Saturday, January 29, 2011

Challenge Quilt 2011

Hey all,

3.  Barbara Walker
Thought I would put up more photos of the challenge quilt....If you will send me a note and tell me which is your block, I will change the caption on the photo to give you kudos....As Watana says I am amazed at the talent in this group!  Thanks for the great quilting, Watana it really shows
4. Brenda Crownover
5. Judy Stokes

6.  Lawana Schultz
7. Sandi Bowen
8.  Carol James

10. Brenda Crownover
11. CC Coggins

12. Julia Graber
13. Mary Ann Abrams
14.  Sue Skipper
15.  Linda Baines

16. JoAnne Slancauskas

17.  Ebba Kellum


Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 2011 Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Visitors  present:  Tanya Stewart,  Regina DeMint, Twyla Summerford,  Jennifer Haggard,  Pattie Straton, and Cindy Waites.  Thanks for joining us.

Show and Tell

Annette  showed a small tube quilt made from some curtain material. She wanted to try out the technique.
She then read us a poem she wrote about our mystery quilt.  It was very funny.

Pattie Straton showed two quilts tops she had made.
Challenge quilt was showed.  Just lack putting the binding on.  That was done in the afternoon.
 Terry showed a quilt she called "Dreaming Under the Stars"  made for her son.  Sharon quilted it for her.

Judy showed quilts made from Pidgon Forge fabrics with the category memories.  Julia and Judy are both competing.

Judy showed her black and tan quilt blocks quilt top.
Julia was a finalist, in the new quilts from an old favorite.
Sharon Lofton showed a quilt as you go string quilt.
This is a two sided quilt.

Christine demo’ed how to do a scrap quilt.
 Judy showed her completed UFO from last year and showed her goal piece for this year.
Judy with her March 2010 UFO

Her completed UFO!
UFO for 2011!


Dues are due today
Minutes were read. 
RAC Quilt show in August.  So plan to do some smaller projects to show and sell.  Fiber art is acceptable.  We have to have 75% of what is shown for sale.
Be sure to see the show upstairs.  Lisa Stamps made the ones on display.  They are mostly from Gordo. 
Karen Combs is coming October 15.  Would the guild have enough to book Bonnie Hunter  in 2013. 
Deborah who repaired sewing machines out of the pawn shop is no longer picking up machines there.

Committee reports
Nominating Committee: No Report .  Sign up sheet for this year’s committees will be put out at the end of the meeting.  Please sign up to serve on a committee. 
Raffle quilt:  We will work on this this afternoon.
Challenge Quilt Committee:   No report
Charity quilts: We are working this afternoon.  If you have not brought your exchange club block back please bring it at the workshop as we need it.  If you cannot do it by then please let one of the committee members know.  If you are working on Charity Quilts for Parchment inmates, get them to Mary Ann Abrams.
Pilgrimage:  We are welcome.  It is time for us to decide who is available for quilting.   We can hang a quilt to raffle off. 
Treasurer:  $3823.74 total with  $1880 of that in the educational funds.
Internet:  We will no longer be using the Yahoo! Group site.  We will use email and the blog to stay in touch.  Therefore it is very important that everyone add the members email addresses to their email address book.  Otherwise when you are sent an email addressed to the group, it will, most likely go to the spam folder.  We have signed up for a you-tube channel.  That is where our video’s will be posted.  (Thanks Dad for the new toy!)
Historical committee:  We are looking for a replacement for Sharon Hedrick as she is moving to Germany.

Chef on a Shoestring

Lunch was provided by Sue Skipper, Linda Baines and Carol James
Lunch for February 19 is Pattie Straton, Barbara, Carolyn Ward


Sharon with her block of the month.

Majorie and Linda demonstrated the last block of the month.
Majorie Wants us to do the Hunter star with a light cream or beige with a dark fall color or a light and dark of the same color  also with fall colors using tone on tones.
Linda wants us to do a 12.5 inch block with a star of your choice and a color of your choice.  The background can be any color.  Your choice on pattern. 
Christine demo’ed a scrap quilt that she read about in the new Quiltmaker magazine.
Judy demonstrated how to strip cut fabric without “v’s”


February 26 – Sandi Bowen

Important Dates

Monday January 24th -  Annette invited everyone for a sewing day .  Please call ahead if you are coming.
Saturday January 29 – PTQ Workshop
Saturday February 5 – PTQ Workshop
Friday February 18 – MQA Spring gathering Hattiesburg
Saturday February 19 – PTQ February meeting
Saturday February 19 – MQA Spring Gathering Hattiesburg
Saturday February 19 - Sharon Lofton shared that the Girl Scouts are having a pancake breakfast at Applebees  for their scholarship fund.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

Hey all,

We have had a number of exciting things happening this coming year and a number of things that I have read about on the 'net that I felt like I would put out a quick update blog for us.

First off we are excited to announce that we have gotten an agreement with Karen Combs to come to do a one day seminar at our guild on Saturday, October 15.   Here is a link to her blog

If your browser won't jump to the link, highlight it and copy and paste into your address bar.  I have taken classes from Karen and I think you will enjoy them and she will push us to expand our vision.

On another note I get the MQA daily updates and the Pinebelt Quilters have announced their next show dates and themes.  You will all want to go to the link as Julia Graber's Ezekiel Saw the Wheel Quilt is prominently featured.  There is some wonderful quilts to see on this link. 

Lastly, I wanted to share this link to Luana Rubin's blog.  She is the owner of and this last year has been writing a lot about creativity.  I thought you all would enjoy her viewpoint.  Happy New Year to all of you.