Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 21, 2012 Meeting Minutes

President Watana called our meeting to order

We welcomed guest Kelsie, Linda B's 14 year old Granddaughter

March Meeting Minutes:
Julia corrected that she has already been a judge

Treasurer's Report:

General Fund:
   Beginning Balance                         $4634.55

       Dues Paid                                     $15.00
       Quilt Stands (3)                            $254.85
       Curtain Rods for hanging                 $25.36
       Thread - Pilgrimage Quilt                  $4.49

   Ending Balance:                             $4364.85

Education Fund:
   Beginning Balance                            $691.77

       Challenge Blocks                          $138.00
       Donation                                        $15.00
       Columbus Cultural Heritage            $200.00

   Ending Balance:                               $1044.77

TOTAL:                                               $5409.62

Treasurer's Report Accepted as Read

Project Director Report - None

Ultimate Challenge Quilt:
The 8 Finalists to se sent to AQS are:
Teddy Bear - Carol
Sunset - Linda B
Hound Dog / Blue Suede Shoes - CC
In My Father's House - Julia
Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Watana
Mona Lisa - Terry
Take These Chains From My Heart - Lawana
Moody Blues - Brenda

Terry will get all paperwork completed and send the quilts

Via e-mail, Judy informed us people were very complimentary of the Quilts on display, and the Welcome Center would like for us to another display next year

Watana and Carla were featured in a photo in the Columbus Packet

No other Committee Reports

Show and Tell:
Mary Ann: Elvis Challenge Teddy Bear

Diane: Deer Quilt for Dear Son

The Back

Julia: "Red Bricks" for School Teacher
The Back

Annette showed "Backer Rod" Tubing (used with caulking) that you can put on the end of your pins and avoid any "sticks'

Tonya: Hexi-Stripe - one of next month's Blocks
Tonya: Sunny with a Chance of Hexies - one of next month's Blocks 
Tonya: 10 Minute Block Quilt Top

Tonya: Tinkerbell Quilt - Her 1st Quilt!!

The Back

Bobbi: Sunny Lane Quilt Top
Watana: Pretty in Pink
 Get Well Wishes to Jennifer, Judy, and Sue S

Old Business

Name That Tune Block:
. Linda D turned in her block (photo taken earlier this year)
. We now have 20 Blocks

Book in Sharon's Memory:
Lauren will check what books are at the library and report next month

DeWayne Hayes Car & Quilt Show:
. Show is September 22 at the Tom Bevill Center in PICKENSVILLE
. Sandi will continue communications with the Army Corp
. Is it show or show and sell?
. Inside or Outside?
. Food Available?
. Electricity for Demos?
. Time?
. Can we hang quilts the day before?
. We would do 15 - 20 minute demos
. Handouts would be available

Klaudeen Hansen Class (Linda B)
. We would pay her travel expenses
. $350 for a day class
. Klaudeen does not want to travel for only one class
. Judy is contacting Starkville Guilds; we could then split the travel expenses
. November: 1st or 2nd Saturday
. Additional class or lecture?
. Class sizes are 20 people, with extra cost for additional attendees
. We will table this discussion until May, but still check with other Guilds

. If we can get 20 shirts for printing (same ink color), Mary Ann will take them for printing
. Estimate $4 / shirt

New Business

July RAC Quilt Show
. Smaller Items are acceptable
. Items must be quilted
. Committee: Sue L, Julia, Lauren (Chair), and Lawana
. Rules / requirements
. Time
. Do's and Don'ts
. 30% of Sale Price to RAC
. Committee to report to Membership via e-mail

June Gathering (JoAnne)
. June 1 & 2 in Jackson
. All Classes Saturday 8am for approximately 6 hours
. $25 / Class
. 6 - 20 in Class
. Hotel in Flowood
. Common Thread to be published by end of month
. Classes:
 - Twisted 9-Patch (Lil Twister)
 - Hunter Star
 - Free Motion Quilting on your Home Machine
 - Scrappy Sweet Sixteen
 - Mosaic Antique Tile (Variation of Divided 9-Patch)
 - Improvisational Patchwork - The Modern Quilt
 - Wacky Squares
 - 2012 MQA Mystery
 - Ghost Quilting
 - The Art of Quilting
 - Hand Quilting

May Workshop is cancelled due to Market Street Festival

Julia presented the Fairy Quilt Godmother Challenge
. Paper Piecing
. You sign-up and get a pattern (www. paperpanache.com)
. You can do one if you'd like and display at the RAC Show

Julia & the beginning of her Fairy Quilt Godmother
Tanya & her Fairy Quilt Godmother

Today's Demo: Watana - Binding using Elmer's School Glue
Apply Glue

Iron to Set the Glue
Check out the perfect corner

Today's Lunch was prepared by Diane and Linda D

May's Chefs are Rita and JoAnne

Julia led us in prayer prior to lunch

Kaliedoscope Examples and Hints from the Afternoon Session:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 24, 2012 Meeting Minutes

President Watana called our meeting to order.
There were 36 members and 3 guests present.  Guests were:
  • Carol's Sister Linda
  • JoAnne's Cousing Helen
  • Judy's Student Patti Moore
Motion was made and approved to no longer read the prior meeting's minutes. Minutes are available on the blog.  If there are any questions, please bring them to the next meeting.

