Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Meeting

Welcome to a new year of quilting with the 
Possum Town Quilters!

Show and Tell:

Stars and Pinwheels

This is our Donation Quilt to the
Columbus Arts Council for their
Annual Gala.  2016 Theme,
Art in Wonderland

Diane's "Santa"

Terri's Jelly Roll Quilt

Terri's "Kate's Jelly Roll"

Terri's "Ian's Tiger Quilt"

Donna's Sewing Machine Mat
made by her Cousin, 

Keri's "Finished"

Ina's Crazy Quilt
Made by her Great Grandmother in 1907

Looking closely at this rare antique

Tonya with Doll and Outfits
for her Daughter's upcoming Birthday Party

The meeting was brought to order by Lauren Hutchins, President.  We welcomed new members Jennifer H, Deborah C, Latricia R, and Ina J.  Judy read the treasurer's report.  It was accepted as read with motion made by Keri L.  

Old Business:

The Rent Quilt is due.  In place of the House Blocks quilt that we are in the process of making, we voted to give the Stars and Pinwheels Quilt with motion by Brenda E. and unanimous acceptance.  Generally we make a quilt from the challenge blocks that are made each year by the guild members.   Lauren presented the question...Do we always want to keep it challenge blocks, or do we want to do a more traditional quilt that we all work on during Sit-n-Sews?  Discussion:  Barb suggested more traditional than novelty.  Patti said either way was fine, but all should participate as much as possible instead of leaving it for the committee to do.  DeWhyte mentioned that since she is new to quilting, she has been too afraid of messing up to participate.  Terri mentioned she was afraid of binding until someone showed her how at one of the sit-n-sews.  Lauren suggested we could pair newbies to oldies at sit-n-sew and after meetings to work together and guide all into making blocks with more uniform precision (especially by checking accuracy of all machines).  Also, posed that all rent quilts, fundraising quilts, and charity quilts that the guild is working on should remain on the RAC premises so that they will be available for all to work on.  Another suggestion is to leave a note of what was accomplished, where the quilt stands and what needs to be done so those coming to work on it next will be aware of what the status is.

A motion was made by Diane to amend the bylaws to the effect that the rent quilt can be traditional, whimsical, contemporary, etc., and is not limited to challenge blocks.  Mary Ann seconded and was voted to accept.  (We could also support the Arts Center by purchasing memberships individually.)  Other changes that need to be made to the bylaws are the meeting days and time.

Lauren asked for those who participated in the Ultimate Guild Challenge to see her for the patches from the AQS Quilt Show if they have not already received them.

Carol gave a report on the Log Cabin Quilt.  Blocks for the quilt need to be finished and turned in.  We will be ready to start assembly at the next sit-n-sew.  Everyone is encouraged to come to all sit-n-sews to work on guild projects or you can bring your own projects.

New Business:

Membership dues are due by the February meeting.  Please mail to Judy if you will not be able to attend the next meeting.  

January 23, sit-n-sew.  Saum Chiropractic will be visiting.  Dr. Thomas will show us stretches to eliminate strain on our necks and shoulders while sewing.  

On January 28, there is going to be a "Meet the Artist" (Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry) in Oxford at the University Museum from 6:30-8:30.  Since there was interest from several members to attend, we will look into the cost of having a bus and driver to take us there.  We will finalize plans January 23 at the sit-n-sew.  

February 1, registration opens for Old Man River Quiltfest in Vicksburg, MS in August.  Go to their website, for more information on classes and teachers.  There will also be a juried quilt show.  Other quilt shows happening in our state this year are Needle Chasers in Iuka September 16-17.  Pine Belt Quilters Show in Hattiesburg October 7-9.

MQA Spring Gathering will be held in Oxford February 12-13.  Friday will be at the University Museum.  Saturday will be at the Powerhouse Community Center.  Julia will be installed as the new President of MQA.  Please get your registrations in by Jan 29.  MQA year runs from April 1-Mar 31.

Judy gave report on Pilgrimage.  Nancy Carpenter gave permission to set up a quilt at the Welcome Center instead of moving from house to house.  We won't have to dress in period costume.  We will need volunteers to quilt each day of Pilgrimage (March 28-April 9).  A sign-up sheet will be provided at a later date.  Be checking your schedule to see if you will be available.  If you don't already hand quilt, you can learn.  April 2 will be Artisan's Day and the quilt will be moved to Catfish Alley.  All who would like to come quilt will be welcome.  Our Name That Tune quilt will be on display during Pilgrimage for a contest to see who can correctly name the most tunes.  The Tennessee Williams quilt is ready to be donated to the Welcome Center.  Nancy will let us know when she is ready to "officially" receive it.  

