Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 2013 Minutes

February 16, 2013

President Terry called our meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. and welcomed all.

We had 20 members present and one guest, Sue S.  Welcome back Sue.

Treasurer report was given by Tonya and approved by all.  Club dues were paid, as well as $5.00 for each person who is participating in the UFO club. UFO sheets were given to Patti and Tonya took all the money. These UFO's are only projects you had started, but not finished at this time.  All hope this will encourage us to pick up those quilting projects that got laid down when you started a new project.  All were excited to get started on this club.

Birthdays coming up after our meeting and before we meet again on Saturday, March 9 are:
  Feb 26 - Sandi Bowen and Mar 8 - Judy Stokes
Happy Birthday ladies! Hope you have a great day!!

Old Business:

The quilt that we donated to the 2013 Relay for Life walk was given to Mott E., who said she was not sure if they would raffle it off or auction it.  Mott said if our quilt is raffled, our club will have a chance to participate.

The Committee sign up sheet was sent around again this meeting for those who were not here last time to have a chance to sign up.

A reminder was given for the deadline of March 23 for the Tennessee Williams challenge.  Judy asked that you send label title to her. This will be your title, not the title that was given to you.  Quilt needs to be ready to be hung.  For the eight (8) people who win, a head and shoulder picture will need to be turned in.  Terry offered to do those for all.

New Business:

Mary Ann informed us that two machines were donated to our guild.  She requested if they broke and club did not want to pay to repair them she wanted them back.

Judy updated us on the Pilgrimage Committee that we have some new homes on the tour this year that she is checking out. Artisan Day will be April 6th this year at the Tennessee Williams home with hand crafts, food, quilting items can be sold and more.  Annette mentioned that she has dresses for those who might need to borrow one.

The Columbus Arts Council will be having a Fiber Arts Show this year. You will apply with them and entries have to be postmarked by 5:00 p.m. April 19, 2013.

We will be doing a theme on "brain teasers" for Alzheimer's quilts that must be no larger than 9" X 12", no exceptions. The RAC center asked us to do another interactive exhibit.  These quilts will be in the Fiber Art Show and they also are due April 19th. If you want to do extra quilts, the deadline for these to AAQI will be Aug 31, 2013. If our quilts do not sale, we will donate them to AAQI and any funds raised will be sent directly to AAQI.  These donations will not count against the 6 item limit.   Members picked out their brain teaser/s to get started. Our quilts made earlier have made $320.00 for the Alzheimer's organization. Keep up the good work.

A motion was made to start paying an extra $25.00 for those who quilt our charity quilts by machine. This will help out with wear and tear and repairs needed. Vote was taken and all agreed this was good and needed.
Also a motion was made to pay for challenge quilts of $125.00 (provide own batting and quilting).

President Terry asked if we could get two (2) members each meeting to volunteer to help clean up.  Sue and Mary Ann volunteered for today.

A copy of the Possum Town Bylaws were laid out for all to review and a vote will be made at the next meeting to except the new changes, then officers will sign.  A copy will be kept in the secretaries minute book for reference or any future updates.

Mark your calendars for another fun time quilting on your projects on Tuesday, Feb 26 at Elm Lake starting any time after 4:00 p.m..  Please contact Patti so she will have a place for you.

Margie honored us with a quilt trunk show of some of her beautiful quilts.  Thank you, Margie.  You do wonderful work.

The meal today was provided by Rita, Tonya and Linda B. Thank you ladies for the delicious food and your time preparing it.

Next month's meal on March 9 will be provided by Judy & Clyde, who will be cooking barbeque. Linda will help by providing a desssert and Bobbi a side dish.

Enjoy our Show and Tell.

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