Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey all,

Terry here to tell you I got a big envelope in the mail today from AQS!!!  Our eight Elvis quilts were accepted into the show at Grand Rapids!!  Woot!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 16, 2012 Meeting

Bobbi called the day's meeting to order.

We welcomed our guest, Cheri, Linda G's friend.  Cheri has also taken classes taught by Judy. 

May Minutes posted on the blog were accepted. 

Treasurer's Report accepted as read.

Committee Reports:
. Project - Carol:
     . No Report
. Challenge Block - Brenda
     . We have 16 Blocks (19 by 12N)

. Quilt Show - Lauren
     . Hang Quilts on Saturday, June 30
     . 75% of pieces must be for sale; total as a group (not by individual)
     . Provide Info including name and price
     . 30% or price to RAC, so price accordingly
     . Lauren discussed quilt financing / expenses with the RAC
     . Items must be quilted
     . Can include Table Runners and Mug Rugs
     . See Lauren with list of items you plan to bring
     . Lauren will contact the RAC about food for the reception and then notify the membership
       via e-mail of needs
     . Reception is Thursday, July 12 at 5:30
     . No one volunteered to coordinate the food

The RAC raised $610 in their auction of our Challenge Quilt from last year

Lauren presented 5 books for donation to the library in Sharon's memory.  She purchased bright books to entice people to explore quilting.  Books contain the basics and blocks.  $150 max.  Lauren's selections were accepted.  We thanked her for the time she devoted to this project.

Car Show / Quilting Day is September 22 at Tom Bevill Center in Pickensville (Army Corp Facility - in AL on continuation of south MS69).

Linda B reported on the Klaudeen Hansen Class.  Starkville Guid will co-host.  Classes on Friday and Saturday, with Saturday accomodating people who work.  Same class both days, limited to 20 people each day.  November 2 & 3.  Each Guild will pay for a class ($350) and we will split the additional expenses.  Starkville meets next Thursday and will discuss then.  Motion passed to obtain Klaudeen Hansen, based on agreement with Starkville Guild.

Chef on a Shoestring current balance is $218.  Motion made to decrease meal price to $3 and to have 3 people prepare each lunch (main dish, salad, and dessert).

Judy reported on the Ultimate Quilt Challenge.  AQS has received our information and we have been accepted.  The Quilt Show is in August; quilts will be mailed end of July.  Judy asked about interest for participating in the Ultimate Quilt Challenge for next year.  There was sufficient interest.  Information will be available in August to allow 7 months to create your quilt.  Deadline for submittal will be the March 2013 Meeting, with voting at 2013 Pilgrimage.  The Visitor's Center was elated to have our quilts displayed this past spring.  The Committee will determine the theme and fabric.  Committee  Members are Judy, Terry, MaryAnn, CC, and Victoria.

MQA Class July 27 & 28 - a 2 day class; you must be a member of MQA to attend.

Tonya displayed our New Blocks of the Month:

Greek Cross

Annette and Her Octagon

Patti and her Octagon
Patti and her Greek Cross

Show and Tell:
Tonya: Appliqued Sunflower Window Valences

Tonya: Pineapple in a Square CARS Quilt
Tonya: Zig Zag Quilt

Tonya: Potholders for Quilt Show

Tonya: More Potholders for Quilt Show

Tonya: Another Potholder for Quilt Show

Tonya: Another Potholder
July: Fairy Quilt Godmother (in-Progress)

Victoria: Mosiac Quilt Blocks made at MQA Spring Gathering Class

CC: Hunter's Star Quilt Top

Patti: Spring Leaves Table Runner

Linda D: Quilt found in a Birmingham Yard Sale by Niece's Boyfriend

Annette: Karen Combs Quilt
Annette: String Quilt Block

Brenda presented a Disappearing 4-Patch Demo
You can start with an 8" Block
Cut at 2"

Annette led us in prayer prior to lunch

Bobbi and Brenda provided today's lunch

Next month's Chefs are Annette, Jennifer, and Lauren