Saturday, November 19, 2016

PTQ Guest Speaker November 12, 2016

Saturday, November 12  Guest Speaker:  Annis Cox

Annis Cox said she is a gatherer and loves to gather a lot of things. She found a buggy of books on organizing and purchased them and then surprised us by handing out them to the guild.   

She says she loves to get organized but can’t stay that way.

Her daughter is stationed in Hawaii and Annis house sat for her while she was on duty! So during her stay she got to observe the Hawaiians true aloha spirit.  She mentioned how quilters-- no matter where they are from-- are all about sharing their secrets and tips…and in Hawaii it was no different. Hawaiians use everything and are very generous. She was also surprised to find there were a lot of knitters in Hawaii.

She went rummage shopping for Hawaiian shirts to use in quilts and found they were posted as G-Sales.
Then we got to see what she made from them as well as hear the unique names she had for them!

Spool quilt made from the selvages of fabrics used.

Funny triangle pieces from the spider web quilts became “Thursday Night at Kanyo Yacht Club” 

Used strips that were leftover to make plaid quilts…one with dark background and one with white background.

- “Rotisserie Chicken in a Single Girl” spider web quilt…one with dark background and one with white.

Finished a Hawaiian quilt square (that had been donated to a guild) that had been hand appliqued and then hand quilted.

-Trail from Mountain to Sea quilt that was composed of houses with a maze of paths built from top of quilt that leads to bottom of quilt.

- Triangle quilts that were called “Fraternal Twins” 

-“Hawaii’s part of the USA” which resemble the US flag

-“Whole week of Making Love” quilts with the word Love in the blocks

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  1. Annis Cox, thank you for a wonderful presentation of your experiences and the fabulous quilt projects!