Treasurer's Report:

General Fund:
   Beginning Balance:                               $4840.11

   Dues Paid x 8                                          120.00
   Challenge Packets x 2                                10.00
   Shirt x 1                                                      8.00
   Income                                                +$138.00

   Blank Membership Card Forms                    7.46
   Thread and Batting for Challenge Quilt         25.00
   Raffle Quilt Batting                                     21.40
   Batting and Thread for Charity Quilt             25.00
   Batting and Backing for Pilgrimage Quilt      20.26
   Fabric for Challenge Blocks                        64.44
   Re-Print of PTQ Brochures                        180.00
   Expenses                                               -343.56   

Ending Balance:                                       $4634.55

Education Fund:
Beginning Balance:                                     $691.77
Ending Balance:                                         $691.77

TOTAL                                                    $5326.32

Treasurer's Report Accepted as Read

Project Report - Carol:
Sweet 16 Scrappy Quilt:  12 Blocks Made
Shoo Fly Quilt:  On Quilting Frame for Pilgrimage
Divided Nine Patch Quilt:  Needs Binding
Churn Dash Quilt:  Needs Binding
Karen Combs Block Quilt:  In-Process
Two Quilts are Complete

Ultimate Challenge: Terry and Judy
Quilts will be hung in Visitor's Center during Pilgrimage for Voting
Top 8 Vote Receiving Quilts will be submitted to Grand Rapids for the AQS Show
11 Elvis Themed Quilts were presented:
CC: Encore - Hound Dog & Blue Suede Shoes

Julia: In My Father's House

Lawana: Take These Chains From My Heart

Terry: Mona Lisa

Watana: Swing Down Sweet Chariot

Bobbi: Good Luck Charm

Judy: In The Ghetto

Christine: Hound Dog

Brenda; Moody Blue

Carol: Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear

Linda B: Hawaiian Sunset

Pilgrimage begins Monday, March 26
Need 2 People per Day; more can come
Need to put another quilt in a frame for next Saturday's Artisan Day, and may need for 2nd week of Pilgrimage
These are Charity Quilts

Challenge Committee: Julia
Julia described the instructions, which are in the packets
Requested you also provide a 6 1/2" square of your background fabric when you submit your block
This Quilt will be presented to the RAC for our annual rent
RAC will raffle or auction - their choice
You can Google "Kaleidoscope Quilts" for ideas

Historical Committee:  Linda D
No Report

Book in Sharon's Memory - Lauren
A list of possible options is made
Full report next month

Raffle Quilt: Mary Ann
Quilt would be raffled in 2013

There is a refrigerator in our meeting room we can use

Quilts are on Display at the Lowndes County Library

Linda B proposed a possible class in November with a name instructor: Klaudine Hanson.
If Linda can obtain her for later this year, she can "lock her in".
Motion made and approved - we will transfer funds from the general budget to the educational budget as needed to obtain a name teacher.  Raffle Quilt generated funds do go into the Educational Budget.  To help offset costs, a minimum fee may be charged to attend the class.

Show & Tell:

Linda and Carol: Civil War Fabric Wall Hanging

Linda & Carol: Civil War Quilt

Linda & Carol: Ramblin' Rose Meets Jamestown

Linda & Carol

Linda & Carol: Atlantic Fly Away

Tonya: Block of the Month
Diane: Loving Mississippi State (her 1st quilt)

JoAnne: Mountain QuiltFest Paper Pieced Heart Applique

JoAnne: Stained Glass Wall Hanging

CC: 39 And Holding

CC: Greetings from the Smoky Mountains (Class at Mountain QuiltFest)

Christine: Baco Bay; pattern by Bonnie Hunter

Brenda: Mini Fabric Collage Art Work (class at Mountian QuiltFest)

Brenda: Hand Quilting Without A Frame (class at Mountain QuiltFest)

Judy: Feathered Star Block (class at Mountain QuiltFest)

Brenda & Judy: Star Blocks (class at Mountain QuiltFest)

Carla: Fan Quilt

Julia: Mountain QuiltFest Challenge Quilt

Watana: Mountain QuiltFest Fusing and Fabric Painting Wall Hanging

No new Name That Tune Quilt Blocks

Judy was received an award at Mountain QuiltFest: Excellence in Hand Workmanship for her Poinsettia Quilt - CONGRATUALTIONS Judy!!

DeWayne Hayes Car Show - September 22
Location to be clarified (DeWayne Hayes or Pickensville)

RAC Quilt Show will be July or August
Quilted Items Only
Must be hung
Bring for display or to sell
RAC to receive 30 - 40% of sale price (percentage to be clarified)
Post Meeting:
Show is in July
Opening Night is July 5
RAC percentage is 30%

Quilt Racks
Motion made and approved for the Guild to purchase 3 Quilt Racks, so we own 4
Cost: ~$85 each
Terry and Judy to purchase

Roster - Bobbi
Please fill in any gaps for your information and return to Bobbi
We have 31 members for 2012

We need a minimum order of 20 - same ink color
Round neck shirt; you can buy your own - Approx $4 for printing
Bring your shirts to the meeting

Monthly Blocks - Terry
This month's Blocks are String Blocks
Tonya described the assembly process
Instructions will be e-mailed

Demo: X-Block -  Linda D
Start with (9) 1 Yard pieces of fabric
Wash and iron before cutting
Dimensions vary per size block / quilt
Sew 3 different fabrics together
Cut into smaller segments
Make a 9-Patch
Cut using X-Block Ruler
1/2 Right Side; Other Group Left Sides
Sew remnants for border
7 1/2" Template preferred
Watana plans to teach a class on X-Block
Main Street fabrics in Ackerman has the templates

Linda's X-Block Quilt

Today's Lunch is provided by Julia and Ebba

Diane honored MQA President Judy by presenting her with a cake

MQA Newsletter should be sent by end of April.  This Newsletter will include information about the June Gathering and Classes.

Paducah Quilt Show -
A cup has been designed with Julia's quilt
Julia will be juding at quilt shows

Our April Lunch will be provided by Linda D and Diane

Mary Ann led us in prayer prior to lunch