Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teasdale Quilt Show coming up

Hey Possum Town Quilters,  I got a call from Pat Hickey asking if we would do a post promoting their quilt show...thought I would help while watching the football game.  .... so I combined her emails and am adding her pics...


Here are a couple of the pictures I hope you will enjoy seeing. They are of a couple of the sections already complete (maybe) as of last Wednesday at our upcoming quilt show that I was telling you about.  One has a fall/autumn theme.  One has a patriotic theme.  I figure the 2nd one will have more in it than is now visible in the picture by showtime.

Our group has been quilting together since about 1992. We are very informal.  We just meet each Thursday and quilt on one of our own quilts.  We draw names to see in what order we will get our quilts done.  Sometimes we bring our lunch and sometimes a couple will bring lunch for all.  Basically we stay from about 9:30 AM to about 3 PM but few get there exactly on time. 

There have been years when we draw names to make a block for someone like I think the PTQ is doing now.  Anyway, we have a good time and we would love it if some or all of you could come up next weekend. 
Friday Oct 1 9-6
Saturday Oct 2 9 to 5
Sunday Oct 3 1 to 5
Admission $3.00 which includes one chance for a quilt raffle.

Batesville, MS intersection of Eureka St. and Hwy 6. 
It's a nice drive--I 82 then I 55 at Winona.  About 65 miles from Winona.  We are about 2 miles from exit. 
Call me if anyone needs more exact directions.  Pat Hickey cell 662-647-7297

Bible characters and verses.  Somebody found the squares in the trash recently and gave them to one of our quilters.  She organized them into the design you see and had it quilted by someone with a quilting machine. 

Actually, it may have been another in our group who organized them for Shirley, but the quilt belongs to Shirley.  

Pat Hickey

then she sent an additional note of thanks...with a little more information.

Thank you so much.  Never have seen any of our stuff on a BLOG, before. 
And it looks like you used EVERYTHING.  But...there will be lots more areas of quilts at the show; did I say we are saying about 350?  Some will be folded or with just certain parts visible as some are old and have some damage....but they are STILL quilts, right?
Can't wait to email Sue and Linda again to tell THEM to look at the blog (they are usually telling ME to do so).
Again:  THANKS.
Pat Hickey
Charleston, MS

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