Saturday, February 10, 2018

February PTQ Meeting, February 10th, 2018

Greetings Ladies! We had great attendance in spite of the rainy weather. We covered a lot of business today, so I will try to do a better job of putting information in the blog. Don't hesitate to let me know if I get something wrong. The previous minutes as well as the treasurer's report were approved as posted to the blog.

Old Business:

The 2018 calender is posted to the blog. We will bring extra copies to the next meeting if you didn't get a hard copy. Karen is continuing to update member information. If you haven't done so, please complete a new form at the next meeting. We are having some emails returned.

If you would like to set goals for the upcoming year, please turn in your goal sheet by March with a $5.00 fee. Whoever accomplishes the most goals will receive the money that is collected. (Hmmm, I wonder who will win?).  We also discussed having the Christmas party at Rita's church again this year. If you have any other suggestions, you may let one of the officers know.

The following is a list of our committee chairpersons that I alluded to in the last blog. If you see one that you would like to co-chair, I'm sure there wouldn't be any objections.
  • Rent Quilt - Keri - (challenge blocks will be half-square triangles)
  • Charity Quilt - Carla
    • Baby Quilts for Baptist Hospital - Karen A.
  • Historical Information - Michelle
  • Internet - Kim C.
  • Pilgrimage/ Artisan Day - Ebba with the Heart Quilt
  • Publicity - Kathy H.
  • Raffle Quilt - (Double Wedding Ring) ?
  • Coffee Club - Brenda C.
The Studio Hop that was scheduled for March will be postponed indefinitely. Julia G. invited PTQ members to her home to visit with her sisters and mom on March 1st from 1:00-3:00 p.m.

The "I See Stars" challenge quilts were due today. Judy S. is in charge of sending those in.

The fat quarter swap color for March is green with gold and/or yellow. To make the process go more smoothly, we will limit the number of fat quarters you can swap to 4.

This is the last chance to turn in your Mississippi Bicentennial Block. Please contact Karen A. for more information.

The guild made a $50.00 donation to the American Cancer Society in memory of Linda G. A sympathy card was also signed and will be sent to her family.

The RAC asked for the guild to sign a rental agreement and become members at the $50.00 level. This is only for the guild to pay, not for individual members (DON'T PANIC). They will begin mentioning PTQ in all of their newsletters and other promotional materials.

The raffle for the guild quilt will be February 16. Tickets are available at the Arts Center.

New Business:

Palmer Home has a request for the ladies of PTQ. They have many clothes donations and some of those clothes are missing buttons. They wanted to know if we wanted to take this on as a project. The ladies agreed and we can sit and sew on buttons during the meeting. We will bring the buttons to sew on. So bring your needles and thread! If one button is missing, they throw the garment away! (What a waste).

MQA Spring Gathering in March 2nd and 3rd. If you are planning to go, the deadline for registration is February 16th. If you need to register, the form is on the MQA website. The cost is $20.00 plus meals. Some ladies are planning on driving back and forth. If you are interested in carpooling, contact Naomi.

We have been invited to the Columbus Public Library for National Quilters Day. The guest speaker is Lillis Taylor from Birmingham, AL. The topic is the Bib & Tucker Sew-op. Ms. Taylor will demonstrate a technique and we will have the opportunity to participate and make a block. The date is March 12th, I think at 12:00. Please email or text Gwen for more information.

Speaking of Gwen, she is going to be our Columbus Public Library Liaison person.  The library is a wonderful supporter of PTQ.

You are also invited to drive on your own to view the Buttahatchee Barn Quilt Trail. Rita W. announced Tea Cakes and Tea at Mt. Pleasant in Caledonia on April 10th from 4:00-6:00. They would like for us to provide some quilts to put on the back of church pews to showcase some of our work. Please contact Rita for more information. We are garnering more and more publicity through Rita's work with barn quilts and as a result, people want more information about our group. Isn't that wonderful? We will be providing additional brochures to Roger S. and Nancy C. at the visitor's center. What a great way to grow our group!

The MS Quilter's Bus trip to Colorado is August 16th - 23rd. The cost is $950 each for doubles and $850 each for 3 people. The deposit of $200 is due by February 16th. The final amount will be due by June 6th. (I guess you can get more info from Naomi).

Additional Note: DeWhyte and Brenda's daughter (Columbus Choir) will be doing a Latin Concert on February 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Columbus.

Next meeting is March 10th, hope to see you then!


Karen A. did a demonstration with orphan blocks today.


Such beautiful work today! Can't wait until I can showcase something!

Gwen S. with NICU hats.

