Saturday, September 14, 2019

September Business Meeting

September 14, 2019

Greetings Ladies!

I am so sorry that I missed last month. I will try to do better! Hope you are all staying cool this hot summer! Whew!

The meeting opened this morning with me being late. The minutes were also late but they are up now.

The approval of the minutes was tabled until the next meeting. The treasurer's  report was approved as read.


There was discussion about how much to pay for the quilting of our charity quilts, challenge (rent) quilts and our raffle quilt. Barb found in the April 2018 minutes where we agreed to pay $100 plus supplies. The following was decided as of today's meeting:
            Challenge (Rent) and Raffle Quilt - will be paid at the quilter's rate plus                the cost of supplies. The committee or persons in charge of these quilts                  will determine edge to edge or custom.

            Charity Quilt will be paid at $.015 per square inch plus the cost of                        supplies.

The nominating committee gave an update for officers and the last office has been filled.

            President: Terri H.
            Vice - President: Ina (conditional on the fact that she not move to                          president) 
            Secretary: Molly
            Treasurer: Karen C.

Door Prize: Carla

Judy gave an update on the Pigeon Forge Challenge. The size is a maximum of 160 inch perimeter. The guild voted to use butterflies. If you wish to participate, Judy has purchased a green fabric (approx. 12X22) for each person to use in order to have a somewhat common appearance. Everyone's binding should  be black. However, the choice of making the quilt is yours. This will just unify them. You must put a 4 inch sleeve on the back with a label attached. You must have a photo of your quilt to turn in but you may not appear in the photo. If you need clarification on any of this, please see Judy. She will pick up all quilts and send them in. She will then pick them up from Pigeon Forge after the show. This is due on January 11th at our meeting.


The guilt voted to make a donation to the Columbus Arts Council in memory of Beverly Norris.


Reminder: The Ugly Fabric Challenge will be judged next month (October Meeting). This includes  four blocks which are a minimum of eight inches for each block. These should be put together. A viewer's choice will be selected as the winner. Please save a piece of your ugly fabric so that we can see it in your blocks. We might want to display these at a later date.

Carla gave an update on the Sit-N-Sew from August. Carla and Lawanna tied a string quilt. Marilyn made two blocks for Gee's Bend. They also spoke with Jan Miller about placing one of our charity quilts in the store upstairs. This would help support the RAC. The buyer who purchased could then determine what charity would receive their donation.

GARAGE SALE in NOVEMBER: remember your items need to be quilt related!

September Sit-N-Sew will be paper piecing using freezer paper. Naomi showed a demo at today's meeting.

We are sad to say that Naomi will be moving away and leaving us. She will be greatly missed. She has added so much to our guild. She will be at the October meeting. Please let her know how much she means to us!

Terri H. was going to do a demo today on designing a quilt on graph paper, but we had technical difficulties. We will have this demo at the next meeting. She forgot to give it to me to make copies...........Uh-oh......

Next month's lunch is chili (I hope we are a little chilly by then:)
Gwen is bringing chicken chili, Julia and Marilyn are bringing hamburger chili, Donna - cheese, Sue - crackers, Glenna and Kim - desserts. Karen C. will bring sour cream. If there is something you would like that is not here, please bring it to the meeting!



August Business Meeting

August 10, 2019

Greetings Ladies!

At the beginning of the meeting there was some conversation about a Quilt of Valor society. Mississippi does have a Quilt of Valor Association.

Jan Miller was introduced as the  new Executive Director of the Rozenweig Art Center. She talked about the guild having a dedicated space and having our own cabinets. This would be great.

Visitors were: Kathy Wilcutt from Magnolia Quilting and Megan (Judy's granddaughter, Molly's daughter). Great to have you ladies, please visit again.

The minutes and treasurer's report were approved as read.


Naomi gave an update on Linda Hahn. The class will be June 27, 2020. The theme will be "New York Beauty." There will be a fee of approximately $30. This will cover the cost of supplies. Golden Triangle will be having a class on Friday which will help with the cost.

Sit-N-Sew - August 24th. Carla will be in charge of that event. The work will be a Gee's Bend Quilt Project. The size is 12.5 X 12.5 with a rectangle in the corner.

Naomi stated that all contact information is in a Google account in Google Drive.

Judy talked about the Pigeon Forge Challenge. The theme will be butterflies. There is no minimum size but the maximum size is 160 inches.

