Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charity Quilt Week

Hey all,

The arts center was available this week so we scheduled a charity quilt work week. I personally hope this becomes an annual event.  We also finished the quilt top for the raffle quilt.  It will be available to see at the meeting next Saturday.   Speaking of our meeting next week a number of us are out of town, so if you are available we really need you to come out and represent (in the vernacular of my students).

The first charity quilt completed was the churn dash quilt...

 Next the patriotic quilt made of card trick blocks...

 we finished tying it, so it is ready for binding.  It needs to be finished for the next habitat home, in August.

Then Watana and Lory got cranking and whipped out a ten minute block quilt.

Terry went home and found a good piece for the backing...

Meanwhile using the left over patriotic card trick blocks, JoAnne and CC led a group in doing a small lap quilt....which I apparently missed getting a picture of it.

Then Lory and Watana started another 10 minute block quilt using vibrant colors.  Several others joined in and helped on this...
Backing, batting and binding are ready for assembly.

Lawana was leading a group that was using the donated baby clothes to do a tossed nine is about half done. Again your trusty blogger missed a picture.
Carol and Ebba consulting on the tossed 9 patch.

Margie led the group that was hand quilting the sampler quilt.

But the main goal was to finish the raffle quilt are some close ups of some sections of the quilt.  Judy, MaryAnne, Brenda, Sandi and others worked on this...
And drum roll please.....the finished top.

 Just a few reminders...

Meeting Saturday the 16th, Workshop Saturday the 30th don't forget to mark your calendars!
For the meeting Annette has agreed to take the minutes...would someone take photos and email them to me?
On the 30th bring your happies for the fall gathering or if you can't come send the number of items you have made...We will assess how many we have and assembly line sew and hopefully finish up enough for the fall gathering.  Happy sewing all!!

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