Saturday, December 7, 2019

Christmas Gathering

Greetings All,

If you didn't make it to the Christmas gathering today, you missed a treat. There was much laughter, fun and fellowship. And of course, there was lots of fabric!

The meeting was called to order at approximately 10:08 a.m. There were 21 members in attendance.


Judy, Gwen , Lawanna, and Brenda helped to decorate the tree and display quilts at the library. I believe Pat H. has multiple quilts on display. This year the guild was asked to do the cases, so make sure you go by and look.

The reading of the minutes was tabled due to the fact that Terri took the minutes last month and was out of town (please pray for her Mom). The treasurer's report was also tabled until next month. I will put the pictures and minutes up as soon as I get them.

REMINDER: In January, annual dues of $15.00 will be due.

Judy will need butterfly quilts at the end of January in order to get them to Pigeon Forge. Please see her for specific details.

Please remember CC and her family as she lost her son in an accident earlier in the week.


We will be making a $50.00 donation to the Lutheran church for the use of the building for today's meeting and Christmas Gathering.

Beginning in January, Judy will be doing a block of the month. It will consist of 12 12 inch blocks sashed and with a cornerstone. (I will post the instructions on the blog). It is a sampler quilt (courtesy of Brenda, SEE PICTURE). We will be using a Tri-Rec ruler but you do not have to buy one.

Judy also passed out directions for anyone wanting to make a heart block to give to Starkville for donation quilts. The block is 9 inch in the colors of your choice. This is entirely optional. You may make one or many.

Eva Marie is getting a T-Shirt order together. Long sleeves are in Forest Green and Carolina Blue. Short sleeves are in Cardinal Red and Royal Blue. The cost is $15.00 for short sleeve and $20.00 for long sleeve.

The following is a list of possible activities for the new year:

For those who need assistance with Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Judy will help at the Sit-N-Sew in January.

Crayon Challenge - Pick three crayons and those are the colors you would use to make your block

Use of different rulers

Bag making

Spring Gathering is February 7th and 8th in Vicksburg

Linda Hahn is in June along with the June Gathering

Pigeon Forge is March 4th - 7th

Mitered borders and flange borders

Sale in November

The ladies presented an Ugly Fabric Quilt top to Barb for all of her hard work as this year's president and since the Ugly Fabric Challenge was her idea. Thanks for all that you have done Barb! It was truly a great year! Naomi had the idea and put the blocks together. She also embroidered everyone's name on their blocks.

Judy and Barb

Barb's Ugly Fabric Challenge (Courtesy of Naomi)

Judy - Hen Party BOM

Diane - Christmas Panel

Diane - Dual Runner Christmas and Valentines

Carol - Bow Ties

Challenge Blocks made by the Ladies of PTQ (rent quilt)
Carol and Keri put this together (many, many thanks!)

Sue - Granny's Star (Nancy Mahoney)

Kathy - Medallion

Michelle - Santa Claus (front)

Michell - (back)



Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Ugly Fabric Challenge

Hi Ladies,

Earlier in the year, the guild did an ugly fabric challenge.  There were certain requirements that had to met and here are the winners and the pictures of the ugly fabric. See if you can spot the ugly fabric!!

Naomi - First Place

Sue - Second Place

Watana - Third Place but I did not get a picture

Can you find any ugly fabric in the above? There were lots of entries, so sit back and enjoy the beautiful pieces created by the lovely ladies of our guild!


Did you see any ugly fabric????????????

Friday, November 8, 2019

October Business Meeting

Greetings Ladies,

Get your warm clothes out. It looks as though we went from summer to winter. Temperatures change from morning to evening. It's like Forest Gump says, "You never know what you will get in a box of chocolates." Same with the weather here!

The minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer's Report: There was a donation of $100.00 to the RAC in memory/honor of Beverly Norris. The report was approved as read.

We had two guests: Michelle's daughter Amanda was here from New Zealand (probably the farthest ever) and Ina's neighbor, Haley B. We were delighted to have these two ladies and hope to see more of them.


Karla F. will be taking over the Sit -N- Sew. There will be no Sit - N- Sew for the remainder of this year.

MQA (already passed) - good showing from PTQ........

Don't forget the Tag Sale for November's meeting - you may only bring items for quilting or related to quilting. Please remember to bring your own change and put prices on everything.


The Christmas Party will be on December 7th at Our Savior Lutheran Church on 18th Ave.  We will play Dirty Santa ($20.00 gift). We will also play the "Right, Left" game which will be our homemade gift.

Terri H. (incoming President) would like to meet with new officers.

There was discussion about doing a possible quilting retreat at Circle M Plantation in Macon. This is a beautiful Bed - N - Breakfast. Could be a possible location for Linda Hahn?

DOOR PRIZES: Congratulations Ina and Naomi!!!!!


Chili - Gwen (Chicken Chili), Ina (Chili). Tonya(shredded cheese), Michelle (sour cream), Glenna (Fritos), and Barb (dessert)

There was discussion about making additional books for new guild members.


Terry did a demo on drawing a quilt on graph paper. She suggested that we always use 8 squares to an inch (this makes it easy to divide). Terri has a link that we will post to the blog. Drawing your pattern helps with nesting the seams. (Joanne's sells quilter's graph paper)

DOOR PRIZE: Glenna..............congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ladies, I had all of the pictures posted and my browser crashed.................I will try to reload everything. I am so sorry!


Marilyn - Stars and Bars

Glenna - Quatra Foil

Glenna - Basket Weave

Glenna - Cascade

Patti - Emerald City

Patti - Blue Quilt

Donna - Tablerunner - Spooktacular in Scottsdale

Donna - Spooktacular in  Santa Cruz

Haley - Scarecrow Bears (made by her husband's grandmother)

Haley - Save the Bees (made by her husband's grandmother)

Haley - Bama Bag (also made by her husband's' grandmother)

Karen A. - Unfinished works from Linda G.

Gwen - Crochet Dish Cloths
Gwen  - Dress Dish Towels

Gwen - 

Gwen - Ninja Stars

Gwen - Baby Hats

Tonya - Hen Party BOM

Tonya -  Gnome Grown BOM

Tonya - Elvis Minion

Ruby - Halloween Outfit

Ruby - MSU Quilt

This month's meeting featured some of the work of one of our members, Naomi. She is leaving us to move on in the journey of life. We wish her well and would like for you to see some of her contributions and famous works!

Naomi - Son's Penguin Quilt

Maroon Scrap Quilt

Thanks Naomi for all that you have done for Possum Town Quilters. We love you and will miss you!!!Best wishes on your new journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!