Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fractured Class by Marilyn Rose, Aug 24,2013

Show and Tell of a few of our "Fractured Quilt panels" that we did as a class by Marilyn Rose. We each chose 4 identical panels of fabric and sliced and sewed and diced and sewed them back together to get the "fractured look". Hope you enjoy.  Sorry for the side way view ones...could not find a key to correct this..will work on that.  Thanks.  Diane S.

                                                                        Terry T. - Eagle

Terri H. - Flag with Eagle

Linda D. quilt

                                                                                           Linda's quilt

Watana's Peacock
                                                                   Before and after fractured procedure

Diane's flowers
                                                                             Ebba with her elephants


Patti's Rooster
                                                                                    Beautiful Flowers
Done by Marilyn Rose, our teacher

Quilt done by Marilyn Rose
Quilt done by Marilyn Rose
Duck picture by Marilyn 

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