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Possum Town Quilters, March 8, 2014

Possum Town Quilters Minutes for March 8, 2014

President Patti welcomed everyone. We had 25 members and 4 guests - Linda, Kimberly, Kathie.  Leada W,  joined today. Leada, we look forward to having you and learning from you. Welcome! We love having visitors and hope you will come back to join us. 

Our March birthdays are: Judy S-8; and Terri H-20.  Hope you both have a wonderful birthday!!

Old Business:
Sign up for our "Friendship block" that will be due at our 2014 Christmas party, Saturday, Dec 6th. Remember to use those scant seams. Please pre-wash your black fabric because it is sure to fade on white. Your center block will be light fabric so you can sign your name with date (2014) using a black pigma pen. Carol will be letting us know next month how many blocks we will be making to swap.

Tonya presented our treasurer's report.  It was accepted and approved by the members.  Our WIP now has $54 in it.

New Business:

Our committees and members for 2014 are:
Challenge Block Committee: JoAnn, Chairman; Brenda, Ebba and Lawana
Historical: Judy, Chairman
Publicity and Internet: Judy and Diane
Inventory: Donna, Chairman; Shirley
Opportunity/Raffle for Education Fund: Watana, Chairman; Ebba, Shirley and Barb
Ultimate Challenge: Lauren, Chairman; Judy, Terri H, Terry T, Julia and CC
Education: Julia, Chairman; Carol
Pilgrimage: Judy
Charity: Linda B, Chairman; Watana and Carla

Our last challenge quilt is ready for CC to quilt it, and then it will be ready to give to the RAC.

The Challenge committee sold packets for $5 with 8.5"x 9" piece of muslin material and a sample to choose your color for your block. Block will measure 12.5 x 12.5 square. You picked your block to do. Please do not use black, but civil war fabrics. This block will be due at our May 10th meeting with no exceptions. Everyone is encouraged to take a block because it will take 30 blocks. These blocks came from the book, "A Path to the Civil War - Aurelia's Journey Quilt" by Sarah Maxwell & Delores Smith. This quilt will be used to pay our rent.  If questions, please contact JoAnn.

Judy reported for the Pilgrimage committee which will be working on a quilt at several of our homes on tour.  The Spring 2014 Pilgrimage dates are March 28 - April 12, 2014. Please sign up to help hand quilt at one of the homes when Judy gives us the times and dates. Artisans Day will be Saturday, April 5 at the Tennessee Williams Home at 300 Main Street, where there will be handcrafted period articles and homemade food items.  

Donna reported for our Inventory committee that we have three finished quilts, six completed tops, and ten ideas in process.

Linda B. said the Charity committee was working on several ideas.  Annette donated a quilt to be given away.

In Mary Ann's absence, we had the report that the wedding ring raffle quilt is still a work in process. Shirley reported for the Raffle committee saying the wedding ring quilt will be one of our raffle quilts once finished.  We will also be doing a log cabin in Civil War fabrics with 64 blocks using 1-3/4" stripes. More info on the log cabin will follow.

Julia filled us in for the Education committee.  They are looking for a teacher for this year with several ideas given. All members are excited and will be anxious to hear who they are getting for us. A motion was made and seconded for the committee to proceed looking for a teacher for next year now.

Lauren reported that the Ultimate Challenge committee will not have a challenge for 2014, but we will have one for 2015.  It will be presented in April for members to think about. 

Thanks to Carol, Tonya and Keri for lunch.  Lunch for April will be prepared by Shirley, CC-eggs, Linda and Ebba.

Shirley showing Log Cabin pattern we will
use for quilt to be done for next year's "Raffle Quilt".

Joann-scarf she made
Joann-baby blankets for dolls-front
Joann-baby doll blanket back
Joann-blocks doing with Wanna Bees
Judy-Easy Street Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter
Judy-Quilt for TN William Home - 9 patch-snowball

Barb-block using Civil War materials
Patti & Donna with their blocks
More blocks
Patti - small quilt

Barb-Airplane quilt for grandson, Jimmy

Julia-quilt to show in Charlotte

Diane-sample of 1st log cabin block

Diane-table runner w/matching pot holders
Diane-flip side of table runner-
can be used for two occasions

Linda- blue and white blankets

Linda-center of her quilt

Annette-fun with hexies made from circles

Tonya-blocks of the month-kitchen things, 
"Explore" Christmas block, quilting samples
Tonya-Craftsy Quilt made for her preacher's wife

Lawana & Diane w/Medallion blocks

Brenda's Medallion block
Patti's Medallion block

Linda's Medallion block

Finished Silos/tree trunk taught by Julia-
Thanks again Julia for sharing!

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