Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Possum Town Quilter's July 2018 Business meeting

July 14, 2018 PTQ minutes (minutes by Marilyn - Thank you!)
Meeting was opened at 9:38 by Naomi calling it to order.  She asked us to silence our phone and gave us the password for the building wifi.
Keri has a guest – Megan – who is interning in Tupelo as a healthcare administrator.
A motion was made by Keri and seconded by Glenna to accept the last month’s minutes as posted to the blog.  All approved
There was discussion of our blogspot and having an email for PTQ not connected to a person’s name.  There was discussion of how to find our blog, i.e., using google, etc.
Speaking of Google searches, Pat Hickey suggested looking up Teasdale Quilters to see pictures from prior quilt shows.
Treasurer’s report was given.  A motion was made by Karen C and seconded by Watana C to accept the report as given.  The question was asked how much we could have in the bank and not affect our banking or the IRS – we were assured that PTQ is no where near needing to worry about it any time soon 😉.
Taco Salad lunch $3.00 – Ina, Michelle, Gwen, and Marilyn brought the taco salad items and cake.  Next month will be a Tailgate party, so the theme is finger-food. BUT everyone is invited to bring anything for potluck.

The fat quarter swap was patriotic this month.  Since there have been few participants Naomi announced that we would discontinue the fat quarter swap.
  • We are participating in the Pigeon Forge Mountainfest Challenge.  The theme is Christmas and the size must be 160” or less – or 40 x 40 and it must have a hanging sleeve.  The quilt must be turned in at the February meeting to Judy S. February 9, 2019. (AQS hanging sleeve instructions)
  • Christmas party – please bring a homemade item for the right left game; your goals list; a secret santa exchange has not been decided yet.
  • Children’s quilt project – Karen A said the project is on hold as the director of the arts council has resigned.
  • Rent quilt challenge – Keri brought more blocks to sell.  It will take 42 to complete the quilt. Several people brought a finished block.  There will be a drawing for a prize in the September meeting for those who have completed their block(s).
  • Mississippi quilt – This quilt will be raffled differently this year.  As soon as the quilt is finished and pictures can be taken the tickets will go on sale just for the quilt.  Karen will check to see if a link can be posted so we can purchase tickets on line.
  • The November meeting will be a “yard sale” instead of a sit and sew after lunch.  You may sell items or swap with other members. Each person will keep the proceeds from their own items. Remember to bring cash/change to facilitate easy buying and selling.
  • Naomi and Karen are planning a trunk show with old quilts for the 4th Saturday in August along with the regular sit and sew.   They will show a group of old quilts that belong to Lane Russell (the body shop guy at the Ford Dealership. He found quilts in this father's attic that they believe were made by Lane Russell's grandmothers.)  Karen will demonstrate to repair one of the old quilts that has a hole in it.  They are possible '30/'40 quilts, all needing repair.
  • Quiltcom is going to be in Nashville next year, February 21-24, 2019.  It is presented by The Modern Quilt Guild. Modern quilting was popularized by the “younger” generation and they use the phrase “negative space.” Have a look at the guild's website - https://themodernquiltguild.com/
  • Email address – there was discussion of a PTQ email that can pass to the new officers each year. It seems there is one already but that will need to be determined.
  • SEW DELIGHTFUL in Tuscaloosa is closing on July 20.  There is a 2 yard minimum of purchase of fabric. Since several wanted to go to the sale, Naomi is coordinating a road trip on Wednesday, leaving at noon from the Maple Street quilters location.
  • Karen A showed a Mud and Magnolias magazine article about the Barn Quilt Trail.  A bit of misinformation was in it but it was a nice article.
  • Karen A brought house plants to share.
  • There was discussion of collecting row by row patterns to share for this year.
  • Rita will be speaking at the Jackson area quilt guild on July 23 at 9 am.  The county roads producer will be there and she hope to get information on that show.  She is still teaching classes but there are other volunteers now who paint and anyone can request to have one designed and painted for them.

Tana showed the Mississippi quilt that she finished quilting this week. Now it's ready for the binding to be attached and stitched down

Judy showed the “name that tune” quilt from a few years ago. We enjoyed guessing the songs.
There was discussion of another conversation quilt – Tana suggest fairy tales.
Half Square Challenge blocks turned in for the PTQ guild challenge Rent quilt 2020.
Good job, ladies!!

Ebba showed her Stack a Posy quilt made at Watana's Wannabee's. Quilted on the longarm by C.C.
the back of Ebba's Stack-a- Posy to show the quilting by C.C.

Michelle M showed two throws.

and the back side of one of Michelle's throws

Carol showed srappy stars

Sue's Chunky Churn dash from a Bonnie Hunter class

Sue's bed runner in Carolina Chain pattern

Kathy H showed her appliqued leaves in shadow boxes from the casting shadows book

Karen C a lavender quilt

Glenna P a day bed top in Prussian Blue which is a Fons and Porter pattern

Gwen Sisson showed 5 baby quilts/blankets and 19 premie hats,

Gwen's black and white signature quilt from several years ago.

Karen A.'s “I Spy” quilt she made for her newest grandson

Karen A. - another quilt for her exhibit in Meridian
Karen announced her show in Meridian with a reception on October 9.  She will be showing 15-18 art quilts. In January she will have a show here in Columbus.
Judy S showed her 11th quilt “finished” this year called “Love is All Around” which was quilted by CC.  
Judy Stoke's  “Snowflake Medallion” which is a Claudine Hanson pattern

CC's very large “Labrynth” which she recently quilted to give to her daughter.

Naomi showed the napkins she made in Tana’s Wannabee class

Marilyn H showed the 5 premie hats and a pieced baby quilt using the one-seam quilt block from Tana’s class.

Marilyn brought in vintage hankies with tatted lace edgings!

the tatted edging are very fine and delicate looking, probably made with #80 thread!!

One last order of business needed to be addressed. Members were reminded the officers slate for the next year:
Barb Deacon - President
Terri Hartman - Vice President
Kim Clark - Secretary
Karen C. - Treasure

C.C. made a motion and Karen seconded it that we accept the slate of officers as presented by the committee.  All approved. Congrats, ladies! and THANK YOU!!

Meeting was adjourned and Marilyn said grace for the meal.

Some of the ladies stayed for Sit and Sew after lunch.
There was also work going on in other spots but I don't have pictures of all that.
Happy Quilting to you all until next time!!! Have a happy July!

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