Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jan. 11, 2014 PTQ Meeting Minutes

President, Patti, called our meeting to order with 27 regular members present.  We had 4 visitors, Keri, Cindy, Michelle and returning Sue S. Two of our visitors joined PTQ: Keri L. and Michelle M.  Welcome to all our ladies.  We hope you will learn from our teachers and great projects that we do.  We also look forward from learning from you.

Our January birthdays were JoAnn and Marjorie, who both celebrated on the 1st.
Our February birthdays will be Sue L-2, Diane S-4, Barb D-6, Patti M-11 and Sandi B-26.  If I have missed someone, please let me know.

Thanks to our members who participated in doing small quilts for the AAQI last year. We have had all our quilts sold and made $1,377.28 for this good cause. Way to go!!

January is the month for our yearly dues, which are $15.00.  They must be paid by the end of January for you to remain on the roll.  If you are not going to the January 25 sit and sew, you can mail your check to Tonya so she will have by January 30. Thanks for taking time to do this.

Also, we have set up a coffee pot for our meetings, it is 25 cents a cup and will go into our meal fund until we need to replenish the coffee supplies.

Medallion quilt - Judy demo'd the next step in our medallion quilt.  You can find the instructions on the side bar. Remember, there will not be a step in February, which will allow everyone time to get caught up.

Our treasurer report was given by Tonya, no changes, then approved by membership.

Last year we had a UFO challenge.  This year we are going to have a WIP (Work in Progress) challenge. It will cost $6 for each person.  A sheet was given out where you give your name and total amount of projects you are working on now. Then you list your projects next to the number and when you finish that project, you will post your completed date.  No projects can be added to this list once turned in at February meeting.  At the end of the year we will have two pots of money for prizes -  one for most projects completed and one for name drawn. Be sure and get your form from Patti or Carol.

A reminder went out to all to attend the MQA Gathering Feb 7-8 in Gulfport, MS.  Be sure to sign up.  Information came out in our Common Thread newsletter. Registration will be Friday, Feb 7 from 3-5 at the Ramada at 9415 Hwy 49, Gulfport, MS (phone 228-868-8200). Rate $69 before Feb 1, 2014. Hope to see you there.

A questionnaire was given out to all and asked to be returned at Feb 8th meeting. If you did not get a copy, please call Patti or Carol to get one.

Once all our committees have been finalized, they will be posted for your information and use. Also Tonya is updating our contact list.  If you have changes, please get with her.

Soon we will be getting information for our Ultimate Guild Challenge quilt.  Be on the lookout. This will be for entry in the AQS 2015 quilt show in Grand Rapids, MI.

Thanks to Watana for donating an iron and Linda D for donating an iron and ironing board to our guild for use.  Much appreciated.

Congrats goes out to Julia G. and her sister Emily for being asked to display their pieces at one of the galleries in the RAC.  What an honor!

The Guild voted that they would like to do a "Friendship Signature Quilt", so our committee will come up with a pattern with all the instructions and get back to us. Another fun group project.

Our demo today was presented by Julia G. She showed us how to do a fiber art quilt from a picture.  She gave us all a picture of a silo and showed us how to cut it up into pieces (road, grass and bushes), use different materials putting it on an 8.5" x 11" piece of material.  Instructions were given out as well. Homework is to get your background done, cut your silo out and be ready to work on this at our next meeting, Jan 25.  If questions, call Julia.

Show and Tell - Enjoy!

Medallion block-CC
Medallion block-Patti
Medallion blocks-Carol & Lawana

Medallion blocks-Donna, Linda & Brenda

Completed Charity Quilt

Patti's Husband's Christmas gift-he will love it!

Ebba-Signature Quilt for granddaughter-
30 seniors in 2010 & family signed

Donna-Pink patches doll quilt

Block in Quilt-Jo Anne

Jo Anne-Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Cindy W.-shirt quilt
Gwen-blocks to baby quilt

Burgoyne Surrounded-Judy

Clyde's Tie Quilt-Judy

Carla-baby boy quilt

Diane-Baby Quilt

Diane-Quilted hangar with zipper in back to hide
jewelry, money or valuables.

Diane-Christmas Table Runner
Pattern-Gentlemen's Handshake, front and back.
Can be flipped for Fall or Christmas.