Monday, September 16, 2013

September 14, 2013 Meeting

President Terry called our meeting to order.  We were honored to have 3 guests today - they were Gwen, Cindy and Michelle.  Ladies, we hope you will join us again and become one of us. 

The drawing for our quilt, shown on blog, will be coming up soon, so buy or sell your tickets before our next Sit and Sew meeting, September 28. Drawing will be at our next MQA meeting in Corinth, MS, Oct 4-5th. There will be lots of shopping opportunities, speakers, no classes, and meals.  Be sure to get signed up for a good time!

Our treasurer report was given by Tonya.  There was no discussion, so it was approved as read.

Thanks, Julia, for helping me get good pictures of our beautiful quilts to show all. 

A big happy birthday goes out to Linda B. and Gwen, who both have birthdays on the 18th of September.

We will be starting a "Round Robin" quilt next month, but this quilt will not travel, but you, the individual, will do all the quilting.  Judy and Brenda will be leading us on this venture and training for all our new members will be available as we learn new ways to add to this quilt.  We expect to finish this maybe by next year.  Each month we will be given homework to do and have done before the next regular meeting (2nd Saturday of each month, except in Dec). Look at some Medallion quilts on Google to get some ideas.  Below are two different "Round Robin" quilts that were done by Brenda and Julia.  These will give you an idea what we are going to do.

Brenda's Round Robin quilt she did

Julia's Round Robin Quilt done among her sisters
* * * *
Below are samples of "center" ideas for Round Robin quilt we will start in Oct.
Our nominating committee to come up with our new slate of officers for next year will be: Judy, Ebba and Donna.  Each member filled out there suggestions and this committee will come up with our slate to vote on in October. Thank you ladies for helping with this.
Patti mentioned that Elm Lake Golf Course (1609 Taylor Thurston Road) will be doing a Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, November 2, 8-3 p.m. and all were invited to join.  You can get a booth and table for $10.00 to set up.  All craft items and holiday gifts sold have to be homemade.  NO garage sale or flea market items will be allowed. You must provide your own decorations for your table and clean up afterwards.
Need a new PTQ t-shirt?  Mary Ann will be taking your t-shirts to have printed with our PTQ logo on them.  These need to be 100% cotton, new, do not wash at $5.00 each.  Deadline to get to Mary Ann will be Saturday, Oct.12th. Any color goes.
A big thank you goes out to the ladies who fixed our meal this month: Ebba, Julia and Sue.  We all enjoyed the delicious food.  Volunteers for October meal are: Mary Ann, Diane and Patti.  Thank you, ladies.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Enjoy our Show and Tell below. 
Block Judy did for First Baptist Church
                                Julia won 1st place in Jackson with 3 of her quilts - Congrats, Julia!! We are proud of you!

                                               Brenda, quilt for her grandson, 2" blocks made into 4.5 or 5 " total

Carol with Small Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and another tree. So cute!
                                                                                Carol's table runner.

Carol's table runner 
CC's Delta Mystery Quilt 

CC's Karen Combs-Combing Through Your Scraps.
CC's Tinkerbelle quilt
Linda B's tablerunner-60 degree triangles
Linda B's "Sweet 16 Quilt"
                                 Diane's Christmas Table runner-learned at Wanna Bee's - taught by Carol & Linda B.

Diane's finished fractured quilt
                                                                     Julia's Rooster fractured quilt

                                                                               Joy's split 4-patch quilt
                                                                            Gwen's first Table runner

Gwen's first quilt

Tonya's - Crafty Block of the Month - added flowers to basket

Come fly with  me - Tonya



Sunday, September 15, 2013

Raffle quilt - Last few weeks to get tickets!!

This fabulous quilt is being raffled by our group on October 5th, drawing to be held at the Fall MQA meeting.  See any of the Possum Town Quilters for a ticket.  It is beautifully pieced and hand quilted.  Tickets are 1 chance for $1, 6 chances for $5, or 20 chances for $10.  All proceeds go to our educational fund, which is used to bring quilt instructors to the Columbus area.

PTQ Show and Tell – 9/14/13

IMG_7740 Large e-mail view

IMG_7742 Large e-mail view

IMG_7744 Large e-mail view

IMG_7745 Large e-mail view

IMG_7746 Large e-mail view

IMG_7726 Large e-mail view

IMG_7727 Large e-mail view

IMG_7728 Large e-mail view

IMG_7729 Large e-mail view

IMG_7730 Large e-mail view

IMG_7732 Large e-mail view

IMG_7734 Large e-mail view

IMG_7735 Large e-mail view

IMG_7737 Large e-mail view

IMG_7738 Large e-mail view