Sunday, August 19, 2012

PTQ Meeting Minutes August 18, 2012

President Watana called our meeting to order.

There were no guests present.  (During the meeting, Mary Ann's daughter Valerie joined us.)

The July Minutes were approved as posted on the blog.

The Treasurer's Report was approved as read.

The Project Director reported no changes to status.

Challenge Block Commitee:
Many Thanks to All Who Participated

Terry: 3rd Place
Brenda: 2nd Place and Viewer's Choice

CC: 1st Place

Congratulations Ladies!!

Ultimate Quilt Guild Challenge -
. Packets are $6.00
. Quilts are due March 23, 2013
. Packet contains the Binding
. Theme: Tennessee Williams
. Random Draw for "Work" to Interpret; you can swap for another
. Quilt to measure 32" x 52" when complete - Landscape
. Additional Colors to be used are colors from the Tennessee Williams Home - Paint Chips included
. You can add additional colors
. The Guild will print the label
. Quilts cannot be titled the name of the work (copyright infringement)
. Complete the included application
. Quilts will be displayed and judged at 2013 Pilgrimage
. Hanging Sleeve Instructions are included
. Extra material is available for purchase
. The Top 8 per the Pilgrimage Judging will be submitted for the 2013 AQS Grand Rapids Show

Our Elvis Quilts are currently on diaplay at this year's AQS Show.

No Additional Committee Reports.

Relay for Life Quilt Workshop will be September 29. 
. Bring red, white, and blue fabric. 
. Terry to check if Lowndes County wants a quilt to raffle, and in a format to raise a significant amount of money for Relay for Life. 
. Watana has volunteered to do the quilting. 
. If Relay does not agree to our terms, we will donate the quilt elsewhere.

Cancelling the September 1st Workshop due to the Labor Day Holiday.

September Meeting is 3rd Saturday: September 15th.

Our Guild Quilt Raffle (Committee: Lauren, Mary Ann, and Sandi):
. Material has been purchased
. Cutting is in progress
. Double Wedding Ring Pattern
. Will start after the September 29th Workshop

Show and Tell:

Julia: One Word Quilt Challenge "Fun"

Julia: One Word Quilt Challenge "On the Floor"

Julia: One Word Quilt Challenge "Garden"

Julia: One Word Quilt Challenge "Lunch"

Julia: One Word Quilt Challenge "Chair"

Diane: Picture Quilt - 52 Pictures

Terry: T-Shirt / Mississippi State Quilt

Shirley: Quilt Bought At Sale - why you should wash your fabrics first (the maroon fabric bled)

Carla: JOY Wall Hanging

Judy: Cutter Quilts bought at fabric sale; to be used for making Christmas Ornaments

(unable to obtain photo)
Linda D: Quilt Blocks bought at farbic sale

Watana: Medallion Quilt she quilted for a Lady from France for a wedding in New York

Bobbi: Stack & Whack Quilt

Sandi: Christmas Table Runner

Sandi: Border Fabric Table Runner

Sandi: Extra Border Fabric from Table Runner made Perfect Placemats

Mary Ann ensured our "Casserole Patrol" Pot Holders were completed and deliver on time.  Gwin informed us that the cast was most appreciative of our efforts.

"Casserole Patrol" Cast

The September 22nd Car Show / Quilt Display has been cancelled by the Army Corp of Engineers.

Klaudeen Class:
We are waiting the Starkville Guild vote on class to make a determination.

Update Member Booklets:
. Judy will send Diane's page as an example
. If you are not in the book, please create a page and send to JoAnne and Diane
. If you are included in the book, please update your page and send to JoAnne and Diane

Con-Kerr Cancer Pillowcases will also be made at the September 29th Workshop.  Jennifer has material and can provide packets.

The Guild voted to no longer post the Treasurer's Report on the Blog.  It will also be removed from prior posts.

Shirley told us about using felt to cover cardboard and have a portable design board.

Sue asked the group if we would be willing to make a quilt for Helping Hand.  Sue has fabric.  Discussion tabled at this time.

Terry and Tonya displayed this month's Blocks of the Month

Mary Ann wants everyone to know that the Amory Wal-Mart has a TOP NOTCH Fabric Department.

Today's Lunch is provided by Carla, Shirley, and Mary Ann

September Meeting Chefs are Patti, Julia, and Diane

We will order Piza for the September 29th Workshop using Chef on a Shoestring funds

Annette provided a very informative demonstration on Free Motion Quilting.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Casserole Parade

Our group provided these to the cast and crew of the casserole parade and received this note:

Hello!  Please convey our thanks to the entire quilt guild for the thoughtful gifts to all cast members and crew.  Everyone loved the potholders!  What a great memento of our time together as members of The Casserole Patrol!  Hugs to each of you, Gwin Edie, "Gracie"