Monday, January 23, 2017

Saturday, January 14, 2017 PTQ Meeting

Saturday, January 14, 2017 Minutes
Tonya called our meeting to order and requested all to turn phones to vibrate/silent.
Visitors recognized and welcomed.
$15 Dues due by end of January according to by-laws…please see Michelle M

PTQ Guild Meeting Frequency Discussion
-          Once/Twice a Month?  After a little discussion the guild voted to hold meetings once a month on the 2nd Saturday.
-          Possible other meeting venues were discussed for occasions when the RAC needs the basement in the afternoons. Public library, member's studios, Flint Hill United Methodist church fellowship hall
-         Possibly having an extra sit n sew on 5th Saturdays or once a quarter
-          Studio Hop -  guild members will volunteer for times to allow us to visit their studios.
-          Carpooling – Local Shop Hops--Naomi listed plans to go visit quilt shops on the 4th Saturdays.  Watch your guild  e-mail for those details.

Classes for 2017 – none booked yet
                -guild quilters that have volunteered to lead a demo/workshop- 
                 Karen A  --lecture; Julia G - Improv quilt; Gwen S--Christmas tree ornaments,                                        Rita W-Barn quilts
Snippets –guild members invited to present a quick tip or favorite tool, or great book -something new each month (keep brief)

Goals List – Guild was encouraged to list 3 SMART-specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time related- Goals for themselves this year.
                -cost $5 to be placed in a fund and awarded as a prize during the Christmas social

Committees (duties listed in red handbook we received from Lauren last year)
*List of Chair and helpers for each committee will be posted in link on blog and with your calendar of events for the year if you need to locate a committe chairperson.
*The Chairs of the committees are as follows.  They will be selecting the members that they wish to work with them on each committee.
                Challenge – Karen A
                                *RAC quilt
                Charity – Carla F
                                *Status of quilts available – habitat quilts – Carla
                Historical – Michelle M
                Internet – Gwen –blog
                                Did you know PTQ also has a Facebook page?  Come join in the FB fun.
                Pilgrimage/Artisan Day – Rita, Patti, and Karen volunteered to organize
                Publicity – Kathy H
                Raffle Quilt –  Julia G

Update Contact Sheets

                *Everyone Email Tonya -Name, address, email, phone number, and birthday and she will update list

Black and White and One other color challenge
                *due Feb 11.  Quilts to be mailed Monday, Feb 13.
                 *Judy distributed Quilt Show Entry forms
                 *Quilt must have sleeve to be complete

Sign-up Sheets
                *Guild members were reminded to register on the sign in sheet
                *Contact sheet – check your information to make sure you are on email list
                *Sign up to bring a side dish each month to help with chef on shoestring lunches
                                -Gwen – updated on new game plan for this - $3/person--PTQ will furnish the       main dish, guild members will bring sides or sweets and their own drinks.
 *Coffee club – Brenda C and Shirley G volunteered to be responsible for making coffee before meeting and clean up afterCoffee will be $0.25 per cup.
 *Set up and break down crews
Please help by setting up and storing away your own chair each meeting.  Please help store away the sit and sew tables before you leave the meeting.  All work together to accomplish speedy set up and clean up.

MS QUILT ASSOCN Members--Spring Gathering Friday Evening Feb 17 and Saturday Feb 18 in Brandon MS.  See your Common Thread newsletter for details and Hotel information

Thank You note was received from Pigeon Forge quilt shop we gave a generous donation at Christmas.  Other donations were collected to send.

Show and Tell--
Very busy quilters have created beautiful quilts and blocks, and other projects.

Tonya introduced us to Amy Gibson's book The Quilt Block Cookbook and blocks she made from the book;  Her newest block for 2017 Leah Day's Block of the month using quilt as you go method; and her completed 2016 Leah Day Block Of The Month quilt.

Naomi displayed her Black, White, and one other color using a variation on Cathedral Windows.  She also had panels she had practiced free motion quilting.

Ina J. shared her rail fence black and white quilt with cornerstones and sashing.

Rita completed her Friendship stars quilt.  She also made pillowcases for The Case for Smiles with her left over fabrics.

Brenda C displayed her Irish Chain.

Donna H Completed her birthday gift from her daughter--a 2016 R X R  kit from Lancaster, PA

Karen has completed her "Tree of Life"  applique quilt.

Terri H used a "Man quilt Kit" utilizing digitized fabrics.  Her husband loved his oversized quilt.

Eva Marie completed her Bonnie Hunter 2015 Mystery--Allietare.

Judy S shared her daughter's quilt and the red  one she made for her grandson.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 2016 Christmas Social

House blocks challenge quilt ready for binding.

Setting our Christmas lunch buffet.

 After the meal we played a fun game.

 All of the beautiful Show and Tell quilts and sewing projects.  
Thank You to the photographers who shared their pictures.

2016 has been a fabulous year.  All of us look forward to the promise that 2017 holds.

Merry Christmas from PTQ!!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

PTQ Guest Speaker November 12, 2016

Saturday, November 12  Guest Speaker:  Annis Cox

Annis Cox said she is a gatherer and loves to gather a lot of things. She found a buggy of books on organizing and purchased them and then surprised us by handing out them to the guild.   

She says she loves to get organized but can’t stay that way.

Her daughter is stationed in Hawaii and Annis house sat for her while she was on duty! So during her stay she got to observe the Hawaiians true aloha spirit.  She mentioned how quilters-- no matter where they are from-- are all about sharing their secrets and tips…and in Hawaii it was no different. Hawaiians use everything and are very generous. She was also surprised to find there were a lot of knitters in Hawaii.

She went rummage shopping for Hawaiian shirts to use in quilts and found they were posted as G-Sales.
Then we got to see what she made from them as well as hear the unique names she had for them!

Spool quilt made from the selvages of fabrics used.

Funny triangle pieces from the spider web quilts became “Thursday Night at Kanyo Yacht Club” 

Used strips that were leftover to make plaid quilts…one with dark background and one with white background.

- “Rotisserie Chicken in a Single Girl” spider web quilt…one with dark background and one with white.

Finished a Hawaiian quilt square (that had been donated to a guild) that had been hand appliqued and then hand quilted.

-Trail from Mountain to Sea quilt that was composed of houses with a maze of paths built from top of quilt that leads to bottom of quilt.

- Triangle quilts that were called “Fraternal Twins” 

-“Hawaii’s part of the USA” which resemble the US flag

-“Whole week of Making Love” quilts with the word Love in the blocks