Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Meeting

Annette showed a beautiful quilted pillow, but I missed getting a photo of it...sorry Annette.

Lawana is showing a mystery quilt she completed.

This is Judy's turning 20 quilt.  She cut it down and is pleased with the results.  This is her 14th grandchild quilt.

These are the black and tan blocks we did for Judy.

Here are the cancer blocks for Sue.

This month we are making blocks for Annette and Mary Anne.  Annette has a request for a turquoise and brown quilt square  12.5 inches unfinished in tone on tones, any designs you would like.

Sandi was going to have the block in January, but she was out taking care of her husband so Mary Ann stepped and put her request in.  She wants a 14.5 unfinished block in the colors shown in the sample.  She also would like every one to do a pieced block with at least 10 pieces.

Here is a photo of the quilt Sue made from her blocks.

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