Saturday, November 10, 2018

November 10, 2018

Greetings Ladies!

Hope you enjoyed today's meeting. We had 23 in attendance, which is great since we are trying to grow the guild! I hope no one gets upset because I am posting this so early :).

Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:40. There were no visitors today. The minutes were approved as posted to the blog and the treasurer's report was approved as read. There was no discussion on either report. We were so sorry to hear of the loss of Michelle's father-in-law. Prayers for comfort for her family.

Lunch this month is chili. Our next meeting will be December 1st at 10:30 at Rita's church in Caledonia. Naomi will email the directions to the church. The gathering will be pot luck, so bring your favorites. We will also be playing Dirty Santa ($15.00). Please bring something related to quilting. We will draw numbers and depending on your number, you may get to steal someone's gift. After the third steal, the gift is dead. We will also be playing the right-left game with homemade gifts. This gift does not necessarily have to made by you personally.

After this bit of business, Karen C. won a door prize.

The RAC is going to raffle off the Mississippi Bicentennial Quilt that was made by our guild. Tickets are $10.00 for one or 3 for $20.00. If you would like to purchase one, you may do so through the CAC website. (I will try to post a link here when I receive it from Naomi).  It is on display in the main gallery.

The RAC asked us to write a new description of the guild for the CAC website. Keri wrote a great one that included pertinent details and was very complementary to our guild. The RAC also asked if we would like to have a web page attached to theirs. That will be decided at a later time. Ebba was the winner of the second door prize :).

For the Mountain Quiltfest, a Christmas theme was chosen. These will be due in January. Judy will be collecting those and shipping them to Pigeon Forge. She will also be picking those up for us. Many thanks to Judy for overseeing this. For answers to the questions about the sleeve and other important information, please click on the following link: American Quilter's Society  Registration for Mountain Quiltfest begins on November 13th at 9:00 a.m. Classes will begin on March 19th and will run through Saturday, the 23rd.

The next item on the agenda was the Conversation Quilt. Watana said that any background would be fine. Those will be due in March. Some have already finished theirs. Remember, we want the version for the happy fairy tale!:)

The Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt has begun with the color swatches being revealed. If you go to Bonnie's blog, you will find the colors that she has chosen. The color chips are Sherwin Williams and can be found at Lowe's.  Gwen has a link to the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt on the blog. Please see her if you have questions. The clues for the quilt will begin on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so be collecting your scraps or for those who don't have any, go buy more! LOL.

There will be an exhibit of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilts at Pigeon Forge during Mountain Quiltfest.  Judy has been asked to allow her mystery quilts to hang in the Exhibit. Be sure to look at those if you go to Quiltfest.

Another baby quilt donation was made in October. The nurses were very thankful for the quilts they have received. Marilyn mentioned that Life Choices might could use some quilts. Karen A. was going to check with the hospital to see how they were doing on quilts. Watana won the last door prize of the day.

Karen A. has an art show in Meridian which will end on November 27th. The gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 10:00 - 4:00. Naomi is planning to take a trip down on Wednesday after Maple Street. If you are unable to this one, Karen will have another show in Columbus in January.

Gwen also said that it is time to decorate the Christmas tree at the library. Be on the lookout for an email from Gwen for further details.

I hope that has covered everything, if you have questions, please contact one of the officers.


Judy - 25th finish for the year - it was a leader - ender - 3.5 inch blocks with 9 patch and snow ball blocks. It was quilted by Debbie at Sew Delightful. 

Marilyn - the top was made by her husband's mother, probably in the 70's. Their niece brought it to her in August and Marilyn put the red border around it. The top was not flat, but Watana was able to flatten it out and quilt it. 

Watana - had three baby quilts for the hospital

Patti M. Alabama T-Shirt Quilt, Watana quilted it.

Patti - Ole Miss Quilt - made with jelly roll strips. Quilted by Watana.

Ina - Two class quilts from Wanna B's for granddaughters. 

Ina - Wanna B's Alabama Quilt 

Ina - Another quilt for grandchildren

Ina - a UFO from two years ago. Watana taught the class. This is for her grandson.

Ina - UFO for granddaughter - Quilted in Amory

Carla - quilt from charity stack in PTQ cabinet. It is a Christmas quilt with some fussy cut pieces. Carla added borders.

Ruby - Rectangle "Trip" couch throw that she quilted herself. 

Karen C. - Ballerina block made at Wanna B's

Tonya - Fairy Tale block - Rapunzel

Tonya - Care Bear BOM

Tonya - Gnome for the Holidays BOM

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

October 13, 2018

Greetings Ladies,

I am so sorry for the late blog. Time slips away from me so fast, but no excuses. The next meeting is Saturday, November 10th.

Business Meeting:

The meeting was called to order and we were proud to have one guest at the meeting, Ms. Andrea Joiner.  The minutes from the last meeting were approved as posted to the blog. The treasurer's report was given and approved as read.

