Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Minutes - Sort of

Hey all,
I really didn’t think we were going to have a meeting – thought it would be more of a party and show and tell, so I did not bring pencil, paper, or my favorite, the lap top…so I am doing the minutes from memory…which these days is like a sieve so forgive any omissions and oversights.  I will be prepared in January. 
First I know we would all like to thank Annette for hosting the Christmas party.  We enjoyed seeing her home, it truly reflects her creativity.  We also enjoyed the quilt turning. 
We started the meeting with show and tell.    

Mary Ann showed a table runner made with the tube quilt technique.   

Watana showed a t-shirt quilt made for her daughter’s beau.  

Watana also showed a Christmas quilt made with a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.    

CC showed her block of the month quilt.   

Sandi and the charity group gave a presentation on the block for the exchange club quilt.  

 Sandi also helped Sharon Lofton with her block of the month presentation.    

JoAnn then turned the meeting over to the new president, Julia Graber. 

Julia led with a discussion of goals for our guild.  Two of the goals are to line up a nationally known teacher and to make the meetings more productive, by having projects set up and ready to go as soon as the meeting is adjourned.    A lively discussion was held on the subject of a nationally known teacher and it was decided to form a committee.  The committee will research various teachers, topics of learning, availability and costs and bring a recommendation to the guild.  I am sure that all the committee members;   Watana, Sandi, and Mary Ann ,  would like to hear from you on suggestions and teachers that you would like to have come to Columbus.
                It was also requested that we do some lessons or workshops for beginning quilters.  Judy has agreed to give a short beginner lesson.
                 Judy announced that she will be running for president elect of MQA in the next state election.    Congratulations.
                There will be no meeting on the first as the RAC will be closed for New Years day.  Our next meeting will be January 15.  We are planning to have a 5th Saturday workshop on January 29 and another workshop day on February  5. 
                January is our month to pay dues.  Dues are $15.00 a year.  Please bring them to the January meeting.  
Pictures from Annettes quilt turning! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Minutes

Meeting Minutes

14 Members are present and three visitors Tanya Stewart and Shannon (Lawana’s Daughter) and Mary  Vembury from RSVP

Show and Tell

Annette showed a book she made at Heirlooms forever in Tupelo.  It was fabulous…showed lots of techniques that give interesting effects with fabric. Annette donated a bunch (around 20) of extra teal  and brown blocks to the guild for a charity quilt.  Thanks Annette.

Christine Anderson showed her turning twenty quilt with embroidered blocks for the focus blocks.  Lauren eat your heart out.  :-)

Christine also showed another tube quilt.  She did it from a tutorial on Missouri Quilt  click on the tutorial tab at the top and look for the quilting tutorials….then look for the link Summer in the park.  At this link there are lots of videos.  If you click on the view all videos the first video in that link is the tube quilt that she showed last month.  She did twelve blocks for her brown quilt.

Brenda is finishing her old quilts from the 90’s.  It was around robin quilt.  Good job on those UFO's!

Terry showed her CHS Quilt top of T-shirt quilt that will be raffled to benefit the IB program.

JoAnne showed her spinning stars quilt that she learned from Barbara Cline.  Complete!!!


No meeting on the third Saturday.  

The expenses for the DeKalb trip should be included in the expenses of the Charity quilt.

Annette said that the blades from the shop in Tupelo did not fit well in the larger cutter, but did well in her Martelli.

Annette said that she would host the Christmas party.  She asked to have a committee formed to help organize the party.  JoAnne is chairing the committee with Carla, CC, and Lawana.
Annette said to get to her place turn off of 82 onto 69 South.  Turn on Lake Lowndes road.  She is one mile from the slip and dip at 1411 Lake Lowndes Road.  We will start at 11 and stay till Walter runs us off…(kidding Walter!)   Saturday the fourth of December.  Bring a dirty Santa gift  Price limit is $15.00 - $20.00 and sign up for a dish to share.  Visitors are invited to attend.

Habitat quilt: They are behind schedule so that gives us some breathing room.
T-Shirts:  Sam Jacobs said they could do long sleeve shirts for   ~$12 , or short sleeve for ~$9.  Larger sizes add a dollar.

