Saturday, May 30, 2009

Minutes for May 2009

The Possum Town Quilters Guild met on Saturday, May 16, 2009, at the RAC. We had 24 members sign in. The President, Judy Stokes, introduced three new members: Barbara Walker, Eddie Young, and Suzy Stanton. That makes 33 paid members for 2009! We are growing.
Show and Tell: (1) Judy Stokes showed a hot pad she made and her grandson I Spy quilt. She also printed his picture on the label. (2) Jo Anne Slancauskas showed her yellow, turquoise and brown, Stack a Posey quilt. She also showed pot holders made for the oodie bags for the October meeting and a rag doll with her own patchwork quilt for the Auction at the RAC. (3) Sharon Hedrick showed her finished Stack a Posey finished top and she is making another one in purples. (4) Marjorie Williams showed her completed Stack A Posey top. She had a different approach to her border. (5) Christine Anderson showed her mauves, beige and hunter green Stack a Posey. (6) Sue Skipper showed her blue and orange Stack a Posey quilt top. She still had a couple of borders that she wanted to add. (7) Linda Dawkins showed her Turning 20 (large!) quilt top. It was in brown, orange, black and beige. The focus fabric was Lori Lee Dog Ladies print. (8) Eddie Young shared the cushions she had made to take to workshops. She even added a handle to carry. (9) Watana Cantrell showed her AVU pattern quilt in black and white with red (on the back). She also showed her purple onion quilt she made with all batiks. (10) CC Coggins showed her Stack a Posey which she completed during show and tell! It is rose colored with green accents. (11) Faye Robertson showed an embroidery thread system to keep track of her dimensional threads with a unique aver to keep the threads organized. She explained about the website for this raised embroidery. She offered to help anyone who needs instruction for our Crazy Quilt block challenge.
Old Business:
Judy Stokes requested the four people who haven identified their block for the black and white challenge to please do so.
We need to be sure and arrive on time so that the meetings can be started on time. It was discussed whether to arrive and 9:00 a.m. in order to be able to start on time at 9:30. No decision was made on this.
Jo Anne Slancauskas said that all the members need to do 5 potholders each. That will give us around 150 for the oodie bags for the October MQA meeting. We could also add a covered button to the clips we have and give those in the oodie bags
New Business:
The clips that Jo Anne picked up in Dallas are for sale in the lobby @ $1.00 per card of 12.
Info sheets on the members (and new members) were completed and given to Jo Anne for the PTQ directory.
Quilting on the Hearts and Gizzards quilts at the library. We are only half-way through. Faye Robertson has the calendar for sign up to quilt. Everyone needs to participate and get this quilt finished. We need to hang it and raffle at the October Gathering. Hours at the Library are: M-Th, 9:00-6:00; Fri 9:00 5:00; Sat 10:00-4:00.
Discussion of food for the October Gathering included the cost of the Friday night fare. No decision was made.
Judy checked with printers in Fayette AL where she works and it looks like the color printing may be too costly. Black and White we could get 500 for around $150. Terry Turnage is also checking around locally.
Habitat for Humanity: We discussed making quilts for the children of the house that is to be completed in August. There are 13 children. The family was combined when the father brother children were left without a parent. The sex and ages are as follows: Boys, 19, two 17s, 13, 11, 5, 2; Girls, two 13s, 12, 9, 6, and 4. We also have a quilt for a gentleman whose house will be finished soon, too.
May 30th will be the fifth Saturday in May. We will have a workshop. Everyone come and be prepared to sew and make quilts for the Habitat for Humanity. We can get a system going and not everyone will have to sew.
The June Gathering is in Pearl on the same weekend as our normal workshop (June 6). The second weekend in June will be the Quilt Symposium of Alabama, Inc., in Culman AL. (check out website:
The third weekend in June is our normal meeting. There is a Quilt Fest in Birmingham. It was discussed that some members would like to go to Birmingham. Those who want to go will meet at Lowe’s. Judy will get info to members via e-mail. Those who don’t want to go to Birmingham can meet at the RAC and work on projects.
Mary Ann said we need to have the crazy quilt blocks to show at the RAC during July and August. Turn in those block at the July 18th meeting.
Mary Ann demonstrated making quilt yo-yo’s. She gave out patterns for the yo-yo’s and demonstrated a commercial yo-yo maker. Cutting out the yo-yo is much easier with the yo-yo maker. Mary Ann suggested that you use a strong thread in order to pull them together. The reason for the yo-yo demonstration….the block for next month will be a 4 x 4 yo-yo square. Make 4 yo-yo’s across and 4 yo-yo’s down. The second block for next month will be a "didn’t quite make it" block. Any of your blocks no matter what the size that didn’t quite make the grade to go in a quilt or take to block exchange. These block can be dropped off at Wal-Mart to Mary Ann, Suzy or Derindia.
Mary Ann passed out embroidery thread to be included in our Crazy Quilt block. This will help tie all the block together.
Mary Ann answered questions about the crazy quilt blocks.
Block Winners:
Flower: Derindia Bates
Pink and Green Crazy Quilt: Linda Dawkins
Noodles: Red fabrics: Jeanette Roach
Next month the third item will be Layer Cake blocks. If you wish to participate, bring 2 tone on tone 10" squares.
Respectively Submitted
Jo Anne Slancauskas, Secretary

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