Thursday, February 13, 2014

Possum Town Quilters Meeting, Feb 8, 2014

February 8, 2014 PTQ Meeting Minutes

Vice President Carol called our meeting to order.  There were no visitors and 12 members present.  Our low attendance was due to our MQA meeting in Gulfport, MS and ice in our area. I know our ladies had a great time in Gulfport.

Our February birthdays are: 2- Sue L; 4-Diane S; 11-Patti M; 12-Gwen S; 26-Sandi Bowen. Hope all of you ladies had a very special birthday!!!

Old Business:
Tonya will send out our new member list to all.  If you failed to pay your dues, please get with Tonya for payment so you can be added back to the membership list.  We love our members and hate to lose any of you. It was voted that we make Marjorie W. an honorary member.

Reminder that today your WIPs (Work in Progress) list is due.  Each will pay $6.00 to Tonya.  At the end of the year we will have two prizes - a drawing from those who finished one or more of their quilts and also the person doing the most quilts. 

Questionnaires were due today also.  Please turn those in asap so the guild will know what you want to do this year.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Julia G. for teaching the class on the silo art block. There were some beautiful projects done. We will get Julia to post some of her pictures taken to share.

Bring in your Medallion block on March 8 to share.  We will be given a new step at that time.

In March we will be learning how to square up your quilt as it gets larger. So have your questions and rulers ready.

Tonya gave our treasurer report.  There were no additions or changes, so the report was approved as read.

VP Carol has asked each committee chairman to be prepared to give written reports in March.

Those who need a PTQ T-shirt are asked to bring a 100% cotton shirt and give to Mary Ann.  Each shirt will cost $5 for printing upon delivery. Be sure and put your name in your shirts.

Figg Fabrics & Studio will continue our PTQ discounts this year. Go by and check her out at 59 Old Swan Lane here in Columbus. She is also on Facebook.

Carol gave us a demo on the Double Friendship Star. For those who want to do it info will be coming out soon.  There will be training classes on each area so that there are no questions on the steps.  This will be a black and white quilt with a white or very light center. Each will sign the middle of each block, then we will swap out.  Each block will finish at 9 inches.  Pictures will be below to explain more.  This was found on the Quilters Cache site.

Linda B. and Carol also gave us a demo on how to take a circle and make it into a hexagon. Use lid tops to get your sizes.  Large lids make large hexies, small lids make small hexies.  So neat.

Thanks for our wonderful meal that was provided by Linda B., Gwen and Carla.  Our March meal will be provided by Carol, Tonya, and Keri.

First Demo
Carol demoed the "Double Friendship Star" (one view)
This demo shows different material & bindings that would work

2nd Demo below
Learned to use a circle and make a Hexagon. Taught by Carol & Linda B
Very interesting and easy to do. All you need is thread and needle
and someone to show you how.
Diane's little Hexie

SHOW & TELL...Enjoy!!
Gwen - Squares for Logan
Annette - Medallion block
Annette -Front of "Jared Takes a Wife"
Annette-donated for one of our Charity Quilts.
Just beautiful! Thank you much, Annette!

Tonya-Silo Art Block
Lawana - tree art block

Linda B - Silo Art Block

Tonya -  blocks

Tonya - blocks
Tonya-Quilting blocks as she goes

Tonya - Ruler and thread

Linda B - Forty Squares on Point

Heart Quilt given to Diane (surgery) by
Wanna Bees

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