Saturday, May 26, 2012

PTQ Meeting - May 19, 2012

President Watana called our meeting to order at 9:30am

We welcomed Gwin's Mother, Francis, as our guest
Gwin credits "Mom" with teaching her to quilt

April's meeting minutes, posted on the Blog, were accepted

Treasurer's Report Accepted as Read

Project Director Report (Carol):
. 2012 Pilgraimage Quilt still needs quilting
. Name That Tune Quilt is ready for batting and quilting
. Last Year's Pilgrimage Quilt is ready for binding

July Quilt Show (Lauren via e-mail):
. Lauren sent an e-mail regarding the July Quilt Show at the RAC
. Show of hands for ~8 Quilts and several smaller items to be displayed
. July 12 is Open House
. June 30 is Set-Up Day
. Only quilted items; smaller items are acceptable
. 75% of the items displayed must be for sale
. The RAC will retain 30% of the sale price, so price accordingly

Discussion included the RAC needs to be informed of the expenses involved for materials and quilting

No Additional Committee Reports

Show and Tell -

Diane and her Quilted Sayings
Material is run through her printer
She is making 3

Tonya's Quilt Top for her Son
CARS fabric will be the backing

Terry's McGreggor's Garden
Rabbit fabric was the incentive for her Spring Quilt
Watana's Hexies Baby Quilt

Watana's Scrappy Sweet Sixteen
Class she will be teaching at MQA Spring Gathering

Annette with her Thread Painting

Annette read an Ami Simms piece and led a presentation "10 Excuses for a Rotten Running Stitch: It's Not My Fault":
1. The Fabric
2. The Batting
3. Needles
4. The Thread
5. The Thimble
6. Light
7. The Weather
8. The Quilting
9. Household Obligations
10. Talented Others

Lauren reported she needs some extra time but continues to work on the investigation of library books in Sharon's memory
. Other members suggested and ebay for books

No report on the Army Corp Park (Pickensville) Car/ Quilt Show

MQA Spring Gathering - June 1 & 2 (JoAnne):
. 100+ people have already registered
. The Hunter Star Class is full
. 3 of 15 Classes have not reached the minimum number of attendees
. May 25 is the cut-off date for registering
. Please give any door prizes to Brenda

MQA July National Teacher:
. 6 days in 3 locations
. Registration is not yet open

Guild National Teacher Class:
. The Starkville Guild has been contacted
. Possible Friday / Saturday classes, with the Saturday class for the working members
. We will discuss when Linda B returns

Julia demonstrated the "Square in a Square" or "Pineapple Block"
1. Using 2 small blocks, same size and right sides together, sew the 4 sides
2. Mark the diagonals on the non-center fabric
3. Using scissors, cut the non-center fabric to the corners
4. Cut another piece of material to the size of the block just made and repeat
5. Repeat twice more
Note: the points are cut off

Julia provided visual examples of each step to making the block
The finished Quilt - using 30 Blocks (1 column hidden)

Blocks of the Month:
Modern Log Cabin

Wonky Log Cabin

Patterns courtesy of

Today's Lunch is provided by Rita and JoAnne
We have $189.68 in our Chef on a Shoestring can
Several suggestions for its use
We will discuss next month and vote on how to use proceeds
Bobbi and Brenda will be our Chefs in June

We need to start coaching our new Quilters
Help will be available after lunch, if needed
For new Quilters, please bring a project for which you need help in June

Please give any t-shirts for monogramming to Mary Ann today
She will stay until 3pm
She will take shirts tomorrow for printing

Kaleidoscope Blocks are due next month

For the MQA Gathering, older quilts are needed for the Bed Turning

Diane distributed Quilting Travel Brochures she received

Barbara led us in prayer prior to lunch

2011 Challenge Quilt on Display in RAC -

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