Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Meeting

Before we cover the happenings at the meeting I wanted to share a little bit of the latest Habitat house.  Sharon presented the quilt to the homeowner and she was so happy.  On our way out, the owners of the habitat house with the 14 quilts shared how much those quilts had meant to their family.  She said the oldest son teared up when she presented his patriotic quilt.  She said the younger boys fight over whose quilt is whose...In addition, I wanted to share how wonderful the kids at Heritage were...they were all very pleasant and happy.  It was wonderful to see a group of young people that happy.  They also raised enough money to pay her first 6 months mortgage and electric bill.  I found myself tearing up over the generosity of time and money. 

May Meeting Minutes

Jo Anne opened the meeting. There were no visitors.  Suzy Stanton renewed her membership.  Welcome back!

Show and Tell

 Carol James showed her first quilt…fabulous!
Susie Stanton showed an art quilt.  This was made to pattern after a painting.  She did a beautiful job.  She was planning to quilt it this afternoon. 

 Sue Skipper showed a quilt for her grandson.  Loved the colors and prairie points.

Linda Baines showed a quilt called Autumn Braid  where she added some other fabrics too. Love those batiks.

Joanne brought a mystery quilt in black and white and her project from Paducah.  Both were really neat.


Sharon was going to do the report on Habitat for Humanity but Terry gave it in her absence.
Mary Ann’s mother is in bad shape and we are requesting prayer for her and her family.
Committee reports
Challenge packets are still available, only use light weight fusible, we have some available.  Also remember that the block is to be straight set, NOT on point.
Charity quilts – Exchange club want us to make a decision to whether to donate a quilt…they said they would pay for one, but since it is for a charity group would like a discount.  JoAnne then read a new letter from them.  A discussion was held on different points of how it could be done, and whether to do it.  Lawana made a motion that we take a vote whether or not to do the project.  Lauren seconded. More discussion ensued.  Motion passed.    The committee will get some particulars together.
Carla shared a quote:  During the Great Depression, quilting gave women a profound sense of accomplishment; of being able to piece something together when people’s lives were falling apart.
Lauren gave the treasurers report. 
                Challenge intake of $156, Dues of $75, Tshirt sale of $8  for total receipts of $239.00
                Dispersements of $91.26 for fabric and supplies for use on sister’s quilts and RSVP machine.
                Total cash on hand $3,435.24.

Linda Baines shared that there is a quilt show in Tuscaloosa on June 4-6.  Here is a link for more information
Retreat maybe possible at Julia’s inlaw’s home.  It has 4 bedrooms and they are not staying there currently.  Be watching for more definite information.
New business – the calendar for June was passed out.  Important dates are listed below.
New habitat house has begun.  We will plan a quilt.
Stack and whack class was discussed.  Flower head pins needed. Fabric for spinners needs to have a large repeat and you need eight repeats.  We will have supply list made up before the workshop.
Linda Baines shared she was having trouble reaching the blog.  Terry suggested that when you get the link in the email that once you follow it and are at the blog click on the favorites button to add it to your favorites.  That way you will be able to reach the block without having to go back to the email.

Block of the Month

Lawana wants us to make two strips in pink/reds and blues with the light she provided in the center. Please coordinate with the sample given.

Jo Anne’s block is going to be in blue and yellow…and she does not know the name of the block but I am sure it will be fun.   
Jo Anne included all the fabric since she had a big collection already.
There is a correction to the packet that Jo Anne gave out at the meeting.  On page 1 C & D are the same fabric as A.  B and E are out of the same fabric.  On page 2 from the strip that is to cut A, C and D pieces the bottom cut is 4 1/2 inches.




Sharon's Blocks

Wantana's Blocks - notice how value effects the design.

 Chef on a Shoestring

Since June 5 is the MQA meeting and there is another quilt show in Tuscaloosa there will be no Chef on a shoestring at the workshop.  If you are attending please plan to bring a sack lunch.
Barbara and Carla will be our featured Chefs at the June19th meeting. 


June 15   Linda Goley
June 30  Carla Formel, Julia Graber, Sharon Lofton

Important Dates

June 4 & 5 MQA meeting in Jackson
June 4, 5, & 6 Quilt show in Tuscaloosa
June 5  PTQ workshop day…some may begin working on their stack and whack. Wantana says we will need lots of room to spread out in order to do this quilt.
June 19 PTQ Guild meeting

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