Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13, 2018

Here is our Barn Quilt that was created for the Arts Center on Fifth Street. The design was created and came to fruition through two of our very own, Rita Williams and Judy Stokes. The work is absolutely gorgeous! We are blessed to have such talented members!!

Judy and Rita with their creations!

Friday, March 30, 2018

March 10, 2018

Greetings Ladies! At our last meeting, we had several of our officers out due to various planned and unplanned situations. A BIG thanks to Judy S. for stepping in and running the meeting. I would have been in an absolute panic without her😊.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early as well, so I am hoping that I get everything right in the blog. Hopefully, we will all be back good as new for the next meeting which is April 14th. We had a huge crowd at the meeting and had one visitor at the time, Carol's sister, Linda.

The previous minutes were approved as posted to the blog and the treasurer's report was also approved as read. Anyone that wanted to participate in the Goal Challenge should have turned in their list of goals along with the $5.00 to go in the pot for the one lucky lady that will complete the most goals. (I'm going to work really hard for that).

Old Business:

Today's meal is fried chicken. The next meeting will feature ham provided by the guild, Julia is doing a dessert and Carla is making potato salad. Thanks for volunteering ladies!

The fat quarter swap for today includes the colors of green and gold or yellow. Today, any who brought fat quarters to the swap will pick at the same tie. NO FIGHTING, please. The color for the fat quarter swap in April will be pink and purple. Be sure to bring yours to the meeting! It's a lot of fun!

The nominating committee for the next year in Tonya, Barb and
Terri. Please be thinking of officers. The secretary's position will most likely be for a two year term (if you will have me). Michelle will be moving off as this is her second year.

Don't forget that Artisan's Day is Saturday, April 7th. Thanks Ebba, for being in charge of that one. We will be tying the  Heart Quilt for Artisan's day. It will last until approximately 2:00. The PTQ booth will be in the parking lot behind the former Front Door/Back Door restaurant.  Set-up will be at 8:00.  If you can't stay all day, plan to come when you can and stay as long as you want.

The Bibb and Tucker Sew Op was held at the public library where participants were provided to make a 7 inch block if they wished.

The Buttahatchee Barn Quilt Tour will be April 10th at the Methodist Church in Caledonia. It will be open to tour and the guild has been asked by Rita W. to provide quilts to drape over the pews. She would also like to have hostesses to serve mint tea. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Rita.

Rita W. is half way finished with the Barn Quilt for the Art Center. Judy S. has done a beautiful job on the quilt to complement it.

Naomi had a proposal for the guild regarding the Double Wedding Ring Quilt. She would like to remove it as the raffle quilt as she is presently in the process of putting it back together. This is a long and tedious process. Once the quilt is finished, she would like to give the top to the PTQ member who has been active and helped with the sit and sews. A motion was made and a second was heard, so the proposal/motion passed.

New Business:

The June Gathering this year will feature Bonnie Hunter. The dates for the Gathering are May 31st - June 2nd. Your dues for MQA should be paid before April 1st. Bonnie's classes will be limited to 50 participants per class. She will be teaching 3 classes. Since the number of class participants is limited, you will need to register separately for her class. The registration amount is $50.00. You should mail a check in with your registration and include a self-addressed stamped envelope. This is not a first come first serve opportunity. All registration forms must be sent in by April 15th. Participants for the classes will be selected through a drawing on April 19th. If your name if not chosen, your check will be returned in the self addressed stamped envelope you sent in. If you are chosen, your Suppy List will be returned in your envelope. If you are selected to take one of the classes, you will need to purchase a book at the Gathering. There will be 11 other classes offered at the Gathering, one of which is a mystery quilt. On Saturday, you will receive a free pattern.

That looks like all that I have in my notes. If I have left out anything, I apologize. Please do not hesitate to let me know. Until next time, HAPPY QUILTING!

Barb D. - "Mississippi State Rail Fence"

Barb D. - "Happy Quilt" - charms

Patti M. - "Let's Go Tubing"

Brenda E. " Taking the Train" by Craftsy
Purple /Teal Tiles Hydrangea
Brenda E. 

Julia G. Art Quilts by her Grandchildren

Julia G. Art Quilts by her Grandchildren

Julia G. - "Weeping Willow #4"

Karen C. - "Lighthouses"

Watana - "Swiss Alps"
Watana - "Christmas Tree/Santa"

Watana - "Elongated Hexi"


Tonya - "Christmas Block"

Tonya - "Bears"

Saturday, February 10, 2018

February PTQ Meeting, February 10th, 2018

Greetings Ladies! We had great attendance in spite of the rainy weather. We covered a lot of business today, so I will try to do a better job of putting information in the blog. Don't hesitate to let me know if I get something wrong. The previous minutes as well as the treasurer's report were approved as posted to the blog.

Old Business:

The 2018 calender is posted to the blog. We will bring extra copies to the next meeting if you didn't get a hard copy. Karen is continuing to update member information. If you haven't done so, please complete a new form at the next meeting. We are having some emails returned.

If you would like to set goals for the upcoming year, please turn in your goal sheet by March with a $5.00 fee. Whoever accomplishes the most goals will receive the money that is collected. (Hmmm, I wonder who will win?).  We also discussed having the Christmas party at Rita's church again this year. If you have any other suggestions, you may let one of the officers know.

