Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Go To a Major Quilt Show

10) Visit a neat city.
This year one of the AQS shows was in Knoxville, TN. Knoxville is a beautiful city and the convention center was great facility for a show and was attached to the World's Fair Park. Free to go to the top of the tower to see the views.

Loved the exterior of the art museum....wish I had had more time to visit it too.

On the road between Knoxville and Merryville (the home of Pappy's Quilt Place) we saw this cool sculpture.

Next year's AQS shows are in Lancaster, PA (March 14-17), Paducah, KY (April 25-28), Grand Rapids, MI (August 22-25) and Des Moines, Iowa (October 3-6).

9) Shop in the Vendor Mall. There are always new tools and interesting things to see in the vendor mall. Also new fabric lines that are cool to see and buy.

8) There are classes to take. They run the gambit from hand piecing to long arm quilting and at this show, sewing machines are provided in all the classes, so you do not have to haul yours.

7) There are lots of lectures and trunk show. These run from fun to serious. Went to one with a scavenger hunt in your purse, to discussions on design. I would post pictures of quilts I saw here, but I didn't get the permission to publish them, so I am not putting them up.
Here are some pictures of the show winners. Here is a link to the show winners...

6) Eat at cool places. Knoxville has a number of non-chain restaurants. We ate at a saloon one day, a neat sandwich shop and a pizza place. Then we went to the Melting Pot, a fondue place, the last night, as we have never been to one, and it was fun.

5) View quilt show. This is so inspiring. It gives you tons of ideas of things you will want to make and ideas of things our guild can do. Here is a link to some shots of the show

4) Get inspired to try new things. I know this is a growth of #5 but it is so important that it needs it's own number.

3) Meet icons of the quilt world and get to pick their brains. Billie Lauder, Barbara Cline, Karen Stone, Karla Alexander and Cindy Blackburg are just a few of the leaders we met.

2) Words of Wisdom from teachers.
Here are a few quotes from a Karen Stone lecture.
"Every quilter has a voice"
on fabric - "Discipline is not walking away from it, discipline is buying it."
"This is not a virtue it is a mental illness."
"An unfinished piece represents courage."

And the top reason to visit a quilt show is....

1) Great time learning new things with old friends and making new friends.

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