Tuesday, April 16, 2019

April Business Meeting

The meeting came to order at 9:30. There were no visitors present. The treasurer's report was approved as read. The minutes were approved as posted to the blog.

Old Business:

All of the nursery rhyme blocks were due at the April meeting.

The guild received a very special thank you card from the Columbus Public Library for the assistance with their program and all of the support from the ladies who were there to help. The guild also received a thank you card from St. Vincent dePaul(?, not sure if I have the name correct) for the donation.

Artisan's Day was a huge success and three charity quilts were sold.  PTQ could have sold more quilts if they had been available.

We will be working to update the membership in our handbooks.  I will try to have something ready for everyone to look over at the next meeting.

Door Prize Winner: Gwen  - Congratulations!
There are many ways to win a door prize. You get a ticket for wearing your name badge, completing a challenge block and by participating in that meetings activity. (For this meeting, it was the ugly fabric swap).

New Business:

Karen A. made an announcement regarding a non-profit called "100 Women Who Care." There will be a meeting on Tuesday, April 16th, at 5:30 at the Courtyard Marriott in Columbus. There will be a social at 5:30 followed by a meeting at 6:00. If you would like more information, please contact Karen A.

April 27th - Sit & Sew will be held by Patti M. They meeting will take place on the fourth Saturday beginning at 9:30. This is the supply list for the class: at least 3-4 T-Shirts (do not cut any until class), light weight iron-on interfacing (a couple of  yards), good scissors for cutting fabric, and the largest square ruler that you have (Patti has 16.5 inch ruler you may borrow if you don' have one). You may bring your sewing machine if you would like to begin sewing. You may also bring more T-Shirts and interfacing to keep making the  squares if you would like.


Naomi volunteered to search for a quilter to come and teach a class for our guild. She is going to try and contact Linda Hahn (New York Beauty). However, she may not be available until 2020 or 2021. Naomi will update us as she has news or information.

At next month's meeting, we will have a demonstration by Watana on a simplified Stack - N - Whack called Whack - A - Posie. If you have quilts where you have used this method, please bring them to the next meeting. You may bring fabric for this if you would like to work on it after lunch. Large print with brigh colors works best. Bring your sewing machine and lots of flat-head pins (flower top) if you would like to work on one of your own. 

We will be trying to get up a new T-Shirt order for those who like another Possum Town Quilter T-Shirt or if you would like a different order. Judy S. was going to check with Eva Marie.  Hopefully, we can do this at the May business meeting.

We are scheduled to participate in the Pilgrimage again next year. Rita W. said the visitors at the church were very impressed with all of the beautiful quilts.

Medallion Quilts - For this month, you should have squares around your centerpiece (Medallion). Next month’s assignment is half - square triangles. Make sure you bring it in so that you might win a door prize. Here are the Medallions that we got to see today!

Ina, Gwen and Karen

Tonya, Glenna, and Ina (got you twice)

Michelle and C.C.

Judy (with Molly's Medallion?)



Door Prize - Tonya - Congratulations!!!

The Ugly Fabric Swap took place at today's meeting. Each person who participated brought 1/3 of a yard of ugly fabric in a paper bag. Each person then drew a bag of ugly fabric. Their next task is to take the ugly fabric and make four blocks with the ugly fabric being the primary fabric. The block has to be a minimum of 8 inches. The  participants will then bring their blocks to the business meeting and the guild will award a viewer's choice award for the ugly fabric block that gets the most votes. Sounds like fun!!!The due date is yet to be announced. 

The meal for next month is BBQ. The following ladies volunteered to bring sides:
Marilyn and Kathy - Baked Beans
Julia - Cole Slaw
Barb and Watana - Desserts
Ruby - Rolls and BBQ Sauce

Thanks for volunteering!!


Tonya - Chicken Block of the Month

Tonya - Gnome Grown

Linda - Wheel of Mystery (class taught by Judy at Pigeon Forge)

Linda - Medallion - Fractured (Linda Goley)

Linda - Mickey Mouse for Grandson

Linda - Jungle Animals (for grandbaby) 

Brenda - Quilt that was made and hand - quilted by her mother

Ina - Midnight Stars (class taught by Judy)

Ina - Scrappy Turquoise

Glenna - Ribbon Quilt (class by Watana)

Kathy -  Challenge Block for Rent Quilt

Kathy - One Block Wonder - Peter Rabbit 

Karen - Maple Street Reject - made changes to the  blocks and is hand quilting it

Watana - Remi's Flowers

C.C. - Charity Quilt

Karen - Sunshine in My Soul (class taught by Julia)

The meeting was adjourned and lunch followed. Please feel free to come and visit when you can. We would love to have you. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

March 9th Meeting

March 9, 2019 Guild Meeting

Important Reminders:

No Sit & Sew in March!

April Sit &Sew - Patti M. will be giving a class on how to make T-Shirt quilt tops. There will be more information at the next meeting for those who wish to participate. 

Artisan’s Alley on March 30, 2019, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.:  PTQ is participating and needs members’ assistance – see below under Old Business.


Columbus Arts Council 2019 Auction & Gala:  The Mississippi Bicentennial Quilt donated by PTQ to the Columbus Arts Council (the “rent” quilt) was auctioned off at CAC Gala held the held Saturday, February, 23, 2019.  No information is available about amount raised by the donated quilt.

