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July 2009 Minutes

Minutes of the Possum Town Quilters’ Guild
July 18, 2009
Rosenweig Arts Center

The Possum Town Quilters Guild met at 9:30 am on July 18, 2009 at the RAC with 26 signing the roster. The three (3) visitors were: Donna Lee, Betty Morgan and Rachel Jolly. The visitors were introduced to the membership by the acting President, Jo Anne Slancauskas. The President and Vice President were both ill and unable to attend the meeting.

We had an update on the Vice President’s condition from Dorindia Bates. A card was passed around for signatures of the members.

CC Coggins showed two quilt tops she ade for her granddaughter called “Square in a Block”. One was done in all purple and the other done in purple and green.
Watana Cantrell shared (a) “A Southern North Wind”, (b) a beautiful wall hanging with a large dream-catcher, and (c) the first quilt she ever made from a pattern – “The House that Jack Built”.
Brenda Crownover showed a miniature Bow Tie quilt that she hand pieced and quilted.
Lawana Schultz shared her “Endless Wells” quilt.
Rachel Jolly showed her quilt that hung at the Library this year. It was machine pieced and hand quilted. The pattern was pink scrappy squares.
Sandi Bowen showed her “disappearing 9-patch” quilt patch. She used 2 ½” squares for the 9-patch. She also showed a “Grandmothers Flower Garden” quilt done by her aunt that will be for sale at the quilt show.


Report on MQA June Gathering. Jo Anne and Lauren reported on the June Gathering in Pearl, MS. Four PTQ members attended the Friday/Saturday event. All took classes that were offered. All PTQ members were encouraged to attend next year and take advantage of the classes offered.
Update on “Hearts and Gizzard” Quilt. Judy Stokes (who was home sick) sent word that the quilting was complete! She will get the binding on, wash the quilt and have it photographed. A picture of the quilt will be part of the advertising for the Quilt Show at the RAC in August. Jo Anne reported that the RAC will display the Hearts and Gizzard quilt and help sell raffle tickets during the Quilt Show. The drawing for this quilt will be at the conclusion of the MQA Fall Gathering that PTQ is hosting in October in Columbus. Lauren reported she will have the raffle ticket packets before the next meeting. Members need to watch for e-mail(s) on where to pick up the packets.
Habitat For Humanity Quilts. Eight of the 14 quilts are in various stages of completion. The parents’ quilt is ready to be machine quilted. Watana volunteered to quilt this one. After this meeting, PTQ members will work some more on these quilts.
The Quilt Fest in Birmingham. The Quilt Fest was attended on June 20, 2009. Thirteen members attended. This was in lieu of our June guild meeting. Our own Sandi Bowen won the big prize – a Pfaff mid-arm quilting machine and a next generation quilt frame!
The Quilt Show at the RAC in August. Annette Pennington is the coordinator of what each member is putting in the quilt show. Terry Turnage is photographing all the items and putting together a power point presentation for the RAC management. Discussion of pricing our items included a reminder that the RAC will get 25%, so price items accordingly. Also, all items do not have to be for sale, but 75% of all items must be for sale. Quilts are to be hung by PTQ members on July 31st. The Reception to follow on Thursday, August 6th at 5:30 pm;
Judy ordered the tri-fold brochures from the printer. The cost was $150.00 for 500 tri-folds.

New Business:

1. Collection and Display of Challenge Blocks. Jo Anne explained that only the quilts turned in today would be judged. Any blocks turned in later will be hung at the RAC for “Viewer’s Choice” competition.
2. Demo of Lotto Blocks for August Meeting. Annette Pennington demonstrated the two (2) blocks for our next Guild Meeting. (a) Fan Block: Annette passed out patterns for a “quarter fan” block. The background will be tone-on-tone black cut 12 ½” square. The fan wedges are to be cut from 8 different prints with a black background. The quarter circle of the fan should also be tone-on-tone in a coordinating color with one of the wedges. White lace will be used between the ¼ circle and fan wedges. Lace should also be on the outer edge of the fan. (b) The next block will be done in member’s choice of pattern in turquoise and medium brown. This should be 12 ½” square.

1. If anyone has blue, green and yellow fabric scraps (preferably strips), please bring to the next meeting. We will need those for two boys’ quilts for Habitat for Humanity.
2. If anyone has any extra 9-patch blocks in blue and purple we did in 2007 for lotto blocks, please donate them for Habitat quilts, too.
3. All workshops in August will be working on Habitat quilts.

1. Yo-Yo – Sue Skipper
2. 10” Fabric Squares – Annette Pennington
3. “Didn’t Quite Make It” block – Sue Seymer

Lunch was provided by Terry Turnage. Next “Chef on a Shoestring” will be Carla Formel and Christine Anderson. The remainder of the afternoon will be working on Habitat quilts and learning to tie quilts.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jo Anne Slancauskas,

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