Sunday, July 31, 2011

Opportunity Quilt - State Fair Sampler Quilt

Hey all,
Wanted to post some pictures of our 2011 Opportunity Quilt.  We will be asking for donations for opportunities to win this quilt.  This quilt was made from the State Fair Sampler pattern.  This pattern is based on the second prize winner in the Ohio State Fair in the early 1900's.  It is a mixture of foundation piecing and applique blocks.  The border is a pieced border.  One of our founding members, Sharon Hedrick purchased the fabric three years ago at the AQS show in Paducah, KY.  Sharon then took time to put the fabric for each block into a packet.  That took some time to get done...Then members signed up for some one or two (or more) packets.  During our recent Charity week we finished putting the blocks together and made the border.  The next week it was delivered to Coleen Eskridge, one of our members who spent three days quilting it on her long arm quilter.  On Saturday a group of ladies sewed the binding and hanging sleeve on the quilt...So it is ready for the quilt show.  The opening reception will be Thursday at 5:30 at the RAC.  Come see this quilt and many others our members have made.

Here is a view of the whole quilt.

Notice the quilting in the sashing, 
Each block has unique quilting.
The border was awesome.
A cool applique flower
A paper pieced basket, with quilted flower inside.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 2011 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:35, July 16th by Vice President, Watana Cantrell, with 23 present.
Minutes of last month's meeting was read by Annette Pennington and was approved as read.

Jennifer Haggard took pictures for us today to be posted on our site.

Ms Katy O'Possum was present decked out with her pink bow to welcome our visitors Mary Vlach & Gloria Kiser from Starkville. Valerie was here with her Mother, Mary Ann.

We had 19 beautiful challenge Blocks turned in. See previous post.

Thanks was given for all the work accomplished on the charity quilts last week. The raffle quilt is ready to be quilted.


Annette..................Drunkards Path with colorful batiks hand quilted with a wide border quilted with free motion feathers.

Bobbie...................Cathedral Window

Southwestern Theme Quilt

Gloria......................Stack N'Whack she made quilted by Colleen

Watana....................Boyd's Bears Baby Quilt

Two children's quilts were shown by a beautiful little girl and her mother, Lory Honnell, also some 3 leaf
clover quilt blocks.

..................Barbara Walker
$4,909.03       Total
$2,180.00       Education Fund
$2,729.03       Regular Fund

June Deposit was $26.00
June/July Expenses  $16.49

Today was the deadline to turn in challenge blocks to be judged. We had 19 turned in today. Others will be accepted to go into the quilt until August 20, our next meeting.

Orders are still open for t-shirts. Call Judy Stokes if you want one.

Sign up sheets were given out to list items to be displayed in the quilt show upstairs in August. Hanging of the items to be shown will be August 1st. Plan to be there at 9:00 a.m.T-pins good to bring.  Bring a 3 x 5 card for each quilt or item with the information on it written in dark pen or marker.

Carolyn...............................Unsweet Punch

PROGRAM..........................Linda Dawkins did a demo on the X Block. Several quilts made with this block was shown by Linda, Colleen,& Mary. Discussion on our guild doing this class will be brought up at the next meeting.


MYSTERY QUILT................Last clues were handed out by Watana and she made a suggestion for the next project to make blocks to depict a song. She will have a list of songs to choose from at the next meeting.  The group really liked this idea.  Background will not be allowed to be black, but you will have to have some black in your block.  The list of songs will be posted at the RAC for the next meeting.  When you arrive, line up and put your name by a song to reserve that title for you.  You will not use that title on your block, but will put your name on your block.  So be on time to get more choices.  These block will be turned into a guild quilt.  There will not be judging so have fun and do your best.

Colleen showed the articles and book her daughter in law had published.

Sandi said she would make copies of the supply list for the Karen Combs' workshop and have them ready for the next meeting..

Business meeting was dismissed as the blessing was offered for the delicious meal
enjoyed by all !

Annette............................Main Dish

8/9 Brenda Crownover
8/15 Donna Hanner

2011 Challenge Quilt Blocks

Hey all,

I am going to split this months meeting into two posts since there are so many pictures. So this is the post on the challenge blocks that were turned in by the dead line. There were 19. If you still have your block, please turn it in by the August meeting as that is the hard deadline to be included in the quilt. We really want your block!!

