Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PTQ Meeting Minutes Oct 8, 2016

Minutes for October 8, 2016
9:45 meeting was brought to order with Lauren Hutchins presiding.  Lauren read last month’s minutes. And there was a motion by Terri H. and a 2nd by Michelle M. to accept them as read.
Lauren read treasurer's report.
Binding has been sewn on Civil War Log Cabin Quilt and the Maple Street Quilters will attach the hanging sleeve that was from the supply closet.
Discuss the need to get heavy duty clothespin for hanging quilts. They can be found at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.
MQA Gathering (October 21st and 22nd) Discussions…
For MQA gathering set up please be at the Trotter about 8 am or close to it. There will be plenty of work so even if you cannot make it at 8 am please come when you can.  Let Lauren know if you will be there and you will be assigned as to where and who to help that morning.  Goody bags will go to those who signed up in advance first…these will be labeled and placed in alphabetical order behind registration table for ease of passing out.  When you arrive you will be directed as to where to help out or to put things, but we ask that you please be flexible if you are needed elsewhere. If you complete your task please ask Lauren and she will direct you to another area that needs help.  Lauren is going to fix up a board to show where everything goes to make this process easier.
Tall people are needed to help hold up quilts for trunk show…these will not be limited to PTQ members but MQA members as well.
The raffle table will need to be set up and manned both Friday and Saturday for the Civil War Quilt and the Sewing Machine.  They will be on the same table but different tickets will be issued for each one since the quilt winner will not be announced till after pilgrimage.
There will be a show and tell on Saturday at end of gathering for all who attend to show off any quilting that they have done that they would like to present to the group.
Naomi is in charge of the Reception committee and has set up the following…Rita will set up decorations for table, Lauren will bring cookies, Naomi’s son will bring cupcakes or cookies, Naomi will bring cookies and punch, Judy will bring cups and plates, and Terri H. will bring nuts.
Terry H. is in charge of door prizes and has gathered about 20 total.
Security helpers are needed and several members’ husbands have been volunteered. J
If problems or questions arise we ask that you try to solve them yourselves if possible, then If you are not sure then the committee head can be asked, and then Lauren as executive decision maker if you cannot come to an answer.  We ask that you not overwhelm Judy with all the questions during this trying time for her please.
There was a list passed around that we were to put name and time that you can be there on , how many quilts you are bringing (if any), and if your husband can help write down his name in there, and where you might like to help (otherwise you will just be assigned).  Those of you not present or who did not get this list please email Lauren the information please.
Lauren will send email telling where you will be helping and who to help ease this process.  More definite decisions will be made as to which tables will be where based on lighting assessment.
Talked of a need for white table cloths for banquet tables…Michelle M. volunteered her church’s table cloths.
Tables will be set up in advance so we can put things on.  There will be 3 microphones available for Annette’s skit.
Everyone is to bring a decadent dessert (NO STORE BOUGHT ITEMS PLEASE).  We ask that they be there by noon and please try not to bring desserts that need refrigeration.  If your desserts have nuts or nut products please label accordingly!
There will be assigned times for all PTQ to man the raffle and silent auction so that everyone will be able to enjoy the gathering…if a particular time slot does not work for you please find someone to swap with you.
Registration forms were provided for those who didn’t have one.
Christmas Party Discussion…
Christmas party will be the 1st Saturday in December (12/3/16)
If you are participating in the homemade item exchange please get started time is clocking down.
It will be potluck with everyone bringing a dish of their choice.
Secret Santa’s have been assigned so if you didn’t get one and you signed up please contact Lauren.
Directions to the parted will be posted or emailed soon.
Officers 2017 Discussion…
Officer’s slate was presented by Carol… President – Rita Williams, Vice President – Naomi Perry, Secretary- Gwen Sisson, and Treasurer – Michelle Miller.  President selection was made erroneously and Tonya Stewart was nominated from the floor by Carol as a possible candidate…she accepted the nomination.  We held vote and it was passed unanimously in favor of the following:
                President 2017 – Tonya Stewart
                Vice President 2017 – Naomi Perry
                Secretary 2017 – Gwen Sisson
                Treasurer 2017 – Michelle Miller
Other Discussions about PTQ Meetings…
Think about whether we really want two meetings a month for the New Year.  Whether we want to have one and the sewing needed for the guild to be done after lunch break or meet twice a month.  The reason being we are tying up the RAC basement for two Saturdays a month when sometimes we only stay for half a day or no one shows for the sit n sew.  Since the RAC is growing in programs it might be fair to consider limiting it to one day a month or a certain set of hours so that they will be able to book more.
Barb suggested the possibility of meeting at the new extension service building that is being constructed at this time.
Patti suggested possibly reinstating chef on shoestring with more volunteers/rotations among member to alternate bringing the food.
Annette mentioned that everyone used to participate in doing a demo or program with all the audience making a sample of what was being demonstrated. Talked about this being a possible restarting for the New Year. 
We need members to step up for these things in order to get them going or keep them going.
Also mentioned was the possibility of a week-long quilt retreat for PTQ at RAC for charity or work on your own quilts…Lauren will check on that possibility.
Watana brought up the possibility of the guild doing another name that tune quilt that we did before that has been so popular when displayed various places.
Guild challenge quilts are possibilities for next year.
Lauren said that she thought that more of the membership should be involved in making these decisions concerning the proposed changes, and said that these issues would be brought before the membership again at either the November meeting or the PTQ Christmas Party  on December 3rd.
Naomi also mentioned that a quilt we donated to the TN Williams home is being displayed for any of the new members who did not know about it.
Library and PTQ…
Christmas tree decorating at the library begins November 29 and goes through December 2 at 2 pm. There will be a tree provided for PTQ to decorate…the theme is Red, Green, and Gold.  They ask that there be no loose items like edible items, sprays, glitter, etc... placed on the tree.
December 8 there will be a festival of trees from 4 – 6 when the public can walk through the library view all the trees and vote on their favorite ones.
Ruby, Lauren, and Karen volunteered to help with tree decorating if anyone else is interested please let them know.
PTQ is asking that each member make one ornament for the tree that is quilt related, patchwork fabric, in red, green, and/or gold to help update the ornaments that are placed on the tree.
On Wednesday March 8th at 12 noon the library wants to honor quilters who have hung quilts in the library... there will be a reception with light snacks available.  They are trying to get Mary Lohrenz who is a curator for Governor’s Mansion in Jackson…to give a presentation.
They are asking for information on who they contact about inviting, what you might expect them to provide, and the possibility of us donating a scrapbook for PTQ to archives (which would never be able to leave the archive room but would be available for viewing)
Karen A. suggested that Mary Lohrenz be asked to bring samples (if possible) of hand work or quilting…etc. as well as volunteered to contact the fiber arts teacher at MUW for those in that class who might be interested in attending.

Show and Tell:
Annette struck up a conversation in Wal-Mart fabric department with a shopper whose mother quilts.  She received a letter that she shared with the guild along with pictures that came from that mother who lives in Rochester, NY.  She hopes to have a visit that coincides with a meeting of ours so that she can visit with us.
Watana showed her “New Quilts from and Old Favorite – Flying Geese” 

CC showed her 25 by 25 “Stylized Magnolia” and Friendship Star quilt that was backed with minky fabric that was hand quilted

Carla showed a Wonky Star quilt.


Winners from our guild that participated in the Pine Belt Quilt show were:
Machine Quilting – Domestic Machine - Bird of Paradise Revisited – Judy Stokes
Team Pieced –Small - 1st Soaring to New Heights - Judy Stokes and Colleen Eskridge
1st in Applique - Rose Wreath - Brenda Crownover
1st in Art Quilts A Glimpse Through the Lattice—Cattails - Julia Graber
Pieced –Small 3rd Twirly Birds - Julia Graber
Best of Show – Small - Mississippi Ag Museum in Bloom - Martha Ginn, Julia Graber, Cathy Reininger, Rita Warnock, J Marcus Weekley

Minutes courtesy of Tonya.
Photos courtesy of Karen.