Mary Ann suggested that we make an absentee block box to drop off blocks.  Mary Ann suggested that we bring blocks that are done as make up blocks and leave in cabinet.  Passed.

Watana is suggesting we do a mystery quilt instead of a challenge block for the coming year.  Donna  proposed we take her suggestion.  Seconded by Mary Anne.  Voted and passed.  Please bring your accomplishments each month to the meetings.

Committee reports:
Challenge Quilt Committee:  We are going to work on the charity quilt
Charity quilts:  Parchment would want 12 twin sized quilts for the Alzheimer inmates.  So the charity committee will work on it.  Motion was made that it be worked on an individual basis.  Sharon seconded.  Passed.  Twin sized is about 65 by 80. 

Mary Ann shared another link you might be interested in.... .  This link has a lot of information about free motion quilting.

Important Dates

December 4  -  Christmas Party

December 25 - Christmas

December 1 - Mary Ann Abrams
December 7 - Terry Turnage
December 25 - Carol James

Block of the Month
Blocks for Julia and one more for Ebba!

Donna wants you to make a 15.5 unfinished block with the pattern provided using the background fabric provided add an intense fabric color that reads as a solid.  
Several members asked for Sandi's soup recipe so here it is...

Creamed Cabbage Soup
2 cans chicken broth (14 1/2 oz)
2 ribs celery, chopped
1 med. head cabbage, shredded
1 med. onion, chopped
1 or 2 carrots, chopped
1/4 c. butter or margarine
3 Tablespoon flour
3 c. half and half, or milk
2 c. cubed, fully cooked ham
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley (optional, i like fresh better)

   In a large soup pot combine broth, celery, onion and carrot.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 15-20 min or until veggies are tender. (The recipe says to put the cabbage in with veggies but i wait til veggies are almost done, then add cabbage)
   Meanwhile, melt butter in saucepan, add flour, salt and pepper, mix well and cook 1 min.
Add half and half gradually stirring constantly. Cook and stir til thick.  Add to veggies, stirring constantly.  Add ham, thyme and parsley, heat through.   (You may have to add more milk, sometimes gets to thick)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Minutes 2010

October Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Visitors 2 Lori Honnell and her mother came to visit.
Members 21 members present

Show and Tell

Watana showed a stack a posie quilt that she had made. She also showed a bag she was making for the nursing staff at the cancer center.

She created her own quilting pattern!!
Julia showed one of her sisters quilts that will be in the program at Hattiesburg. She is making them for her grandchildren.
Thought you would like to see a close up!
Julia says collecting the velvets is fun!

Jo Anne showed an antique quilt that one of her relatives gave her.

The back was made of feed sacks!
And the front!

Shirley showed her Northwind blocks top.

Lori showed her 9 patch quilt top.

Annette showed the ribbons she won at the fair.

Christine showed her tube quilt.

Brenda showed a former UFO from several years ago that is now done!!
Notice the scalloped border!


Minutes were read.

Judy’s car is full for the Hattiesburg Quilt show on Saturday but JoAnne is going Sunday.

Carla shared that November 19 the Annunciation Catholic School is having an artisan fair. If anyone would like to help her she needs volunteers.

Watana made a motion that a member making trips specifically for the guilds business be reimbursed for the mileage. It was seconded and passed.

Sharon shared that a nurse at parchment wondered if we would be willing to make quilts for Alzheimers patients at parchments. There are about 12 of them.  The charity committee will meet and make a recommendation.

Historical committee: We will want to address the things.

Raffle quilt: Blocks are available for pick up today.

Hancocks has patterns on sale.

November calendar. Guild meeting will be on November 6.

Will there be another t-shirt order? We will check on prices and let you know. A majority would be interested in ordering another shirt.

Annette said Harbor freight tool company would be a good source of rotary blades on Main Street in Tupelo.

Linda Baines shared that there is a quilt show in Batesville and tomorrow is the last day.

Sandi wants to sell her mid arm and frame. She is asking $1000. She will tell good and bad about it. Contact her for specific information.

