Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sign-Ups For The Mississippi-Themed Challenge Blocks
State tree-southern magnolia-Linda Goley
State bird-northern mockingbird-Carol James
State flower-magnolia-Judy Stokes
State wildflower-coreopsis-Brenda Crownover
State butterfly-spicebush swallowtail-Brenda Crownover
State insect-western honeybee-Ebba Kellum
Blues music-Terry Turnage
Cotton-Naomi Perry
River boats-Watana Cantrell
The Gulf coast-Diane Lochala
State waterfowl-wood duck-CC Coggins
Catfish-Julia Graber
Birthplace of the Teddy Bear-Tonya Stewart
Tenn-Tom Waterway-Mary Ann Abrams
Barq’s root beer-Linda Baines
MUW mascot, Ody the Owl-Annette Pennington
Mississippi authors-Michelle Miller
Forests-Pat Hickey
Map image of the State-Gwen Sisson
Pecans, Vardaman sweet potatoes-Carla Formel
Neshoba County Fair little houses-Karen Arzamendi
Antebellum Lady-Sue Skipper
State land mammals: white-tailed deer & red fox-Barb Deacon
Columbus Air Force Base-Lawana Schultz (or Live Oak tree)
Jim Henson’s Muppets-Karen Cauley
Eva Marie Caraway-Elvis

More Ideas
Friendship Cemetery
Lumber and wood products
Mississippi River
The Delta
Capitol building
Natchez Trace
Neshoba County Fair horse races
Nickname-The Hospitality State
Front porches
State land mammals-white-tailed deer, red fox
State marine mammal-bottle-nose dolphin
State reptile-American alligator
State fish-large-mouth bass
Famous Mississippians
The Great Seal of the State
The Coat of Arms of the State
MSU mascot-Bully
Antebellum houses
Columbus River Walk

PTQ 2017 Challenge Block Rules

·        The Mississippi-themed 2017 block challenge will be the 2019 donation quilt.
·        The deadline will be the September meeting, with voting at the October meeting, and announcement of the winners at the November meeting.
·        Blocks will be turned in at 9 1/2” square, to finish at 9” square.
·        There are 5 fabrics in the packet. You must use at least 3 of the fabrics. You may add as many more as you need.
·        In order to make machine quilting easier:
-If you use fusible, use a lightweight one.
-If you use stabilizer, use a removable one.
-Do not use dimensional embellishments.
·        If you need more of one of the packet fabrics, email Karen at karzamendi@icloud.com.
·        Cut out the number on this page and pin it to your block when you turn it in.

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