Artisan’s Alley on March 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.:  PTQ is again participating in the Artisan’s Alley which is an event held annually in conjunction with the Spring Pilgrimage.  We will have a quilt available for the public to assist us in tying.  Judy plans to start setting up at 8:30 a.m. and needs members to assist in moving setting up the quilt frame and quilt in our location in Catfish Alley.  She will also need assistance with take-down at 2:00.  If you cannot participate for the entire time, please come by for an hour!

Many artisans have hand-made items to sell.  Carla suggested that PTQ sell a couple of our charity quilts at a reasonable price with the proceeds to go to a local charity of the purchaser’s choice.  She suggested that a committee be selected to price the quilts.  Lauren moved that Judy, Lawanna and Naomi serve on the pricing committee.  After discussion, Lauren amended her motion to name Judy, Lawanna, and Carla to price the charity quilts to offer for sale.  Motion was seconded by and passed.

Ugly Fabric Challenge:  This challenge begins in April.  Members who want to participate are asked to bring a minimum 1/3 yard cut of an ugly (or challenging- to-use) fabric in a brown paper bag.  This will be distributed to participants at the April meeting, and participants will be asked to make 4 blocks of a minimum size 8” in which the “ugly fabric” comprises a significant portion.  (Barb and/or Terri, I need a better description of how much of the ugly fabric must be used or I will simply say that more definite instructions will be given at the April meeting.)

Medallion Quilt :  For those who are participating in the Medallion Quilt, the first border must contain a square.  You may use a 4 patch, 9 patch, square in a star, sawtooth star or other block, as long as it contains at least one solid square.


Lunch for the April Meeting:  The guild will provide fried chicken and we need volunteers to bring sides and dessert.  Karen A. will bring Cole Slaw, Lauren will bring a salad, Terri (dessert), Naomi (fruit) and Michelle (rolls).

Library – March Program:  Rita was scheduled to speak on the Buttahatchie Barn Quilt Trail at the March Library program on quilts scheduled for March 12, 2019, but she is unable to do so.  Gwen was contacted about PTQ providing substitute speakers.  It was agreed that PTQ would do a bed turning and the following members agreed to participate as follows:  Tanya will provide Block of the Month and Children’s quilts and speak on same; Naomi provided hand pieced and hand quilted quilts, and two double knit top to represent traditional and unique piecing, but was unable to attend. Kathy will provide and speak on traditional quilts; Lawanna will provide some traditional quilts and a barn quilt, but would prefer not to speak; Karen will provide some quilts but will be out of town on March 12th; Gwen will provide some quilts and discuss modern tools that make quilting easier.  Lauren will type and print an agenda.  The ladies will meet at the Columbus Lowndes Public Library at 11:00 on March 12 to set up.

2019 Rent Quilt
Terri H. announced that the 2019 “rent” quilt will be made up of 6” blocks made from the Moda Blockheads book and utilizing Civil War Reproduction (CWR) fabrics or fabrics that mimic CWR fabrics.  The quilt will be comprised of 48 blocks that have been selected by the committee from the Moda Blockheads book.  Each packet cost $5.00 and will contain 2 fabrics.  If the block in the packet you select needs more than the 2 fabrics provided, you are responsible for providing the additional fabrics.  We will need some members to make more than one block; the quilters who do so are not required to pay for any additional packets from which she makes blocks.  Due day for blocks:  July meeting (July 13, 2019).

Show and Tell:

Karen A. 

Karen A. 

Karen A. 

Karen A. 





Tonya and Judy - Hen Party Block











After Show and Tell, the meeting was adjourned and lunch followed immediately afterwards.

Thanks to all who have taken the minutes and pictures while I was out. You are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

February 23rd Meeting

One visitor:  Jennifer (Judy's daughter)

Treasurer's Report:  Approved as read

Reading of the January Meeting Minutes was waived by Motion:  Terri H and Keri.

President passed on the new timeline for the Nursery Rhyme Quilt turn-in is April instead of March.  Requested by Watana


There was some discussion of how many charity quilts we currently have and how many we have in progress.

The Bi-Centennial quilt drawing is the evening of  February 23
Julia is being honored for her work ( 2 pieces) at the Meridian Museum of Art (won an award) on February 23rd. The Library quilts need to be no larger than a full size.  Drop-off is February 23rd-26th and will hang until Pilgrimage. The Nursery Rhyme quilt is now due at the April Business meeting.
The Pigeon Forge Challenge had 15 quilts entered from our guild.  Judy sent them off in the mail. The Rent Quilt is a Sampler quilt organized by Keri
Judy made a motion that the Blockhead quilt be used as the Rent Quilt for 2021.  CC seconded it and the motion was carried.  Terri will pass out the patterns next month at the business meeting. Habitat for Humanity Quilt will be the Heart Quilt.

Demo for how to do quilt binding was done by Barb.

Meals were discussed and a new game plan was worked out:

Ina will step in while Marilyn is away and chair the committee.


Medallion quilt was discussed and those participating were reminded to bring their medallion to the March business meeting where the first border will be announced. Barb and Terri brought in a sample of what the center medallion could be.  There was quite a bit of discussion on what would make a good center and whether or not a panel would be a good choice.

Door Prizes:

Carol and CC

Examples of Medallion Quilts


Judy S. 




Barb D. 

Barb and Terri - Tree of Life

Dianne -