Saturday, February 14, 2015

February Meeting Minutes

February 14 2015

President Carol called the meeting to order and welcomed our guests, Judy and Cheri.

Old Business
     Signature Friendship Blocks--Quick reminder for those who haven't finished theirs to try and
     finish them up so they can be distributed to those who participated.
     UFO Listing--Ladies, if you plan on participating in the UFO competition, please turn in your
     sheets and money.

     National Teachers Classes--Please take a minute and sign up for either the Flavin Glover (March
     28) or Susan Cleveland (Nov 14).  If you are taking the Flavin Glover class in March, payment is
     due at this meeting.

     Ultimate Guild Challenge--14 ladies turned in Magnolia quilts for entry consideration into the
     Grand Rapids AQS show later this year.  Judging will be at the Mississippi Quilt Association's
     (MQA) February gathering on 21 February.  Three judges from the Pine Belt Quilters will judge
     the quilts to select the top 8.  Those quilts will be the entry for the Ultimate Guild Challenge in
     Grand Rapids.  In addition, all of the quilters at the February gathering will vote for "Viewer's
     Choice" award from the Magnolia entries.  

Treasurer's Report 
     Judy gave the treasurer's report and it was noted that Carol brought new light bulbs for the
     overhead lights in our work area (Thanks Carol!).

New Business
     Artisan's Day--Our meeting for April 11th will start early so our quilters can participate in
     Artisan's Day in downtown Columbus.  Judy will check to see if there is a possibility for anyone
     to sell handmade items during the event.

     Hosting MQA Gathering--With Julia being the MQA President-Elect, one of the responsibilities of
     our guild will be to host a gathering here in Columbus.  Julia requested a committee be formed to
     discuss and develop a way ahead for the gathering to ensure we make it a success.

Committee Reports
     History--Michelle requested photos and news articles written about Possum Town Quilters be
     brought to her for inclusion in the History Scrapbook she is building.
     Inventory--Donna reported there are 5 finished quilts in the inventory.
     Member Photos--All those who have not had their photo taken, please see CC to be included in
     our member listing.

Show and Tell

 Sandy and Mary Ann with the Double Wedding Ring Raffle Quilt top completed!
 Tonya with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Judy with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Linda B. with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Mary Ann with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 CC with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Linda D. with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Terry T. with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Carol with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Naomi with her Magnolia Quilt entry
 Julia's Magnolia Quilt entry
 Wantana's Roll Tide Roll Relay for Life Quilt
Tonya with blocks from her online learning sites