Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fractured Class by Marilyn Rose, Aug 24,2013

Show and Tell of a few of our "Fractured Quilt panels" that we did as a class by Marilyn Rose. We each chose 4 identical panels of fabric and sliced and sewed and diced and sewed them back together to get the "fractured look". Hope you enjoy.  Sorry for the side way view ones...could not find a key to correct this..will work on that.  Thanks.  Diane S.

                                                                        Terry T. - Eagle

Terri H. - Flag with Eagle

Linda D. quilt

                                                                                           Linda's quilt

Watana's Peacock
                                                                   Before and after fractured procedure

Diane's flowers
                                                                             Ebba with her elephants


Patti's Rooster
                                                                                    Beautiful Flowers
Done by Marilyn Rose, our teacher

Quilt done by Marilyn Rose
Quilt done by Marilyn Rose
Duck picture by Marilyn 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August PTQ Meeting 2013

August 10, 2013 Meeting

President Terry called our meeting to order.  We had 23 members and one guest, Kathy H.  Welcome Kathy, we hope you will join us again soon.

August birthdays are: Brenda C - 9th; Rita W - 10th and Donna H - 15th.  Ladies, we all hope you have special birthdays.

Tonya, our treasurer, read last month's report.  A motion was made to accept what was read, seconded, and approved.

Our Ultimate Guild Challenge committee for 2014 will be: C.C, Terry T, Julia, Terri H, and Lauren.  They will be planning for next quilt like the Tennessee Williams quilts that were done this year.

A reminder was given to all to be selling your raffle tickets for the quilt that will be given away in a drawing. This money goes into our Education fund to get us new quilting classes here in Columbus.  We have Marilyn Rose coming on Saturday, August 24th at 9:15 to teach those who signed up a "Fractured quilt". Everyone is encouraged to participate in these classes, so we can have many more of these opportunities.

After the meeting today, Judy will show those who were unable to attend their class in Starkville how to paper piece their pattern called "Summer Heat" by Nancy Mahoney. A good time was had by all who attended this class.

We will be having another "Sit and Sew" at Elm Lake on Tuesday, August 13 at 3:00 for those who can attend. Bring your projects and enjoy working with your friends.  The grill will be open for those who want to eat supper.  Judy will work with those doing their paper piecing.  All were encouraged to view the UTube video on "Connecting Threads" to help them ahead of time on this technique.. 

Next month those who want to participate will be starting a "Round Robin quilt".  You decide on your center of your quilt and this committee will give your instructions for the next step. These quilts will not be traveling, but remain with you to add on each time you are given the next step. This will be a fun activity for all to work together and share. More information will be coming.

This month's meal was provided by: Shirley, Carol and Terri H.  Thank you ladies for the delicious meal.

Next month's meal will be provided by Ebba, Julia and Sue L.

Enjoy our August Show and Tell below.

Barb with her blocks

Judy's Spinning Pin wheels
                                                                                                                      Judy - Christmas Town Sampler
 Watana's "Convergence" by Ricky Tims 
 Tonya with Craftsy blocks

Donna - block with internet group, snowball square swap, 6 x 6 blocks
Charity quilt that Watana quilted from blocks left over from class taught by Karen Combs.
Lawana's "Circle of Life" quilt
Shirley's quilt by kit from Paducah

Marjorie's quilt - Nancy Mahoney's class

Quilt Shirley did from kit from Paducah..
Julia -took pictures of trees, then quilted her own

Julia-Monument Valley
                                                                                                                        Julia - fiber art from painting
Diane's quilt learned at Wanna Bees class for step-Mom.
Budding Beauties Panel shared by Diane for "Fractured quilt" class, coming Aug 24.
 Found in Nancy's Notions book. Learn more at

Watana's quilt taught at Wanna Bees Meeting - Ricky Tim's pattern, "Two Moons" hexagons
 Patti, quilt block
Patti's June Craftsy block - Lemonye Star
Tonya's Craftsy blocks
Mary Ann -
    Jelly roll with purples and blues
Carla, Mary Ann, Tonya, Shirley & Diane's Fusible Art Quilts 
Tonya's Fusible art quilt
Mary Ann's Fusible art quilt
Carla's Fusible art quilt
Diane's Fusible Art quilt class on July 28-taught by Watana

Carol, Judy & Patti's "Summer Heat" by Nancy Mahoney
CC - Mystery quilt
from Jackson with friendship stars & Greek cross
Challenge blocks for 2013 - will be assembled into a quilt and donated to the
Arts Council for their Annual Auction/Raffle next Spring. (top & below)
Winners below from this challenge.

1st Place - Watana
2nd Place - Brenda

3rd Place and Viewer's Choice -  Lauren
Kathy - Civil War Sampler