Sunday, April 7, 2013

Notes for Saturday April 13 Meeting

Hey all,

Boy there is a lot going on to cover before our meeting on Saturday!!  I will try to organize my thoughts on this, but I am also thinking about the upcoming school week and there is a lot to do there too.

First off, we need to get our committees going.  Here is the list of who signed up for what, so call each other and get thoughts together so our time will be real productive.

So here is our list of who signed up for what...if you are not on it and want to serve, we will find a place for you!  If your committee does not have a chair, please choose one from the ones on the committee.

Challenge Committee (no chair)
Lauren, CC, Watana, Judy

Charity/Project Quilts (no chair)
Watana, Lawana, Carol, Brenda



Judy and JoAnne

Bobbi and Sue L

Rita and Ebba

Donna H, Shirley, and Linda B.

Also at our meeting we will need to take a walk over to the visitors center to rank the Tennessee Williams quilts.  We are going to ask you to rate them from 1 to 10.  The Starkville guild will rate them also.  That way we will have more votes and hopefully a good group for the show.

Some of the sleeves were not quite right, so Judy is going to do a demo on how to do a sleeve.  This is really timely, as with our show coming up, we want our things to hang and show nicely.  Really things smaller than 15 to 20 inches should probably have fast finish triangles like the AAQI quilts do.  There is a good explanation of how to do those on their site.

I got an email saying the RAC had not had a chance to do their big clean out, (the lady in charge was unable to make it) but they really want us to limit the amount of things we keep up there.  On that note, we need to go through the books and take what you want home, the remainder can be donated to the public library or some other organization.  We were told this at the last sit and sew, so those there had a head start, but there were some more to go through, I think!

Also spoke the the CAC about having a week to work on Charity quilts or other projects in the summer.  The only one available is the first week of June.  So everyone check their calendars and see if that would be something we would be interested in.  Also, they were wondering if we would be willing to teach older kids how to make a simple block on one of the days...

So bring your 30's print (or one that would work with 30's bright, cheerful, small print)  and your white or off white fabric to the meeting for our after lunch project!!  See you there on Saturday!

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