Friday, December 3, 2021

November 2021 Meeting

 Possum Town Quilters met on November 13, 2021, for their regular monthly meeting.  The meeting opened with a welcome from guild vice-president, Ina J.  There were 19 members in attendance.  Minutes from the October meeting were approved as written on the blog on motion by Lauren H. and seconded by Terry T.  There was no change in the treasurer's report from October. 

Old Business

Crayon Challenge - Those who had not drawn colors for the challenge were able to do so.  As a reminder, we will make a four block wall hanging.  Blocks should be at least 6 inches but no larger than 12 inches and the crayon colors drawn should be the focal colors.  The projects will be revealed at the February 2022 meeting and we will take a vote for viewer's choice.  The winner will receive a prize!  

Quilt of Valor -  Discussion was held as to whether or not we would like to join or form a QofV group.  It was decided by majority that we will not join or form a group at this time but rather we will make a quilt top to donate as a guild in the future.

Christmas Party-  Our annual Christmas party/December meeting will be held at Flint Hill United Methodist Church on Saturday, December 4, 2021.  A separate email was sent to out to the group on November 23rd with all the details of the party.  

New Business

Library Christmas Tree -  The annual Festival of Trees is being held at the library during the month of December and PTQ was asked to decorate a tree again this year.  Gwen S. headed up the tree decorating. Open house will be Thursday, December 9, 2021.

Donation to American Cancer Society -  A motion was made by Terry T. for the guild to make a donation to the ACS in memory of guild member Glenna P.  A second was made by Tonya S.  The donation will be the same as the guild has made in the past for others.

Programs at the RAC -  Discussion was held about the RAC wanting to implement new programs for children and would be interested in having PTQ possibly teach a sewing class.  Suggestions were made ranging from sewing on buttons and hemming pants to making a pencil case or sleep shorts.  Discussion was tabled until our next meeting to give members time to come up with ideas of what children may enjoy learning to sew.

Nominating Committee - The nominating committee, Julia G. & Marilyn H., submitted the slate of officers for 2022.  They were voted on and approved as presented by the committee.  2022 officers will be:  President - Ina J.; Vice-President - Gwen S.; Secretary - Molly C.; Treasurer - Karen C.

Show and Tell

Cheri S. - Royal Star

Patti M. - Hexi Square Dance (UFO)

Patti M. - Taking the Train

Gwen S. - Magnolia Cross Stitch

Gwen S. - Cap for new Granddaughter

Gwen S. - Lacy cap 

Gwen S. - Baby cocoon

Sue S. - Grassy Creek

Kimberly S. - Cathedral Windows out of denim

Brenda C. - Dog blanket - Kemper

Brenda C. - Dog blanket - Hazel

Brenda C. - "LSU" Quilt for Grandson-in-Law

Brenda C. - "Ole Miss" Quilt for Granddaughter

Judy S. - Bitcoin

Maple Street - 4-patch Posey

Sunday, October 10, 2021

October 9, 2021 Meeting



PTQ will meet November 13 at the RAC.  Doors will open at 9:00 and meeting will start at 9:30.

Possum Town Quilters met Saturday, October 9, at the YMCA.  There were 15 members present and 7 guests.  Ina Johnson, Vice President, opened the meeting introducing Gregg and Alice Deakle from Tupelo, who are District Coordinators for Quilts of Valor .  They were to give a Quilt of Valor presentation plus share their Quilt of Valor story.

The first recipent was Sargent Doug Lee, US Army Viet Nam Vet.  He and his family live in Columbus.

Dave Deacon designed, made and quilted this amazing quilt.

Doug Lee, wife, daughter and grandson

Dave Deacon, Mr. and Mrs. Lee

PTQ member, Karen Cauley was also presented with a quilt.  She was Petty Officer 1st Class in the US Navy for 20 years.  The Thursday Morning Quilt Group made the quilt to present to Karen.

Karen receiving her certificate from Gregg Deakle

Karen with Marilyn, Ina, Ruby, and Pat.  (not pictured, CC)

Karen and Alice Deakle

Mr. and Mrs. Deakle shared a lot about their involvement with Quilts of Valor.  Gave us information about how we can join as a group/individual.  We can also donate fabrics, quilt tops, or finished quilts.  We will share more information at our next meeting.

Old Business

Minutes:  It was pointed out that the minutes were on the blog.  Voted to accept as written.
Treasurer Report:  Karen gave a summary of what has transpired since March 2020 with the revised balance.  Report was approved.

Discussed the Crayon Challenge again.  Revisited what was written in the minutes from last meeting.  There was a bag of crayons for those who had not yet drawn their colors, (or didn't know where theirs were).  We will decide on a date of completion at the next meeting.

Discussed the T-Shirt Design Challenge.  It was determined that Julia was the only person who came up with a proposed design.  Ina asked Julia and Lauren to work together to bring the design before the group in November.

New Business

There were a few members who attended the MQA Fall Gathering, October 1 and 2.  Lauren and Patti gave a short report.