The following is a list of our committee chairpersons that I alluded to in the last blog. If you see one that you would like to co-chair, I'm sure there wouldn't be any objections.
  • Rent Quilt - Keri - (challenge blocks will be half-square triangles)
  • Charity Quilt - Carla
    • Baby Quilts for Baptist Hospital - Karen A.
  • Historical Information - Michelle
  • Internet - Kim C.
  • Pilgrimage/ Artisan Day - Ebba with the Heart Quilt
  • Publicity - Kathy H.
  • Raffle Quilt - (Double Wedding Ring) ?
  • Coffee Club - Brenda C.
The Studio Hop that was scheduled for March will be postponed indefinitely. Julia G. invited PTQ members to her home to visit with her sisters and mom on March 1st from 1:00-3:00 p.m.

The "I See Stars" challenge quilts were due today. Judy S. is in charge of sending those in.

The fat quarter swap color for March is green with gold and/or yellow. To make the process go more smoothly, we will limit the number of fat quarters you can swap to 4.

This is the last chance to turn in your Mississippi Bicentennial Block. Please contact Karen A. for more information.

The guild made a $50.00 donation to the American Cancer Society in memory of Linda G. A sympathy card was also signed and will be sent to her family.

The RAC asked for the guild to sign a rental agreement and become members at the $50.00 level. This is only for the guild to pay, not for individual members (DON'T PANIC). They will begin mentioning PTQ in all of their newsletters and other promotional materials.

The raffle for the guild quilt will be February 16. Tickets are available at the Arts Center.

New Business:

Palmer Home has a request for the ladies of PTQ. They have many clothes donations and some of those clothes are missing buttons. They wanted to know if we wanted to take this on as a project. The ladies agreed and we can sit and sew on buttons during the meeting. We will bring the buttons to sew on. So bring your needles and thread! If one button is missing, they throw the garment away! (What a waste).

MQA Spring Gathering in March 2nd and 3rd. If you are planning to go, the deadline for registration is February 16th. If you need to register, the form is on the MQA website. The cost is $20.00 plus meals. Some ladies are planning on driving back and forth. If you are interested in carpooling, contact Naomi.

We have been invited to the Columbus Public Library for National Quilters Day. The guest speaker is Lillis Taylor from Birmingham, AL. The topic is the Bib & Tucker Sew-op. Ms. Taylor will demonstrate a technique and we will have the opportunity to participate and make a block. The date is March 12th, I think at 12:00. Please email or text Gwen for more information.

Speaking of Gwen, she is going to be our Columbus Public Library Liaison person.  The library is a wonderful supporter of PTQ.

You are also invited to drive on your own to view the Buttahatchee Barn Quilt Trail. Rita W. announced Tea Cakes and Tea at Mt. Pleasant in Caledonia on April 10th from 4:00-6:00. They would like for us to provide some quilts to put on the back of church pews to showcase some of our work. Please contact Rita for more information. We are garnering more and more publicity through Rita's work with barn quilts and as a result, people want more information about our group. Isn't that wonderful? We will be providing additional brochures to Roger S. and Nancy C. at the visitor's center. What a great way to grow our group!

The MS Quilter's Bus trip to Colorado is August 16th - 23rd. The cost is $950 each for doubles and $850 each for 3 people. The deposit of $200 is due by February 16th. The final amount will be due by June 6th. (I guess you can get more info from Naomi).

Additional Note: DeWhyte and Brenda's daughter (Columbus Choir) will be doing a Latin Concert on February 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Columbus.

Next meeting is March 10th, hope to see you then!


Karen A. did a demonstration with orphan blocks today.


Such beautiful work today! Can't wait until I can showcase something!

Gwen S. with NICU hats.

Gwen S. with "Like a Diamond" for "I See Stars"

Ebba - Cancer quilt made for friend
"With Hearts"

Naomi with her green and blues, I See Stars Quilt called "Stacky Wacky"

Terry T. quilted this piece herself called "Log Jam"

Judy S. I See Stars quilt block called "Stars Cubed"

Judy S. with mystery quilt "Just Quilting"

Ruby with her jelly roll quilt from Figgs Fabrics

Julia G. gift for husband's sister (60th birthday)

Julia G. with her I See Stars quilt, "Out of the Darkness"

Julia G. - Sewing circle quilt made with vintage fabrics

Donna H. with his and hers "Mug Rugs"

Ina with dog quilts for riding in carts

Ina with reversible Christmas tree skirt

Carol with "Woven Rainbow" made at retreat

Kathy H. with Moroccan Mystery Quilt, Jenny Beyer design

Kathy H. "Virginia's Quilt" named after her mother

Tonya - Teddy Bear blocks - BOM

Tonya - "Gnome for the Holidays"

Tonya did all of these pieces, Ducky, Pitri, Sarah, and Little Foot

Glenna - "Falling Leaves"

Karen C. - Patriotic Rag Quilt called, "Marine Valor"

Karen C. - Self binding baby quilt

Brenda C. - 50's & 60's vintage curtains

Brenda C. - I See Stars quilt -