Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Meeting Minutes

March 14 2015

President Carol called the meeting to order and she welcomed our visitors, Eva and Sarah.  Sarah introduced herself as the owner of Figgs Fabrics here in Columbus and highlighted a few of her upcoming events at her shop.

Treasurer's Report
     Judy gave the treasurer's report.  Kerry moved to accept the report and Patti seconded with the
     motion being carried to accept the report as presented.

Old Business
     UFO Sheets--Just a quick reminder to turn those in as soon as possible.

     Flavin Glover Class--The class is full and please remember to wear your name tags for the class.  
     Please see Diane if you need one made.

     Susan Cleveland Class (Nov)--There are still 10 slots available, be sure to sign up if you want to
     take the class.

     Please sign the thank you card for the Columbus Dispatch for the wonderful article they wrote on
     the Possum Town Quilters and the Civil War Raffle Quilt donated to the Arts Center.

New Business
     Hosting an MQA Gathering--As MQA President-Elect 2016, Julia's guild would like to host
     a gathering here in the local area.  There was discussion on which gathering to host and
     Judy made a motion to host the Fall Gathering 2016, Kerry seconded and the motion was carried
     by all members.  A committee will be solicited to spearhead this event.

     Ultimate Guild Challenge Results
            1st Place--Mary Ann
Mary Ann receiving her First Place Ribbon form Lauren

            2nd Place--Brenda
Brenda receiving her 2nd Place Ribbon from Lauren

            3rd Place CC
CC receiving her 3rd Place Ribbon from Lauren

The Ladies with their winning Magnolia Quilts!
Just Beautiful!

SAGA Trunk Show
     As the Southeast district representative for SAGA, Julia introduced a truck show representing
     small art quilts from around the world.  Each of us took two quilts to study and then were asked to
     introduce the quilt to the guild and then speak about what we found interesting about the quilts.  It
     was enlightening to see what others saw in those small quilts!

Show and Tell
Diane with her Sugar Almond Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Luwana with her Medallion Quilt

Annette with her Free Motion Feathers

Annette with her Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Quilt all finished!

The back of Annette's Quilt

Julia with her "Thru the Lattice-Cattails Quilt

Linda B with her Marti Michelle BOM "Return to Romance Quilt

Sarah with her Table Runner

Sarah with her "Willy Way" Modern Quilt

The back of Sarah's Willy Way Quilt

Tonya made a cute Crayon Holder for traveling!

Carol's Nancy Mahoney Table Runner

Linda's Medallion Quilt

The back of Linda's Medallion Quilt

DeWhyte's Hand-Work Piece--Beautiful! 

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 11th at 9:00 am.  Hope to see you there!