Saturday, November 19, 2016

PTQ Meeting November 12, 2016

Eva Marie
Modern Quilt Guild Challenge
Hidden 9-Patch Block

Eva Marie's Gimme 5 and Supersize

Ina J
Back of Class Quilt

Ina J Class Quilt

Judy and Eva Marie
Disappearing 9-Patch
made for our Aunt

Judy's Gimme 5 and Supersize

Ornaments made for
Library Christmas Tree

Tonya's crochet outfits

Tonya's BOM-1

Tonya's BOM-2

Tonya's BOM-3

Tonya's BOM-4

PTQ Minutes
November 12, 2016

Meeting brought to order by Lauren Hutchins. Judy moved to waive the reading of the prior month’s minutes and Tonya seconded it…All voted in favor of it.

Treasurer’s report read and Judy reported that the proceeds from the Gathering (once all the receipts and reimbursements were completely done) will be allocated to the education fund.

MQA Gathering News:

Gathering went over wonderfully without any negative feedback and with a lot of positive praise. 

Lauren praised everyone who participated in making this gathering a great success!

We have an orphan soup ladle, a pair of scissors, 2 lights, and some extension cords that were used during the gathering that were not claimed … so if you are missing yours please contact Judy or Lauren.

A Stars quilt that was taught by Barbara and done in blues, purples and greens on front with a floral backing that was on display was not claimed so if you are missing it please contact Judy.

The winner of the first guild raffle quilt called “Hearts and Gizzards”, Gwen Harris, sent a thank you note and donated a quilt frame to our guild.

Library Info…
Christmas tree Decorating:

Guild members set November 29, at 2 pm, to be when we decorate the tree at the Columbus Lowndes Public Library. The theme is Red, Gold, and Green. If you would like to make some quilty ornaments to update and add to the current PTQ collection, please complete them and get them to Lauren before Nov. 29 or bring them with you to the Library on Nov. 29. If you plan to participate in decorating our tree, please contact Lauren to volunteer.  And please remember to stop by library on December 8th to vote for your favorite tree!  Invite your friends, neighbors, anyone you know to view the Festival of Trees.

Ruby spoke to guild of a Christmas ball decoration (which she showed) that was gifted to her as a possible idea of what you could make for the tree…there are a lot of you tube videos on these kind of things if you would like to get some extra ideas or help.  Some ideas were also posted to the PTQ Facebook page.

Honoring Quilters:
March 8, 2017 at 12 noon a reception at the Columbus Lowndes Public Library will honor quilters.  The guest speaker not finalized.

Christmas Party Info:
Christmas Social will begin at 10:30am on 
Saturday morning, December 3, 2016,
 at Flint Hill United Methodist Church.
If you want to carpool or caravan, meet at Lowe's before 10:00 am so that the group can pull out by 10 sharp! Contact Lauren if you wish to join the group so she will know how many will be meeting to travel together.  Group will be leaving at 10:00 sharp, 
so be on time or be left behind to travel on your own.

Bring your potluck dish, your handmade gift, and secret Santa gift.

You are not required to bring a gift and participate in the "game" part of the frivolities.
 Please join the Christmas Social Event anyway.  PTQ ladies always have a lot of fun!

                *If you have a secret Santa gift but find you will not be able to make it to the party, please, please, please make arrangements to get your gift to Lauren so that your buddy will not be left out!!*

Quilty Info:
Registration for Mountain Quilt Fest at Pigeon Forge opens Monday, Nov 14, at 9am; 
so be ready to get your class!

Row by Row next year will be themed “On the Go”...our own Sara Bennett from Figg Fabrics will be the MS liaison for this year!

Bonnie Hunter has posted her fabric and tool requirements for the 2016 Mystery Quilt along…the first clue will be given Friday after Thanksgiving!

Habitat Info:
There will be two habitat houses ready by end of year…we have one quilt ready. The string quilt we have will need quilting…CC volunteered to quilt it.

Rent quilt:
The “House” quilt that is due in February to RAC in lieu of rent for using the basement space for our meetings is in process on Barb’s quilt frame and getting about ready!

Our next rent quilt will be in the red and creams that Brenda C showed us a few months back and we will need to get that going at beginning of year.

Itinerary for next year:

It was asked if we would have an itinerary/calendar of meeting topics/ events for next year like this years…Tonya will do her best to get one together.  She asks that the seasoned/veteran quilters message her  about what may be going on and the times of the year…so please feel free to email her that information to be included in the schedule of  PTQ meeting topics/events.

Show and Tell:
CC, Terry, Kathy, and Tonya all showed Christmas ornaments that they had made.

Eva showed a disappearing 9-patch with a modern twist to it.
Eva Marie and Judy showed a traditional disappearing nine patch they made for their Aunt.
Eva Marie and Judy showed two quilts that they made for the order of her Aunt for their Aunts daughters…one in Blue and one in Purple from Judy’s stash.

Ida showed MSU quilt form a class taught by Judy at Figg Fabrics using a pattern made by the owner, Sara.

Tonya showed Block of the Months from Amy Gibson and Leah Day
Tonya showed 5 inch dolls that she had been crocheting…Mario, Ninja Turtle, Tinkerbell, and Rosetta.

DeWhyte showed a quilt top she has in progress of hand pieced squares.

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