Jacquie Gehring will be teaching a class on September 24.  "Log Cabin, Modern Makeover"  Julia was asked to find out how many students the class will be limited to before we can take registration from our members.  She is also going to check with other guilds in the state for possibly booking Jacquie to share travel expenses.  Lauren had printouts from the class for anyone interested to look at and mentioned that we should keep in mind that you may learn something beyond the basics of piecing that block in the class...the teachers are full of useful tips and alternate ways of doing things.  Class list will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis and will begin sign-up at the May meeting.

July 18-23, MQA National Teacher will be Mickey Dupre.  She will be teaching Hexagon quilts. The classes haven't been selected yet, but she will start in Starkville on July 18-19.

PTQ Christmas Party will be held December 3.  Rita will check availability of her church again.  Lauren suggested having a secret Santa in place of Dirty Santa at the party this year.  Naomi moved and Lawana seconded and all accepted.  The homemade gift will still remain as is with the "left/right"story being read.  Discussed limits on price/size, etc., but was left with everyone using your own judgement as to what to make and how much time/money to put into it. 

Discussed whether to have a UFO/WIP list again this year.  UFO - Unfinished Objects.  WIP - Works in Process.  These are what we have done in prior years, listing any unfinished quilts that have already been started from prior to the New Year and at the Christmas party drawing name/names of winners who completed items on their lists.  Lauren suggested we do a Goal List where you list 3 goals you set for yourself for the year and if you complete them, your name goes in the pot for the drawing.  Goals can be anything from unfinished quilts you want to finish, a new quilt you want to make to organizing a craft space to learning a new technique.  Keri made the motion to do the Goal List this year, DeWhyte seconded it and all accepted.  The cost to participate is $5.

Carla, Charity Quilt Chairman, mentioned quilts or pieces of quilts that are in the cabinet that need to be completed.  Lauren suggested we need to downsize and see about passing on unusable (by PTQ) fabrics, etc., to others like Lawana's Wednesday group.  Rita mentioned that her church has a sewing ministry for Methodist Children's Home and would be willing to take whatever we want to give away.  Linda D asked about coming other days than Saturday to work on these quilts. Carla was asked to be in charge of contacting the RAC about available days to do the work, then notifying those who are interested to get together.  

Library is asking for quilts to be displayed during the months of March and April.  If you are interested please call Brenda Durrett.

MQA Fall Gathering will be hosted by PTQ, October 21-22.  To be held at Trotter Convention Center.  Planning for 150+.  MQA will reimburse up to $250 in expenses.  Sit-n-sews will be working on House quilt and gathering projects.  Judy will Chair the Gathering Committee.  Other committee chairs are:  Barb - Friday meal; Rita - Decorations; Carol - Goody Bags; Door Prizes - Patti, Terri, DeWhyte; Silent Auction - CC, Carla, Terry; T-Shirts - Mary Ann; Program(s) - TBD.

Carol demonstrated how to make a bag from a fat quarter.  CC volunteered to store items for the silent auction at her house.  Can bring items to her each meeting.  Door Prize items can be donated (be sure it is an item you would enjoy receiving yourself, not something you are wanting to get rid of)  Sew Delightful in Tuscaloosa has offered a door prize.  Mary Ann will check for prices/sizes/colors of Tshirts to be printed.  Voted to order matching Tshirts to wear during the gathering.  If you do not wear t-shirts or do  not want to purchase one, wear same color clothes and/or name tag to identify yourself as PTQ member.  Annette will make more name tags for those who don't have one.  Annette was asked to come up with a skit for Friday night as cute as the one she did last time.  Barb agreed to ask her husband to do a program on Featherweights.  He would also like to be a vendor.  Julia has been asked to do a program on her quilt journey.  Mary Ann asked about rounding up quilts from previous raffle quilt winners.  Asked members to be willing to display their quilt(s) for decoration.  Karen will check the Gallery schedule to see what will be on display during October.  

After a short break, we had the following show their suggestions for possible goody bag fillers:

Carol - Fat Quarter Bags
Rita - Luggage tags and skillet handle covers
Donna - Mug Rug
Naomi - Tissue holders and Pin Cushions
Diane - Microwave bowl holder
Terri - Laminated reference cards for quilters
Gwen - (presented by Lauren) 
     Row Markers from Corsage pins with letter or number beads
     Notepads with cute quilty sayings
     Coasters, bookmarks, door hangers and greeting cards

Be thinking on these ideas and be ready to show any others you have.  We will vote for the ones we plan to make so we can get started working on these projects.

After the meeting was adjourned, we started removing paper from the log cabin blocks.

~~ Parting Shot ~~