Top Ten Reasons to Go To a Major Quilt Show

10) Visit a neat city.
This year one of the AQS shows was in Knoxville, TN. Knoxville is a beautiful city and the convention center was great facility for a show and was attached to the World's Fair Park. Free to go to the top of the tower to see the views.

Loved the exterior of the art museum....wish I had had more time to visit it too.

On the road between Knoxville and Merryville (the home of Pappy's Quilt Place) we saw this cool sculpture.

Next year's AQS shows are in Lancaster, PA (March 14-17), Paducah, KY (April 25-28), Grand Rapids, MI (August 22-25) and Des Moines, Iowa (October 3-6).

9) Shop in the Vendor Mall. There are always new tools and interesting things to see in the vendor mall. Also new fabric lines that are cool to see and buy.

8) There are classes to take. They run the gambit from hand piecing to long arm quilting and at this show, sewing machines are provided in all the classes, so you do not have to haul yours.

7) There are lots of lectures and trunk show. These run from fun to serious. Went to one with a scavenger hunt in your purse, to discussions on design. I would post pictures of quilts I saw here, but I didn't get the permission to publish them, so I am not putting them up.
Here are some pictures of the show winners. Here is a link to the show winners...

6) Eat at cool places. Knoxville has a number of non-chain restaurants. We ate at a saloon one day, a neat sandwich shop and a pizza place. Then we went to the Melting Pot, a fondue place, the last night, as we have never been to one, and it was fun.

5) View quilt show. This is so inspiring. It gives you tons of ideas of things you will want to make and ideas of things our guild can do. Here is a link to some shots of the show

4) Get inspired to try new things. I know this is a growth of #5 but it is so important that it needs it's own number.

3) Meet icons of the quilt world and get to pick their brains. Billie Lauder, Barbara Cline, Karen Stone, Karla Alexander and Cindy Blackburg are just a few of the leaders we met.

2) Words of Wisdom from teachers.
Here are a few quotes from a Karen Stone lecture.
"Every quilter has a voice"
on fabric - "Discipline is not walking away from it, discipline is buying it."
"This is not a virtue it is a mental illness."
"An unfinished piece represents courage."

And the top reason to visit a quilt show is....

1) Great time learning new things with old friends and making new friends.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Member Spotlight - Judy Stokes

Judy is one of our charter members and this year celebrated her 60th birthday by making each of her children a quilt.

This first quilt is a Turning Twenty quilt for her daughter Laurie.

The Ohio star is for Leslie.

The Quick Trips is for Clint.

The Black and Tan Lotto Block Quilt is for Jennifer.

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Mystery Quilt (Bonnie Hunter pattern) is for Molly.

Not only is she talented quilter she is a wonderful person, and a natural teacher. She has helped us grow as a group and has shared her talents with us. For that Judy we thank you!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charity Quilt Week

Hey all,

The arts center was available this week so we scheduled a charity quilt work week. I personally hope this becomes an annual event.  We also finished the quilt top for the raffle quilt.  It will be available to see at the meeting next Saturday.   Speaking of our meeting next week a number of us are out of town, so if you are available we really need you to come out and represent (in the vernacular of my students).

The first charity quilt completed was the churn dash quilt...

 Next the patriotic quilt made of card trick blocks...

 we finished tying it, so it is ready for binding.  It needs to be finished for the next habitat home, in August.

Then Watana and Lory got cranking and whipped out a ten minute block quilt.

Terry went home and found a good piece for the backing...

Meanwhile using the left over patriotic card trick blocks, JoAnne and CC led a group in doing a small lap quilt....which I apparently missed getting a picture of it.

Then Lory and Watana started another 10 minute block quilt using vibrant colors.  Several others joined in and helped on this...
Backing, batting and binding are ready for assembly.

Lawana was leading a group that was using the donated baby clothes to do a tossed nine is about half done. Again your trusty blogger missed a picture.
Carol and Ebba consulting on the tossed 9 patch.

Margie led the group that was hand quilting the sampler quilt.

But the main goal was to finish the raffle quilt are some close ups of some sections of the quilt.  Judy, MaryAnne, Brenda, Sandi and others worked on this...
And drum roll please.....the finished top.

 Just a few reminders...

Meeting Saturday the 16th, Workshop Saturday the 30th don't forget to mark your calendars!
For the meeting Annette has agreed to take the minutes...would someone take photos and email them to me?
On the 30th bring your happies for the fall gathering or if you can't come send the number of items you have made...We will assess how many we have and assembly line sew and hopefully finish up enough for the fall gathering.  Happy sewing all!!