Monday, January 23, 2012

January 21, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Welcome to our Guests:
. Emily Grebenc (who has joined)
. Diane Stone (who has joined)

Watana provided her phone number and encourages us to call her if we have any questions or concerns

December minutes were read by Donna
. Approved as read

Treasurer's Report provided by Bobbi:
. Dues are due:  $15 for the year
. Challenge Block Packets are available
. The following balances do not include funds received today
. General Fund:  $3873.53
. Educational Fund:  $691.77
. Total:  $4565.30

Show and Tell -

CC and her Lap Quilt she made with her Mom

                            Emily and her Cartwheels Quilt, listing cities they have visited

                                                 Jennifer and her Pinwheel Quilt

JoAnn and Amish Squares she received; they were purchased from an Antique Shop in Goshen, IN and are circa 1925

Judy and her "This and That Mystery Monday" Table Runner

Annette and her hand quilted Scrappy Quilt

Annette and her Hanging On Quilt

Watana's Relay for Life "Hunting for the Cure" using Hunter's Stars; this is a fun raiser for the Lamar County Alabama Relay for Life

DeWayne Hayes Car Show: Sandi had no further information

Carol and Linda B have agreed to assemble our "Name That Tune Block"; please see one of them if you would like to help

Name That Tune Show and Tell -

Group Photo

1.  JoAnne

2.  Terry

3.  Sue S

4.  Linda G

5.  Donna

6.  Linda D

Sign-Up Sheet is available for 2012 Committees:
. Challenge Quilt
. Charity Quilts
. Pilgrimage - Judy will chair
. Opportunity Quilt
. Internet and Historical - Linda D

Please bring your extra Karen Combs Blocks for use in a charity quilt

Discussion held and motion approved to appoint a "Director of Projects"
. Our Director will organize our monthly workshop days
. Individual project supervisors will inform the Director of quilt progress
. Our Director will report monthly on project status
. Carol James has agreed to be our new Director - Congratulations, Carol

Charity Quilt Status -
1 & 2.  (2)  10 Minute Block Quilts - Done
3.  Churn Dash Quilt
4.  Tube Quilt - needs to be quilted
5.  Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt - needs backing, batting, and quilting
6.  Last Year's Pilgrimage Quilt
7.  Karen Combs Blocks Quilt
8.  Mile A Minute Quilt

Officers will meet at the RAC at 9am on meeting days to set-up
. Thank you to Jennifer's husband who arranged our room for today

Meetings will begin promptly at 9:30am

Dues are now due; if you do not pay by the end of February, you will be removed from the roll

Ultimate Guild Challenge - Terry & Judy committee
. This is not the RAC Challenge Quilt
. $5 for material packets
. Terry explained the challenge and has distributed the details to each member via e-mail
. Our theme is "Elvis Songs"
. The quilt you make will be YOUR quilt
. We will have the community select the 8 Finalists during Pilgrimage

We need to start an Opportunity Quilt for next year

Dates to remember will be posted on the Blog
. Judy will be installed at the MQA Gathering on the afternoon of February 25
. The Common Thread (MQA Newsletter) should be published soon, including accomodations available

If you are interested in presenting a program at our meeting, please see Terry

Judy presented "Quilting Gadgets"
. Important to keep your instructions

Terry presented our Annual Group Project of "Blocks with a Twist"
. Monthly she will present 2 Blocks
. If you do not like the two chosen blocks, choose two of your own
. After 10 months, you will have 20 Blocks
. November and December will be used for sashing and completing YOUR quilt
. Please bring your blocks to show each month

This Month's Block Selections

Today's Lunch is provided by Donna and Sandi

Lunch is $4.00

February Chefs on a Shoestring are Bobbi and Carla

Bobbi will update the membership roster at the end of February

A request was made to update the Members Book
. Suggested to take a monthly Group photo
. JoAnne will make sheets for the new people to add to our books
. Will be completed after dues are finalized in February

Mary Ann led us in prayer prior to lunch

Name That Tune:
1.  Surfin' USA
2.  Sea of Love
3.  Blue Suede Shoes
4.  Candy Kisses
5.  Sweet Little Sixteen
6.   "Your Guess"