C. 

Sue - Self-binding baby quilt

Karen C. Envelope Technique - baby quilt

Meeting was adjourned! Great work ladies! You are all an inspiration to me. Maybe one day I'll be a quarter as good as you all!

Until next time, God bless you all!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May Business Meeting

Greetings Fellow Quilters!

Our last meeting was held on May 12th. We had no new members present at the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as posted to the blog. Paper copies of the previous meeting were available at the meeting but no one requested a copy. The treasurer's report was approved as read with one correction (a typo).

The guild was presented a $200 check for participating in Artisan's Day.

We received an update on the charity quilts. There are two categories of baby blankets:

  • One for babies not going home - Bereavement Quilts/Blankets (2 or more per month). 
  • Blankets for babies without a blanket (need approximately 10 of these per month).

We also have patterns for hats that can be crocheted, knitted or sewn. Gwen gave us the patterns for those. Karen also asked if anyone would like to go with her to deliver them to the hospital. Contact her if you would be interested.

The Bicentennial Quilt is ready for the border (needs to cut and attached).

A huge THANK YOU to Bostick Construction for hanging the Barn Quilt of the Art Center!!! We were truly blessed that they volunteered so readily.

The model for the Barn Quilt was made by Judy S. and quilted by Wantana. It can be seen in the Arts Center. The Barn Quilt was made by Rita W. Thanks for a wonderful job ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rack made a request of the guild. They work with underprivileged children in a summer art program and would like for us to assist the children in making some simple blocks. The children would help sew the blocks on our second meeting of the month, Sit-n-Sew. These would be made into a wall hanging for the children. The guild voted to accept the proposal/request.

Keri and Carol gave us an update on the quilt for 2020. It will be composed of 1/2 square triangle. You may choose to use 1 color, two colors or 3 colors. These are pre-packaged from layer cakes and you may choose the block difficulty you would like. The cost is $7.00 for each block. You may do more than one block.

We will use the Magic Eight method to make the blocks. Put right sides facing together, draw an "X" on light one, pin together, sew on both sides, cut horizontally and vertically. You should have 4 pieces, 8 - 1/2 square triangles. Make sure to square them up. They should be finished at 4 1/2 inch squares. The blocks will be due in October. Prizes will be awarded. A viewer's choice will be given to the most creative.

We had a guest speaker at our last meeting. She spoke about her grandmother, Ethel Wright Mohamed. She began painting and drawing at an early age. She was from Belzoni, Mississippi. She created 175 pieces within 26 years. She was commissioned to create a piece for the Smithsonian Institute,  "Working Americans." Her style of art is called Primitive Stitchery. Her works can be seen on the website: Some of her works will be posted to the blog.

Thanks for all in attendance! Next meeting is June 9th. Hope to see you there.

Work by Mrs. Ethel Wright Mohamed

More artwork by Mrs. Ethel Wright Mohamed

Keri - "I did not Quilt" Tablerunner - quilted by friend in Tennessee (Sarah)

Keri - quilt for neighbor's child - made from left over Charm squares

Carol J. "Elephants Quilt" new granddaughter in August. Carol quilted this herself using straight line quilting

Carol J. "Medallion," from 2014, Sew Delightful quilted it.

Tonya with her "Land Before Time" top is finished, this is for her oldest son

Tonya - "Gnome for the Holidays"

Tonya - Disney Blocks

Sue S. - baby shower gift, "Baby is a Cow Girl"

Wantana - Applique - Block 1 - worked on while traveling

Wantana - Block 2 - worked on while traveling

Wantana - "Dancing Daisies" Pigeon Forge class

Pat H. - Pigeon Forge class

Pat H. - Half hexi pattern - found on Missouri Star

CC - Shirt Memory Quilt - 4 shirts inside, 1 shirt for binding and she quilted using her longarm

CC - "Stack a Posey" this will be the Maple Street Charity Quilt

Ina - Paxton's Quilt


Kathy H. "Riverwalk Sunrises" quilted on her Bernina

Kathy H. Bereavement Quilts

Gwen S. "Signature Quilt"

Gwen - Finished top from Karen A's beginning quilting class

Gwen S. "Bereavement Quilts"

Gwen S. - "On Ringo Lake" blocks

Brenda C. "Bereavement Quilts"

Judy S. "Cozy Posey" Finish #8

Keri and Carol - Demo of the blocks we are making