The nominating committee has found officers for the upcoming year. They are Terri H. for President, Molly for secretary and Karen C. for treasurer.  We are still looking for a Vice President.

Don't forget the November Garage Sale! The things you bring should be quilt related.

Lunch next month will be a Tailgate Potluck. Bring your favorite and come right on in.

The Ugly Fabric Challenge blocks are due in October.

The last border for the Medallion Quilt is a rectangle.


Thursday, August 1, 2019

July Business Meeting

Hi Ladies,

We had a great meeting on Saturday. Thanks to all who were in attendance! The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m.

We were delighted to have three more visitors. They were Rose C.,  Gena D. and Becky M. The minutes were approved as posted to the blog and the treasurer's report was approved as read.


Naomi gave an update on the Linda Hahn class that is scheduled for next year. The date in June 27th, 2020. The class will be held on Saturday for our guild. The specific costs are as follows: $650.00 for a class of 20, $50.00 for shipping of materials, $45.00/day for meals, plane fare and hotel $1400-1500.00. The price could decrease if additional guilds choose to participate.

There was a motion and a second and approved for Naomi to choose the specific project that we will work on for the class.

Karen A. reported that the hospital needs receiving blankets for babies. The pieces are 30 inches and 40 inches for the receiving blankets.

The blocks for the rent quilt were due at today's meeting. These are for the 2021 rent quilt.

The 2020 rent quilt was the half square triangles that we completed last year.

The Sit - N- Sew for July was making log cabins. This was part of the MQA scavenger hunt. I believe an email went out with information on the scavenger hunt. If you didn't get the information, the email for MQA is

Habitat was July 25th and a quilt was presented to the new homeowner.

Door Prize - Karen A.

The theme for next year for Pigeon Forge is "Whatever Flies." Email Judy your ideas or suggestions (for whatever flies). Judy will make a ballot and then we will vote. In the event that there is a tie, we will have another vote that day. minimum size is 40 X 40 with a 4 inch sleeve.

A nominating committee was selected in order to work on officers for next. year. If you serve on the nominating committee, you are assured of not having to be an officer. The committee at this time is Karen A., Naomi, and Karen C.

Door Prize - Sue

Update on By-Laws - They are on Lauren's computer but the computer has crashed. More information will follow.

Our very own Julia G. had a Trunk Show in Corinth on the 18th of this month.

The Ugly Fabric Challenge blocks (4) are due in October.

PTQ will display the Ugly Fabric Quilt at the Pilgrimage in March.

We will need Christmas quilts to display at the library for the holidays. They will be put up the week after Thanksgiving.


Gwen - Medallion Quilt

CC - Ugly Fabric Challenge

Ina - Stained Glass

Ina -

Naomi - Medallion Quilt

Naomi - Quilting Practice

Naomi - Quilt for Daughter

Becky - Upholestry fabric  - can be used for lots of projects

Patti - Chunky Churn Dash - quilted by Watanna

Cheri - Quilt for daughter

Eva Marie, Molly, (Jennifer's quilt) and Judy - Stack - A - Posey

Julia's grandaughter (Tina, 8 yrs. old) made this 9 Patch and is going to quilt it

Christmas in July Fabric Swap

Lunch for August will be a Salad Bar. 

The following ladies are bringing sides: Michelle - dressing, Glenna - tomatoes and cucumbers, Karen A. - crackers, Karen C. - ham, Molly - cheese, Judy - dessert, Brenda - dessert and pimento cheese, Barb - croutons, and CC - eggs. If you would like to bring something that is not listed, please feel free to bring it. We would love to have it and you at our meeting!!

That's all for now. See you on the second Saturday at 9:30

Saturday, June 8, 2019

June Business Meeting

Great Saturday Everyone!

Today's meeting was called to order at 9:31 a.m. We had lots of visitors today. Among those were CC's granddaughter, Chyla, Marilyn's friend, Gabrielle and her daughter Esther, and Angela and Makayla. All of these young ladies were interested in learning to quilt. We have many ladies who would love to help get that started.

The treasurer's report was read and approved.  The minutes were read due to late posting in the blog and they were also approved as read.

Door Prize: Linda!!!!!!!!!!

Old Business:

There are still nursery rhyme blocks out but today was the deadline to turn those in.