Lunch was discussed, baked potatoes were provided by the officers and members brought in the toppings for the potatotes. Michelle has organized the food for the meetings and has done a great job. Thanks to her for all of her hard work!! It was suggested that we have a chairperson to organize the meals in the future. This will make things easier for the officers. Marilyn volunteered to chair the position for our Chef on a Shoestring. The ladies suggested changing the way meals were done, but after discussion, it was decided to keep things as they are. The main dish for November's meeting will be chili. I did not get the names of the people who were bringing the sides.

The next item on the agenda was to possibly adopt a plan to have the guild pay the dues for the members serving as officers. The motion was made and there was a second. That may need to be added to the by-laws.

MQA was on October 19th and 20th. Our guild was well represented and quite a few of our members won door prizes. Tickets for the Bicentennial Quilt were sold at the meeting.

Our Bicentennial was entered into competition in September and won an honorable mention.

Remember this month is our yard sale and any money you make is yours to keep. You will need to bring your own change to the meeting. This will occur during our Sit-n-Sew session. Remember, we will not have a second meeting this month.

We were unable to have the second meeting in October due to the fact that so many had other obligations.

The November 10th meeting will be the last formal meeting for the year. We will have a Christmas Party on December 1st at Rita's church. It will start at 10:30 and is a pot luck lunch. It was wonderful last year. We anticipate the same thing for this year. We will be playing Dirty Santa, with a $15.00 limit. It should be something for sewing. We will also be exchanging our homemade gift items. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call one of the officers.

All blocks were due for the challenge quilt. We had over 40 blocks  submitted, so there was lots of participation and many beautiful designs. The guild voted on viewer's choice and the winner was Gwen. Her block was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! It was hard to choose because they were all great. Thanks to Keri and Carol for all of their hard work.

One of our lifetime members, Diane L. lost her mother and we sent a sympathy card to her and her family.

Wantana spoke about the nursery rhyme quilt that is due in March. Your blocks must be 12.5 inches, they cannot be any less than that. She stated that the background could be 13 inches or more.

That concluded our business meeting. I believe we had approximately 23 in attendance.

Please join us this Saturday (November 10th)for more wonderful fellowship and to see what we talented ladies we have in our guild.


Karen A. showed how to make curved pieces. (I think I still need to focus on getting the straight pieces correct, lol).

Watana - Her grandson-in - law passed in the spring and this is a baby quilt made of his shirts and given to his son with Minky on the back.

Watana - this is from the Wanabee class. It's called Short Trip around the World with Marilyn, Ina and Ruby. The class is on the 2nd Thursday of the in Vernon

another Wanabee Class - French Braid

Marilyn - Star Sampler (sampler class) , custom quilted by Watana

Marilyn - top made from Karen A. beginner class - sampler

Marilyn - 30's fabric - made for cousin's daughter

Marilyn - baby quilt, with quilted butterflies by Watana

Marilyn - first baby quilt that she made

Gwen - On Ringo Lake (Bonnie Hunter - mystery quilt) - each block has 49 pieces x 50 blocks + sashing

Gwen - Jere's mystery quilt at June Gathering

Donna - "The Kids Need a Quilt," her kids are her pets

And this is the reason her kids need a new quilt (lol)

Donna - "Check in Tuesday" - accountability group online, 2013 sampler - 4 patch and snowball - signature quilt

Patty M.  scrap quilt - challenged to use fabrics in her stash - quilted by Brenda Edwards

Karen A. - won charm pack for HST challenge - her quilt was made for her husband out of them.

Karen A. - Something Fun - A UFO from 1997 pumpkins, made for herself

Karen A. - Baby quilts 

Carla F. - Checkered Dresden - class taught at June Gathering by Marilyn Rose

Tonya - BOM - Gnome for the Holidays

Tonya - BOM - Sweet Treats Bear

Monday, September 10, 2018

September 8, 2018

September 8, 2018

Greetings Fellow Quilters!

I am so sorry that I had to miss the meeting this time. I love meeting with you all and seeing the beautiful quilts that you all make. A special thanks to Terry for taking the minutes and to Judy for taking the pictures. You are all wonderful.

So here are the minutes for yesterday's meeting:

PTQ September 8, 2018

Naomi called meeting to order at 9:39 and we had one visitor, Molly Champion (Judy’s daughter). I hear she is doing great things with her quilting!

Judy made the motion to accept the minutes as posted on the blog. and Marilyn made the second.  The vote was taken and the motion passed.  
Michelle gave the treasurer’s report.  Keri made the motion to accept.  Second by Karen.  Vote unanimous.

We discussed the Christmas party at the last meeting and decided to amend the minutes to say the “left/right” game and to use Dirty Santa instead of Secret Santa. 

The new slate of upcoming officers was announced and introduced. Barb, Terri and Karen C. are the new officers and I will be the secretary (hope I'm not fired).

