Saturday, May 9, 2015

May PTQ Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2015

President Carol called the meeting to order.   She thanked Keri for allowing PTQ to hold their meeting at her home and all who brought food for the potluck following the meeting.  Carol also welcomed 2 new members, Sara and Eva.

Treasurer's Report
     Judy gave the treasurer's report.  There was no discussion on the Treasurer's Report and Keri moved to 
     accept the minutes as written and Patti seconded the motion and it was carried.

Old Business
     Susan Cleveland Class (Nov 14, 2015)--There are still 10 slots available, be sure to sign up if you want to take the class.  If no one from the guild signs up, we may open it up to others to attend.
     Friendship blocks from Linda were passed out to all who participated in the Friendship Block exchange.

     The Artisan's Day Viewer's Choice for the Magnolia Ultimate Guild Challenge was Julia.  Congratulations Julia!   

     The question was asked about how much money was raised by the Relay for Life Charity quilt.  Tabled until Carla attends meeting.
New Business
     Luwana had information about a quilt store owner selling all of her stock May 15-16.  The store's location is northwest of Tupelo and several members expressed interest in carpooling up.
     Judy briefed members on the new "Row by Row Experience" for summer and the theme is water this year.  It will happen from June 21 through September 8, 2015.  Quilt shops all over the country design their own "row" and have the patterns available for customers.  Customers then will make the rows and put at least 8 rows together to make a quilt.  Our local shop is participating and there was discussion on planning a road trip to visit several participating shops.  For more information, visit    

     Someone is looking to purchase a quilt.  If you are interested, please bring your quilt to Sit and Sew.  She is planning on attending to decide.

     We will flip our next meeting and the Sit and Sew date to accomodate all those wishing to attend the June MQA Gathering in Jackson.

Our next meeting will be June 27, 2015 at 9:30.

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