Annual Christmas Party.  Patti volunteered herself and Rita to head up the planning committee.  

Nominating Committee.  Since we have not met recently, Julia and Marilyn volunteered to serve on the committee.  They were successful and presented the new slate of officers for 2022:

President - Ina J
Vice Pres - Gwen S
Secretary - Molly C
Treasurer - Karen C

A motion was made and seconded to approve as presented.

Ina asked what committees we needed to have for the new year.
Suggestions were:  Artisan Day, Habitat for Humanity, Charity Quilts, Challenge Quilt (we still have the 2020 Half Square Triangle quilt that is complete plus extra blocks; there are 6" Blockhead blocks that were made in 2019; so we're not sure what the next step is).
Gwen said she has already reserved a Christmas Tree for the Library in November.  Decoration time is usually the week after Thanksgiving.

There was a motion made and approved to resume our 2nd Saturday meetings.  Ina and Lauren are going to meet with the Director of the Art Center to see if we will be able to meet there.  

Meeting was adjourned so we could move on to Show and Tell.  Enjoy!

PTQ will meet November 13 at the RAC.  Doors will open at 9:00 and meeting will start at 9:30.

Judy and Karen
BOM 2020 Quilts

Karen made this QOV top for 
Joel Parker (Glenna's husband)
The Deakle's are going to quilt it for her.

Karen's Settler's Puzzle by Pam Buda
class in Pigeon Forge

Brenda's Grassy Creek 
Bonnie Hunter's 2020 Mystery

Double Brown Bag Mystery
(1st row)

Gwen's nicu hats
She's been making 12/month and 
delivering to the hospital

Judy's Easy Breezy Trail
Bonnie Hunter's 2020 Leader/Ender Challenge

Julia's Fiber Art Group Projects
Bambo and Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Pat's Cats in the Window

Pat's Leaves

Patti's Fat Quarter Shop
Bats and Boos


Monday, August 9, 2021

July 2021 Meeting

Possum Town Quilters resumed regular monthly meetings after more than a year break on Saturday, July 10, 2021.  The meeting opened with a welcome from guild vice-president, Ina J.  There were 14 members in attendance with one visitor.  There were no minutes to be approved and no treasurer report was given.  The first meeting back was essentially a show and tell of all the wonderful works members have dedicated their time to during our "Covid" break.  

Old Business

Crayon Challenge - We drew colors for our crayon challenge at our last meeting in March 2020, but several members were not in attendance that day and did not get to draw colors.  Therefore, anyone interested in participating in this challenge will have an opportunity to draw three crayon colors at the next meeting.  The three crayon colors drawn from the bag are to be the main colors of the project.  Other colors can be used but the drawn colors must dominate.  We will make a four block wall hanging.  Blocks should be at least 6 inches but no larger than 12 inches.  The projects will be revealed at a future meeting not yet determined at this time and we will take a vote for viewer's choice.  The winner will receive a prize!  

New Business

Quilts of Valor-  Ina J. contacted a National Quilt of Valor representative who will be in attendance at the August meeting to give a presentation on this worthy charity.  At the August Sit-n-Sew, those interested will have an opportunity to choose patterns and get started on their own Quilt of Valor.  

Quilt-As-You-Go Demonstration - Tonya S. has graciously agreed to demonstrate, at our September meeting, how to piece together individual blocks which have already been quilted.  Below is a list of supplies needed for this demonstration:

1) At least 2 quilted blocks* 

2) one 1.5 "× 2 inches longer than their block strip (for each block they want to practice connecting)

3) one 1" × 2 inches longer than their block strip (for each block they want to practice connecting)

*I would recommend bringing several blocks that way you can see how to line them up in rows and see how you add them.

If they want to connect a couple of rows be sure to bring the fabric that you want between them so we can measure and cut those strips as well.

It may be helpful for each to have a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler on hand that way there is not a lot of wait time using whatever we have at the RAC.

Nominating Committee - A nominating committee will be selected at the September meeting for the purpose of choosing potential new officers for the upcoming year.  Everyone's willingness to serve is greatly appreciated.

Show and Tell

Pat H. - Bear Paw Quilt - Jenny Doan pattern

Pat H. - Tree of Life Wall Hanging

Shannon J. - Long time project completed

Tonya S. - Medallion quilt in progress (Incredibles, Mario Bros., Blue's Clues, Minions)

Julia G. - Art Quilt Squares (Bamboo, Balcony at Sunrise, Evening at the Pond, Singing in the Rain, Estill)

Brenda C. - My Whimsical Quilt Garden

Brenda C. - Hancock Sampler 2006

Watana C. - Baby Quilt

Watana C. - Up, Up & Away Baby Quilt

Watana C. - Medallion Quilt "Sandy's Center"

Marilyn H. - "Covid Quilt"

Marilyn H. - Carpenter Star Wall Hanging

PTQ Nursery Rhyme Quilt

Ina J. - Quilt of Valor (3)

Ina J. - Teal Horses

Gwen S. - Lucy's Baby Quilt (Applique)