Michelle was thanked for organizing the PTQ meals each month. She always does a great job. Next month PTQ will provide baked potatoes.  There were volunteers to bring sides.  I hope someone brings a yummy cake. (Not that I need it, but I still like to sample them).

The new age technology was discussed and reminded everyone of the new Possum Town email address.  Please use our new email and follow us on the PTQ Facebook page . Gwen also encouraged everyone to use the MQA Facebook page.

October is a busy month.  First weekend, Pinebelt Fiber Art Show – October 5 & 6.  2nd weekend, Possum Town meeting – 13th.  3rd weekend, MQA Fall Gathering in Corinth – October 19-20.  October 26 and 27 – Karen K. Buckley appliqué classes in Tupelo.  There are still spots available in both classes.

Keri asked for any challenge blocks that needed to be turned in.  September was deadline to turn in for “early bird” prizes.  Winners of a charm pack were Julia, Terry T, Sue S, Karen A.  Terri H won a cash prize.  Thanks to all who turned in their blocks early.  If you haven’t finished yours, please have it finished and turned in next meeting, that would be me. I'll get mine done tomorrow. (lol)

Karen A. asked if we would be willing to help sell raffle tickets for the Centennial quilt we donated to the RAC.  The quilt has been entered in the Hattiesburg show.  Naomi said she entered it in the team appliqué category and was called saying they are going to put it in the Theme category.  It was suggested we contact WCBI to publicize the quilt raffle. Lauren suggested they could sell tickets at the MQA Fall Gathering.  We need volunteers to man the table.  Patti and Karen A. volunteered.  We need more people to volunteer to help. If you would be willing to help, please contact one of the officers. 

Lauren spoke about the MQA gathering.  We will have one on-site vendor:  Cotton Treasures from Senatobia.  Off-site will be Treasure Chest in Corinth which will be open late Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  The Saturday program will include recognition of outstanding quilters, Dorinda Evans on Color Theory, Nancy Losure and Marilyn Wilson from Golden Triangle Quilters on how to grow your guild and future generations of quilters, and Patti Sandage from Middleton, TN who is an AQS award winning quilter.  Motels for the gathering are Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express.  Lauren also shared that MQA now has a new email address.

Watana is ready to talk about a new conversation quilt (comparable to the Name That Tune quilt we made several years ago).  It will be based on Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales.  Make your blocks colorful and bright.  Blocks should finish at 12”.  Make sure the are 12 ½ x 12 ½ unfinished.  If you do appliqué, cut your background block at least 13” square.  It can be trimmed when complete.  Sometimes appliqué can cause your block to shrink and we want it to be the correct size when finished.  She asked for volunteers to help put the quilt together when the blocks are all turned in.  (Deadline will be in March).  Those who offered were Barb, Patti, Terri and Glenna.  Watana has a list of options for us to choose from.  Pick one and put your name beside it on the form.

Lauren brought quilts and tops from a friend whose grandmother (born in the teens) and great grandmother (born before the turn of the century).  She showed lots of tops and pieces.  Some have been donated to PTQ and some they would like to be quilted.  Naomi also had a  box of old patterns that were donated to us.  Also double knit fabric that was unwanted.  Carol is going to take to a friend who sews sleeping bags for the homeless.

Terri H. said she is going to try to have raffle quilt fabric ready for the November meeting.

Julia asked if the memory quilt we voted to make last month could be given to Maple Street Quilters to make instead of PTQ.  Marilyn made the motion and Karen seconded.  Passed by voice vote.

Karen A. did a demo on different techniques for preparing appliqué by machine or hand.  Fusible, starch, and needleturn. (I hate that I missed this one, since I've mastered quilting:)

It was suggested we develop a tag or card to go with charity quilts or baby quilts.  Judy has PTQ emblem on her computer and she volunteered to print several to keep in the cabinet.

Show and Tell:

Judy S: (and Molly)
            Finish #17 Jungle Fever quilted by Betty Barrentine

            #18 Jamestown Landing quilted by Betty Lewis.  (A Bonnie Hunter class took at Mountain Quiltfest in 2014.

Watana C:
            PTQ Signature Block Swap from 2008

Ebba K:
            Sampler (top) from a Wannabees class (Stars)

            Baby Quilt top for a lady at church who is expecting her first grandchild.  (Owl)

 Kathy H:
  Apple Core Quilt

Gwen S:
            Baby Charm quilt for first grandbaby quilt

Karen C. Turtle Quilt

Patti M:
            BOM quilt.  Her first time quilting on a longarm quilter.

Julia G:
            Chunky Churn Dash from Bonnie Hunter’s class in June.  Made for their 13th grandchild.

            “My Mother” quilt. 

Practice version of "My Mother" quilt

Vera C:

Vera's quilts
            Blue and White quilt.  Quilted by Watana.

            Sunshine Girl quilt.  Made from a newspaper pattern.  Quilted by Watana.

back side of Sunshine Girl

Tonya S:
            Blocks of the Month

I'm adding some snapshots of our lunch and fellowship.