Saturday, January 29, 2011

Challenge Quilt 2011

Hey all,

3.  Barbara Walker
Thought I would put up more photos of the challenge quilt....If you will send me a note and tell me which is your block, I will change the caption on the photo to give you kudos....As Watana says I am amazed at the talent in this group!  Thanks for the great quilting, Watana it really shows
4. Brenda Crownover
5. Judy Stokes

6.  Lawana Schultz
7. Sandi Bowen
8.  Carol James

10. Brenda Crownover
11. CC Coggins

12. Julia Graber
13. Mary Ann Abrams
14.  Sue Skipper
15.  Linda Baines

16. JoAnne Slancauskas

17.  Ebba Kellum


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