Committee reports

Nominating Committee: The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers to the membership for a vote: President: Julia Graber, Vice President: Watana Cantrell, Secretary: Terry Turnage, Treasurer: Barbara Walker. There were no nominees from the floor. The proposed slate was voted in.

Challenge Quilt Committee: we will be working this afternoon.
Sandi, Our first place winner with her block!

Charity quilts: Had a successful shopping trip in DeKalb. Sandi showed the samples. Sandi showed the fabric that they had chosen. She said we are going to the crown of thorns block that we did for Watana. The directions can be found at block of the month 2008 March.

Pilgrimage: This is a good time to decide what to wear for pilgrimage. You may want to make a dress and it takes time. There is a simple method using 3 yards of fabric to make a skirt and add a old style blouse.

Internet: No report

Chef on a Shoestring

For November - Sandi Bowen, Carla Formel, Brenda Crownover, JoAnne Slancauskas


Sharon Hedrick November 26

Important Dates

October 8-10 Pinebelt Quilt Show Hattisburg, MS
October 11 or 13 Barbara Cline class, call Julia Graber for details
October 15-16 MQA Fall Gathering, Philadelphia, MS
October 16 PTQ Workshop day, 9:30 RAC, Columbus
November 6 PTQ Guild Meeting
November 7 Daylight Savings Time ends/ Fall back.
November 19 Visual Artist Show at Annunciation Catholic School
November 25 Thanksgiving Day

Block of the Month

Ebba is pictured with her Halloween blocks.
Julia is having us to do the Northwind block. Julia wants the two colors across from each other on the color wheel – yellow green and red-violet…

sew the four blocks together with the red violet in the center.

Here are some samples of the colors.
I will try to get a blog together explaining the demo that Watana did later this week.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teasdale Quilt Show coming up

Hey Possum Town Quilters,  I got a call from Pat Hickey asking if we would do a post promoting their quilt show...thought I would help while watching the football game.  .... so I combined her emails and am adding her pics...


Here are a couple of the pictures I hope you will enjoy seeing. They are of a couple of the sections already complete (maybe) as of last Wednesday at our upcoming quilt show that I was telling you about.  One has a fall/autumn theme.  One has a patriotic theme.  I figure the 2nd one will have more in it than is now visible in the picture by showtime.

Our group has been quilting together since about 1992. We are very informal.  We just meet each Thursday and quilt on one of our own quilts.  We draw names to see in what order we will get our quilts done.  Sometimes we bring our lunch and sometimes a couple will bring lunch for all.  Basically we stay from about 9:30 AM to about 3 PM but few get there exactly on time. 

There have been years when we draw names to make a block for someone like I think the PTQ is doing now.  Anyway, we have a good time and we would love it if some or all of you could come up next weekend. 
Friday Oct 1 9-6
Saturday Oct 2 9 to 5
Sunday Oct 3 1 to 5
Admission $3.00 which includes one chance for a quilt raffle.

Batesville, MS intersection of Eureka St. and Hwy 6. 
It's a nice drive--I 82 then I 55 at Winona.  About 65 miles from Winona.  We are about 2 miles from exit. 
Call me if anyone needs more exact directions.  Pat Hickey cell 662-647-7297

Bible characters and verses.  Somebody found the squares in the trash recently and gave them to one of our quilters.  She organized them into the design you see and had it quilted by someone with a quilting machine. 

Actually, it may have been another in our group who organized them for Shirley, but the quilt belongs to Shirley.  

Pat Hickey

then she sent an additional note of thanks...with a little more information.

Thank you so much.  Never have seen any of our stuff on a BLOG, before. 
And it looks like you used EVERYTHING.  But...there will be lots more areas of quilts at the show; did I say we are saying about 350?  Some will be folded or with just certain parts visible as some are old and have some damage....but they are STILL quilts, right?
Can't wait to email Sue and Linda again to tell THEM to look at the blog (they are usually telling ME to do so).
Again:  THANKS.
Pat Hickey
Charleston, MS

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 2010 minutes

September Meeting Minutes

Visitors  Shirley Huff visited and is rejoining.  
Members:  22 present

Show and Tell

Sharon Lofton Showed two quilts Christmas UFO and Sandi’s Buffet

Lory Honnoll showed some 9 patch blocks she had made

Linda Barnes showed her blue gains and losses.  Quilted by Kathy in Northport.