Gwen S. with "Like a Diamond" for "I See Stars"

I'm having internet difficulties, remaining pictures will be posted on Monday, so sorry!!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Greetings Ladies!

Happy New Year! I'm sorry I'm late, I guess you can take it out of my pay, lol. At the first meeting of the new year, we had 23 in attendance! If you missed this time, we look forward to seeing you at our next  business meeting on February 10th. We had some out sick and some out because it was sooo cold! Brrrrrrrr...........(I'm ready to move further south, haha).

At our first meeting, January 13th, 2018, the previous minutes and the treasurers report were approved as posted to the blog.

Old Business:

Thanks to all of those who volunteered for a committee. I think I will probably need to post that to the blog, just not exactly sure where it should go. I will check and get it in the correct place.

We have some ladies working on the PTQ by-laws. If you know of something we need to add or something that needs to be changed, please contact Karen A. We would also like to update member information, so please fill out the questionnaire if you did not do so at the last meeting.

We will begin our Goal List in March. The Columbus Arts Council approved the Barn Quilt for the building. Rita W. will be getting that for us and Judy S. will be doing the quilt that will be placed inside the building.

The "I See Stars" challenge block is due in February.

New Business:

I have our calendars!!!!!!!!!!! I will post those to the blog. You can get a hard copy at the next meeting.

One of the charter members, Linda G. of PTQ passed away, and a donation to charity will be made in her name.

 We are going to complete some charity quilts for infants at Baptist Memorial and some "Fidget Quilts"' for older patients that are in area nursing homes. We hope that you will participate and show some of the new members (me, for sure) some of your techniques.

We will be having a Fat Quarter Swap at each business meeting. Please bring red/pink for the February meeting. We will decided colors for other months at the next meeting. Bring as many as you like and if you do not wish to participate, you do not have too. (It really is fun if you can bear to part with your fabric)

Door prizes will be given at each meeting. This should make it fun for us all. We had two new members attend and guess what? They won two of the door prizes, Annis C, Kay H. and our former wonderful secretary, Gwen.

Please turn in your Mississippi Centennial Blocks to Karen A.

We will be conducting inventory of the materials in the closet. If any of them belong to you, please let us know.

Well, I may have missed something, but please forgive me if I did. I promise I will get better.

After lunch, the rent quilt was finished and I think about 8 or more stayed to help!  Thanks so much.

Until next time, may God bless and keep you safe!

Kim C.

P.S. I will add additional photos tomorrow, my internet is too slow at my house. Please forgive me. So sorry for posting the pictures so late. Please let me know if any of the names are incorrect.
Looking forward to the next meeting!

Naomi with her "Ticker Tape"

Naomi ( not sure what the name of this one was)

Gwen ("On Ringo Lake" - mystery quilt)

Gwen ("I See Stars" - Barbara Klein)

Brenda - (Southwest Sunrise)

Annis (Pineapple Quilt)

Annis (used Hawaiian shirts to make the strips)

Glenna (Quilt for her Godson - did not have a name for it)

Karen C. (for sister who is getting married)

Carla (Charity Quilt)

Carla (Table Runner - Old Man River)_

Brenda C. (Rent Quilt)

Kim (Dutch Dolls made by her great grandmother in the late 50's)

Here are some additional pictures of the ladies who stayed for fellowship and worked on finishing the rent quilt.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017 Meeting and Christmas social

 PTQ Saturday, DEC. 2,  2017
Brief Business meeting before the Christmas Social began
November's meeting minutes and Treasurer's report approved.
MS quilt challenge block winners were 1st place Brenda Crownover block #4; 
2nd place Sue Skipper block #16;     
3rd place Kathy Honeycutt block # 31 and 
viewer's choice was tied between Brenda and Sue blocks 4 and 16.  
Congratulations to all.  Thanks go to all who participated in the challenge.  
Guild challenge "I SEE STARS" star blocks are due at the February meeting.  
Continue to work on these small quilts.
MS Quilt Assn. Spring Gathering is Friday evening, March 2 and Saturday March 3 in Tupelo.  
All are encouraged to attend.  Our own Lauren H will become MQA president for 2018.
Tonya thanked guild members for support during the 2017 year and passed the presidency to Naomi.  
Naomi gave members a tease of good things to come in 2018.
Scavenger Hunt, Left Right game, Secret Santa, delicious lunch.  Much socializing, and laughter.



Columbus Lowndes Public Library PTQ Christmas tree



Terry's star quilt will hang in her classroom

Blocks of the month all put together

Add caption

Terry T another beautiful finish

Terry T

Karen's table runner

Karen C

Glenna P
Felt Christmas stocking kit almost completed

Completed stocking - bunches of sequins and beads.

