Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PTQ January Minutes

Possum Town Quilters Guild
January 17, 2009

The new year began with 21 members of the Possum Town Quilters guild meeting at the arts center in Columbus MS. Everyone paid their yearly dues and received a PTQ guild membership card.
Show and tell: Sue Skipper showed her block of the month quilt and a quilted sweater. Judy Stokes showed off her jacket made from a sweat shirt. She cut off all the cuffs and made a more tailored jacket. Sharon Hedrick showed her nephew’s quilt – He plans to go to Kansas University – she added borders to make a large quilt. CC Coggins shared the cloth book she made for her three year old granddaughter. It contains lots of color and different animals to identify and feel. Jo Anne Slancauskas showed her first machine quilted quilt – made for her three year old grandson – and a Christmas quilt done in a class in Tupelo. She machine quilted it, too.
Jo anne shared some tips: (1) using hair clips to keep your pattern pieces or quilt square pieces together. She will pick up about 7 packs (containing 12 cards of 12 clips) in Dallas next week. (2) using a rectangular plastic basket to keep everything together for a project (or more baskets for more than one project in progress!)
The program was presented by Mary Ann Abrams and Derendia Bates. They showed us how to put together a "Turning 20" quilt. Everyone needs to have half lights and half darks for your fat quarters. They also demonstrated how to make the framed blocks. This quilt will be done by members in the next workshop. Derendia made a beautiful black and white/jungle animals quilt from this pattern.
Sharing: Lauren Hutchins asked for any ideas for the goody bags we will give out during the MQA Fall Gathering hosted here in Columbus. Pin cushions, tissue holder, the clips shared in "tips". Many ideas were discussed. The members were told to keep thinking of ideas for when we break out into committees for planning the October MQA Fall Gathering. The gathering will be held on 2-3 October 2009 at the First United Methodist Church in Columbus. Julia showed name tags made by Crystal Lee that can be purchased for $2-3. Annette had passed around paper name tags she had crafted for everyone. Judy suggested we think about wearing matching t-shirts so we can be identified as the hosts in October gathering. Margie Williams shared a hand written instructions for a class she took from Martha Skelton. Judy will make a copy. Brenda Crownover shared the article in Fons and Porter magazine with a picture of a wall hanging done by an Ackerman, MS quilter.
Business meeting:
The minutes of the December meeting were read by the secretary. It was approved as read.
The treasurer’s report was given by Sue Seymer, treasurer. The check book balance was $1478,54 for November 2008. There was no activity during December 2008 and January 2009. Sue noted that we were losing money on the t-shirts as we were being charged taxes. The t-shirts will now be $9.50/$10.50. there is $840.oo in the educational fund and $638.54 in the Operating fund.
Old Business:
a. A motion was made to adopt the revised by-laws by sue seymer. Seconded by Sharon Hedrick. No discussion and the guild members voted unanimously to accept the by-laws.
b. Class at Julia Graber’s house on January 31st. Julia’s sister, Barbara Cline will be the teacher. Julia said that we didn’t need to bring ironing board/irons – she will have that available. She announced the incoming president of MQA, Gloria Reeves will be attending the class.
c. Signature cracker block exchange will be done after the business meeting.
new business:
d. Since our February workshop conflicts with the February MQA gathering, Judy urged the members to consider rescheduling the workshop to allow more members to attend the MQA gathering. We need to observe how to successfully plan our October meeting. Gidget Ryskamp made the motion to reschedule our workshop to March 7th. Lawana Schultz seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
e. All members turned in their "homework" assignments! These are the surveys handed out in December meeting. Committees will be formed and use that information for the future of this guild. A guild directory will also be made.
f. The arts center has changed its hours. Now will be open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Discussion followed to change our meeting time. CC Coggins made the motion to change our meetings to begin at 9:30 am on Saturday. (this applies to the work shops, too). Annette Pennington seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
g. The program for February meeting will be member questions on the turning twenty block.
h. The pilgrimage for Columbus will be March 30-april 11th. We will set up again at one or more of the houses and will quilt in period dress. Some may want to use a smaller quilt frame and quilt on smaller items such as our charity quilts. We can also work on any other needlework. Lauren Hutchins will set up schedules, etc.
i. On February 7th, anyone not going to the MQA gathering may make up charity quilts for members to work on during pilgrimage.
j. Committees will be formed and set up for the next meeting.
k. The hearts and gizzards quilt will be set up downstairs in the arts center. We have a cover so that the art classes can’t damage our quilt.
l. The challenge quilt will be quilted and ready to bind by February 21st meeting. The arts center needs the quilt by March 1st. They will raffle it this year.
m. Demo blocks for next month: Mary Ann said we all need experience in curves. Our next month’s block number one will be the drunkard’s path block. 4 of the blocks will make a 12" (finished) block. Mary Ann showed how to handle the curve. The colors are purple and pink. The number two block will be "reflecting valentine’s". Use your favorite block pattern.
n. The drawing for the two blocks this month:
i. Blue and yellow blocks winner: Derendia
ii. Black and white +1 blocks winner: CC Coggins
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted
Jo Anne Slancauskas, secretary

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