Saturday, September 14, 2019

September Business Meeting

September 14, 2019

Greetings Ladies!

I am so sorry that I missed last month. I will try to do better! Hope you are all staying cool this hot summer! Whew!

The meeting opened this morning with me being late. The minutes were also late but they are up now.

The approval of the minutes was tabled until the next meeting. The treasurer's  report was approved as read.


There was discussion about how much to pay for the quilting of our charity quilts, challenge (rent) quilts and our raffle quilt. Barb found in the April 2018 minutes where we agreed to pay $100 plus supplies. The following was decided as of today's meeting:
            Challenge (Rent) and Raffle Quilt - will be paid at the quilter's rate plus the cost of supplies. The committee or persons in charge of these quilts will determine edge to edge or custom.

            Charity Quilt will be paid at $.015 per square inch plus the cost of supplies.

The nominating committee gave an update for officers and the last office has been filled.

            President: Terri H.
            Vice - President: Ina (conditional on the fact that she not move to president) 
            Secretary: Molly
            Treasurer: Karen C.

Door Prize: Carla

Judy gave an update on the Pigeon Forge Challenge. The size is a maximum of 160 inch perimeter. The guild voted to use butterflies. If you wish to participate, Judy has purchased a green fabric (approx. 12X22) for each person to use in order to have a somewhat common appearance. Everyone's binding should  be black. However, the choice of making the quilt is yours. This will just unify them. You must put a 4 inch sleeve on the back with a label attached. You must have a photo of your quilt to turn in but you may not appear in the photo. If you need clarification on any of this, please see Judy. She will pick up all quilts and send them in. She will then pick them up from Pigeon Forge after the show. This is due on January 11th at our meeting.


The guilt voted to make a donation to the Columbus Arts Council in memory of Beverly Norris.


Reminder: The Ugly Fabric Challenge will be judged next month (October Meeting). This includes  four blocks which are a minimum of eight inches for each block. These should be put together. A viewer's choice will be selected as the winner. Please save a piece of your ugly fabric so that we can see it in your blocks. We might want to display these at a later date.

Carla gave an update on the Sit-N-Sew from August. Carla and Lawanna tied a string quilt. Marilyn made two blocks for Gee's Bend. They also spoke with Jan Miller about placing one of our charity quilts in the store upstairs. This would help support the RAC. The buyer who purchased could then determine what charity would receive their donation.

GARAGE SALE in NOVEMBER: remember your items need to be quilt related!

September Sit-N-Sew will be paper piecing using freezer paper. Naomi showed a demo at today's meeting.

We are sad to say that Naomi will be moving away and leaving us. She will be greatly missed. She has added so much to our guild. She will be at the October meeting. Please let her know how much she means to us!

Terri H. was going to do a demo today on designing a quilt on graph paper, but we had technical difficulties. We will have this demo at the next meeting. She forgot to give it to me to make copies...........Uh-oh......

Next month's lunch is chili (I hope we are a little chilly by then:)
Gwen is bringing chicken chili, Julia and Marilyn are bringing hamburger chili, Donna - cheese, Sue - crackers, Glenna and Kim - desserts. Karen C. will bring sour cream. If there is something you would like that is not here, please bring it to the meeting!



Gwen - Baby Hats

Gwen - Christmas Quilt

Gwen - Individual Blocks

Gwen - Medallion Quilt

Gwen - Fiber Art?

Gwen - Applique

Gwen - Ninja Stars

Donna - Christmas Table Runner

Donna - Halloween Table Runner

Donna - Table Topper

Judy - Self Binding Baby Blanket

Judy - Medallion?

Judy - Quilt for Grandson

Naomi - ?

Naomi - Medallion Quilt

Wannabee's - Totes

Watana - Bag she made from Leather

Watana - (not sure of the name)

Watana's Quilting work

Ratana's Quilting up close

Watana - Forefather's Quilt

Pat - 

Julia - Grandchildren's Fiber Art

Julia - More art from Julia (left) and youngest grandchild on the right

Karen C. - Block for guild quilt

Marilyn - (did not get the name)

Marilyn - Pinks

Karen - Rag Quilt

Barb - 


Tonya - Block of the Month

Tonya Block of the Month

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