Diane S

Diane S

Back of Glenna P's blue and white quilt

 I have enjoyed 2 years recording PTQ history. In January 2018, Kim C will be posting our minutes and pictures.
Respectfully submitted, 
Gwen S

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PTQ November 2017

Reminder to turn off cell phones.
Call meeting to order.

Old Business:

Minutes – accepted as published to the blog.
Treasurer’s Report – accepted as published.
Guild provided for lunch:  Gwen and Marilyn- chili; Michelle-chips; Dewhyte-crackers and cookies; Judy-cheese; Kathy H.—cake
We all gave Many Thanks to those who helped with our friendship lunch.

Snippet of the Month - portable design boards:
Members showed their boards for laying out blocks or told about their boards.
Naomi presented a demonstration for several DIY portable design boards. 

Tri-fold board with flannel wrapped around.
PVC pipe and felt pocket to slip over

October meeting we heard a possibility of selling raffle tickets for the quilt that is donated to the Columbus Arts Council in lieu of rent each year…Karen explained and clarified the ticket process used in more detail.  PTQ will not be selling raffle tickets for the CAC Gala Event.

The red and cream quilt has been quilted.  Binding will be sewn on and the quilt will be presented to the Arts Council in January 2018.

MaryAnn was reimbursed for fabrics purchased.  Guild will do the needed quilt repairs and use the quilt as the 2018 raffle quilt.  Members will be offered the opportunity to learn quilt repair and curved piecing during sit and sew as part of the process.
New officers were voted in during the October meeting:
President – Naomi P                       Vice President- Karen A
Secretary – Kim C                             Treasurer – Michelle M

Columbus Lowndes Public Library Library Festival of Trees

Monday, November 27 – Friday, December 1 is the Library Festival of Trees Christmas Tree decorating time.  We will need PTQ promotional information/ brochures to place under the tree.  Karen A offered Tuesday, Nov. 28 as the date for decorating our tree.  Contact Karen to help.  At least 3-4 members will need to decorate the tree.  The week after Christmas the tree ornaments will need to be removed, packed and stored away for next year by 3 or 4 guild volunteers as well. 
We can win a $25, $50, or $75 gift card to Hobby Lobby!!  All we must do is ask ALL our Friends to vote for their favorite tree in person or online through the Columbus Lowndes Public Library Facebook page and STARTING Dec 4 and ending Dec 6 at 7:00pm.  Gift cards awarded Thursday, Dec. 7 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm during the Annual Festival of Trees Open House.

Members brought quilts made in Julia’s Improv class to show.

We will be working on personal UFO or WIP during Sit and Sew.

Remember to be looking for the just right gift for your Secret Santa. [ $15 limit so shop the sales!] 
Enjoy making your homemade gift for those participating in these activities at the Christmas Party.

New Business:

Voting for the challenge blocks resulted in
First Place—Brenda C
Second Place—Sue S
Third Place— Kathy H
Viewer’s choice—Sue S

Naomi brought 8 yd neutral 108 wide fabric at $5.99 yard for the guild to see.
Mary Anne made a motion the guild purchase the fabric for use as a backing for a future quilt. 
Second by Marilyn and Watanna.
Motion carried.

Michelle M (treasurer) made a motion to set a three month after date of purchase time limit on reimbursement of funds from PTQ guild.
Second from Marilyn.
Motion carried.

Rita announced the Buttahatchie Barn Quilt Trail is now organized.  YAY!!  Please go like and Share the Facebook page, talk about the new organization to all who will listen, and paint a barn quilt.  All information needed is posted to that Facebook page.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Update on the Columbus Arts Council Barn Quilt proposal:  The Historical Preservation Commission has sent the paperwork required.  So now the guild waits for final approval.

Christmas Social
Next meeting will be our Christmas Party on Saturday, December 2nd at 10:30 at Flint Hill United Methodist Church in Caledonia.  Rita will send a group email with clear directions.
Carpool from Lowes parking lot will gather 9:50 – 9:55.  Let Judy S know you will caravan with the group.  The group will leave promptly at 9:55.  Be on time.

Our Christmas party it is a potluck lunch.  Bring your favorite finger food or best dish to share for lunch.  This fellowship time is always fun and relaxing, so please come just for the fun; the beautiful show and tell; to see who completed their goals and won a little cash; and fellowship time with your fellow quilters.  If you are participating in the Secret Santa exchange and the left/right game, then remember your gifts.  

Show and Tell 

Judy S

Karen A

Pat H

Pat H

Kathy H

Karen C

Marilyn H

Marilyn H

Tonya S Blocks of the month

Tonya S

Naomi P