Judy brought the habitat quilt, a tossed 9 patch in purples and blues.  The dedication is tomorrow at 1:30.  1486 S. Pickensville Road.   Turn right at Omnova, Nashville Ferry Road (or Yorkville Ferry Road).  Turn left at the T.  The house is on stilts.  
Jo Anne, Sue, Mrs. Lang and Caroline at the presentation.

Shirley Huff finished another top.  She did it in the Beth Ferrier class. 


Barbara Cline’s classes still have spaces available.  Dates listed below.

Contact the nominating committee if you are interested in serving.  Carla Formel, Sue Skipper, Sandi Bowen.

Reminder that the meeting for October has been changed to October 3.

Judy is making two day trips to the Pineburg Hattisburg Quilt show.  See her if you are interested in riding with her.  There is a fee to attend and  some meetings there may have a small additional charge.  There are normally lots of vendors.

Judy also has two slots for staying in her room for the MQA meeting in October.

Judy and Julia reported on the quilting retreat.  While attendance was small the company was great and everyone got a lot done. 
Do we want to think about if we want to keep a hard copy of the pictures and minutes since we have the blog? Discussion ensued.  Point was brought out about news reports.  Suggested that we keep photos of group projects.  No decision was made.

Christmas Party:  Consider hosting the meeting. 

Reminder that if you are not going to the MQA Fall gathering to please come work on the quilt projects.

Reminder that entries in the Lowndes County Fair must be brought Monday 9/20 between 3 and 6 by the person entering.  Fair ends on Saturday.  

Wantana is willing to teach how to make a tube quilt.  Bring a square ruler and a triangle, all cutting supplies.  Three colors of coordinating fabrics.  Cut strips, so you need about a yard of each.  She is going to do that on the Oct. 16 day.  

Carolina Lily is moving to the coast, so she is only open the week of Oct 18.  Quilting books are buy one get one free.  The lady is willing to give us a discount if about 10 or 15 of us are planning to go.  Please contact me by email if you are planning to go, so we can tell her if we have enough to get a discount.

Committee reports
Challenge Quilt Committee: Brenda Crownover Has the results  Viewer choice:  Annette Pennington, 

 3rd Place Judy Stokes, 

2nd Place Annette Pennington, and drum roll…..1st Place Sandi Bowen. 

Charity quilts: Fabric choice are being rethought.  So they are going to  DeKalb on a shopping trip.  

Pilgrimage:  No Report.

Raffle quilt:  Sharon Hedrick is out with a Migrane, so we will work on the Challenge quilts.  Feel better soon Sharon.

Internet: No Report

Block of the Month
Barbara Walker's Christmas Blocks
Sue Skipper's Hunter star Blocks
Elba Kellum wants a block that looks like the various Halloween icons. For example a witch that looks like a witch, no stars or nine patches. Your block can be any size you want. I googled quilt blocks Halloween and found a number of things for inspiration.   Some ideas could be cats, ghosts, pumpkins, witches, bats, haunted house, bare trees.

Chef on a Shoestring

Today was provided by Judy Stokes, Christine Anderson, Lawana Schultz,  Annette Pennington.
October 2nd the meal will be provided by Donna Hanner, Terry Turnage and Wantana Cantrell.


October 6 Wantana Cantrell
October 9 CC Coggins
October 16 Carolyn Ward
October 17 Ebba Kellum
October 30 Annette Pennington

Important Dates

October 2, 2010  PTQ Guild meeting 9:30 RAC, Columbus
October 8-10 Pinebelt Quilt Show Hattisburg, MS
October 11 or 13 Barbara Cline class, call Julia Graber for details
October 15-16 MQA Fall Gathering, Philadelphia, MS
October 16 PTQ Workshop day, 9:30 RAC, Columbus