Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 2011 Meeting Minutes

President Julia Graber called our meeting to order.

22 Members and 4 Guests were present.  Guests were:
  • Gwen Edie
  • Mary Noble
  • Sylvia Ama - moved to the area from Germany
  • Betty Bridges
Welcome Ladies!

15 Members wore their nametags.  Bobbi Hommel was our "Name Tag Winner".  We Thank Annette for donating the "Name Tag Winner" prizes these last months.

Name That Tune Blocks
  • Watana - I've Got The World On A String
  • Bobbi - Rockin' Robbin
  • Brenda - One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater
  • CC - How Much Is That Doggy In The Window
Please turn in your blocks at our December Meeting.

Show and Tell -

Tonya showed Blocks she started when she was 11 years old.  She found them while unpacking.

Tonya also showed a 9-Patch Tinkerbell Quilt she made for her Daughter.

JoAnne showed a Quilt she made for her Granddaughter.  She did the machine quilting.

Check out the Back

Brenda made two matching Baby Quilts as Jim's Nephew and his wife had twins: Mary and Lillian.  She machine quilted the seams and hand quilted the hearts.  She used the 10-Minute Block.

Mary Ann showed her Christmas Tree, made using 9-Patch Blocks from the Karen Combs Class.

Lawana showed her Quilt that she made in the Karen Combs Class.

Lawana also showed her Delta Mystery Quilt, which Colleen Quilted for her. 

Gwen made this Quilt.  It was Machine Quilted by Watana.  This was Gwen's first opportunity to see the finished product,  It is not paper pieced. 

Linda D showed her Alabama Roll Tide Quilt, quilted by Watana.

Betty showed a Quilt that her friend's husband's Mother or Grandmother had hand pieced.  She is looking for someone who can quilt it, preferably before Christmas. 

Judy showed 2 Quilts she made from her Houston Classes.  The first is "Black & White & Stars All Over".  Debbie Caffrey will be teaching this call at Mountain Quilt Fest next March.

 Her 2nd Quilt is one of her Delta Mysteries that she used in the "Borders & Beyond" Class - extending her Shoo Fly Blocks into the border and using cream to continue her sashing. 

(If anyone is interested in carpooling and sharing sleeping quarters for Mountain Quilt Fest, please see Julia.)

Linda B showed her Fall Maple Leaf Table Runner.  It will be done for Thanksgiving.  sorry - no photo

Carol showed us the Challenge Quilt top.  The theme is "Birds at Home".  Watana will quilt it for us.

Colleen showed a Quilt that she will give to either her Daughter or Daughter-In-Law. 

Julia showed her new Quilt from an "Old Favorite Contest".  She used the Basket Block.  She has titled it "Pharoah's Tomb.  It has been accepted as a finalist.  This is the 7th Year she has been a finalist.  It will be displayed at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY and will then travel for 2 years to AQS Shows. sorry - no photo

Julia also showed a Quilt she made using a "Modern Quilt Guild" pattern.  There are many partial seams.  She will add either a Navy or Teal Border and tie it with a Grey Yarn.  This Quilt will be a Charity Quilt. 

Julia also showed a Quilt made using scraps.  This is a project within her Sewing Circle.  She sorted her scraps into Lights, Mediums, and Darks.  She used 3" Squares.  The squares were sewn in rows.  This will also be a Charity Quilt. 

Linda D showed a Color Circle her Granddaughter had made for her.  Her Granddaughter is in the 8th Grade.

Judy read the September Meeting Minutes.  They were approved as read.

Donna is taking minutes in Terry's absence today. 

Old Business - None

New Business -

The Christmas Party will be December 10th @ 10:30am at Victoria's home. 
  • Victoria provided directions
  • Ebba will bring the tree
  • Bring Your Own Chair
  • Judy will bring a large folding table
  • Dirty Santa: $15 max
  • Everyone is to bring their favorite food dish to share 

Barbara gave the Treasurer's Report:
  • Total Balance:  $3837.05
  • Education: Approx $900
  • General Fund: Approx $2800
  • The numbers will be finalized after all income for Opportunity Quilt is booked
  • Karen Combs Lecture and Workshop Expenses: $1523.23
  • RAC Rental: $325; $175 deposit to be returned
  • Opportunity Quilt Income: estimated $1400 
Motion made to pay $30 for food and drinks for Karen Combs Workshop from Education Budget.  Motion passed.

Chef On A Shoestring is almost in the hole
  • Balance Approx $12
  • Food Costs Exceed Income
Motion made, 2nd and Approved to continue Chef On A Shoestring -
  • Pay $4;. Trial for 3 months, increase as needed
  • Brown Bag on Workshop Days
  • Always Bring Your Own Drink 
Motion made to place income from Opportunity Quilt into the Education Fund.  Motion 2nd and Approved

Children's Cancer Clinic sent the Guild a Thank You Letter for the "Miles for Smiles" Pillowcases we made.  Letter was read to the Group.

The last Habitat House dedication has been delayed.  Judy will e-mail the Guild when the dedication date is set.  She has the Quilt, for when we need it.  Ebba has the directions to the house.

Nominating Committee presented their 2012 Slate of Officers:
  • President - Watana
  • Vice President - Terry
  • Secretary - Donna
  • Treasurer - Bobbi
There were no nominations from the Floor.  Motion was made, 2nd, and Approved to accept the Nominating Committee's 2012 Slate of Officers.

Lauren donated backing material she found while cleaning her closet.  She also had additional items that were happily passed onto other members.

Scrapbook - Linda D
Linda presented the Scrapbook and asked for suggestions to improve its presentation and assistance to identify several documents.  Colleen has a 20 page expandable Scrapbook she will donate.

Lowndes County Library Christmas Tree
Judy asked for volunteers to decorate a tree at the library.  The Library provides the tree, while the Guild provides the ornaments.  This year's theme is "Polar Express".  Sandi, Betty, and Victoria volunteered to decorate the tree (between Mon Nov 21 and Nov 30); Brenda and Lawana volunteered to undecorate the tree (between Jan 3 & 7).  The Library is also requesting donations of homemade ornaments to decorate their main tree.

Monthly Demo
JoAnne demo'd the making of a "Mexican Star Basket".  Directions were also provided to everyone.
Jo Anne also told us about - they have a boot to use when binding corners to miter them.

Opportunity Quilt Drawing
And the Winner is........
Anne Formel - Congratulations Anne!!
Anne is Carla's Sister-In-Law.  She lives in Massachusetts.  Judy called Carla to tell her the good news.  Carla was in Massachusetts, on her way to Anne's home.

Chef On A Shoestring
Today's meal was prepared by Judy, CC, Brenda, JoAnne, and Bobbi.
January's volunteers are Donna and Sandi.

There is no December Workshop planned.  If you are interested in attending a December Workshop, please contact Julia.

The January Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 7.  We will work on Charity Quilts.

2012 Dues are due in January.

Meeting was adjorned.