Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 11, 2014, Possum Town Quilters

Possum Town Quilters, October 11, 2014

President Patti called our meeting to order with 23 members present.  We did not have any visitors today.

Our October birthdays are: Watana-6; CC-9, Naomi-13 ; Ebba-17; and Annette-30.

New Business:

Our nominating committee consisting of Donna, Ebba and Terri presented our slate for our 2015 Possum Town Quilters officers: President-Carol J; Vice-President-Lauren; Secretary-Terri H; and Judy-Treasurer. A motion was made for all to accept nominations, we voted and it was accepted.

Old Business:

Mark your calendar :  Our Christmas party will be on Saturday, Dec 6 at Flint Hill United Methodist Church, 101 Old Honnoll Mill Road, Caledonia, MS from 10-2:30.  There will be more information at our next meeting.

Tonya gave the Treasurer's report. Motion made to accept and it was approved.

Carol brought small Christmas patterns for all to help do at least one Christmas ornament for the tree at the Library.  These will be needed by November 8. Their theme is using red and gold, but we are not using just that for our colors. The tree will be decorated on November 24.

A show and tell of our medallion quilts will be next month.  The last block to be added was a pinwheel.  

The meal for next meeting, November 8, will be provided by Patti and Diane.

Enjoy our Show and Tell!

Gwen-scarf she made

Double wedding ring quilt is our next
opportunity quilt for 2015

Barb-magnolia wall hanging


Barb-jelly roll race
Patti-jelly roll race
Michelle-jelly roll race
Brenda-jelly roll race

Tonya-block of month

Tonya-block of month
Tonya-block of month-baskets

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