Naomi has spoken with Linda Hahn and they have tentatively set a date for May. After discussion with the guild, the May 23rd date might not be a good time to have the class. That weekend is Memorial Day weekend. In order to procure her services, a contract will have to be drawn up and signed. We will update as we have more information.

Medallion Quilt - This month's border is a rectangle. For a review, these are the borders up until today's meeting: square, half square triangles, then a square and a half square triangle.

New Business: 

Next month, we will have Christmas in July. This will be a fabric swap. Please bring fat quarters    (18 X 22).  For everyone you bring, you will swap for that number.

Door Prize:  Karen C. & Watanna!!!!!!!!

Show and Tell

Marilyn - she has no name for this one yet

Diane - needle turn applique

Tonya - Knome Grown

Tonya - Hen Party

Gwen - Caps for babies at Baptist

Gwen - pieces for Carolina Chain

Gwen - she finished her challenge block (love the picture)

Julia - pattern by Liza P. - Medallion Point (?)

Julia - quilt for grandson - Modified Scrappy Quilt

Julia's Grandson did this combine

Grandson's work of art (Combine)

Chyla (CC's granddaughter) with a fabric book she made (CC made these for her grandchildren and now her granddaughter is making them)

CC and Chyla with their books

CC and Chyla

Carol -  Quilt for her preacher who is leaving

Angela - Patriotic Quilt

Angela - Magnolia Quilt

Angela - Antique Quilt she bought at Annabelle's Antiques

Glenna - Challenge Block

Glenna - Ugly Fabric Block - Southern Belle

Glenna - Sticks and Stones

Glenna - Quilt of Valor

Karen A. - one of the things she got from Linda G. (would like to finish it)

Karen A. - Buzz Saw Quilt

Karen A. - Grandmother's Quilt

Ina - Block from June Gathering Class (please pray for Ina's sister, Mary Ann, she has cancer)

Ina - Table Runner from Watanna's class

Gabrielle - her husband's grandmother made this quilt for him (meteorologist)

Gabrielle - grandmother's quilt for Gabrielle's son, a moose from when they lived in Alaska

Gabrielle - a quilt for Esther, Gabrielle's daughter

Gabrielle - a quilt for Gabrielle's other daughter

Karen C. - Challenge Block

Karen C. - Ribbon Quilt

Terry - Tulips

Terry - Foxes Baby Quilt for family friend

Linda B. Fresh Lilacs

Demo: Bed Turning by Kathy H. 

Kathy is one of our very own talented Possum Town Quilters. She began sewing when she was a teenager in high and at that time was making her own clothes. She then progressed to baby quilts which included four and nine patches. She made all of her first quilts from scraps. She used patterns from the newspaper and from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. She brought quilts today that represented her journey in quilting. 

Cowboys - Kathy made her template from notebook paper and cut out with scissors. She hand quilted this one. 

Grandmother's Star - this was Kathy's first piece work

Dresden Plate - from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Kathy used a sheet for the backing. She made this one in the early 80's.

This quilt was Kathy's "Gamechanger." She says this was her first real quilt and it was placed in the library for show. 

Christmas Cats - This was a sampler quilt. It took three months to make and she hand quilted it. 

Oxmoor Christmas Quilt - this was similar to a block of the month and was a Christmas quilt but contained no Christmas fabric. 

Castle Windows - This pattern came out in the 80's. Kathy had this one machine quilted. 

Little Ohio Stars - Civil War Reproduction - Kathy hand pieced this one. If you look closely, you will notice that there is a little yellow in each square. 

White on White - This one does not show up very well due to the lighting. Kathy hand quilted this one and it had very intricate quilting which is not visible. 

Simply Delicious - sampler quilt

Butterfly Quilt - Kathy did the hand applique and hand quilted this one. 

The Piece Maker Calendar Quilt - Kathy did needle turn on this one and it includes lots of embroidery. 

Notice the attention to details

The Battleground Quilt - The original was made by soldiers from their comrades uniforms. Kathy worked on this one from 2008-2010. She used machine applique and quilted this one on her Bernina. 

Mariner's Compass - Kathy and a friend bought this pattern. It is listed in a registry that she made this quilt. 

This was Box of Scraps - Kathy said she had lots of fun with this one. 

Patches of Blue - fusible applique on her machine. This was made from scraps. 

Ugly Fabric Quilt - Kathy started this one on May 8th and is finished with it.